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Love how many size and color options there are! Plus, these are affordable—no one wants to break the bank on tights!
By Tiff on 1/5/2020
Awesome selection and good prices! I could spend hours searching around the internet for this stuff, but having it all on one site with dozens of colors and sizes made it so easy! I'm really looking forward to my order and seeing the quality for myself. Already recommended to two friends.
By Minanime on 1/5/2020
This revised website is much nicer.
By Barbara on 1/5/2020
I've been looking for navy socks for a while now. I'm really impressed by the color range as well as product variety. Site was easy to navigate and purchase. Can't wait for my items to arrive~ Def would order again in future :D
By Cho on 1/5/2020
Talking to a good friend about tights and leotards to figure out what works best for cosplays, and We Love Colors seems to be top of the list for most people.
By Prince Vegeta on 1/5/2020
I am excited to try them out. However I wish my coupon code worked.
By Online Shopper on 1/5/2020
I love the array of colors! The most I’ve ever seen for tights. And the price is very affordable.
By Freddie on 1/4/2020
It's great if you need a zentai suit but want to breathe or if you want to do body paint with no mess
By Griffin on 1/4/2020
I was at SuperCon FL in 2018 when I was gifted a pair of WeLoveColors gloves for my Sailor Moon cosplay and I just love them to death. I'm getting leggings to dye for my Elsa cosplay. Cant wait!
By Elora on 1/4/2020
I've had a pleasant experience so far, find the website easy to navigate and the prices are reasonable.
By Alyssa on 1/4/2020
Easy to match with outfits dressy or not.
By Val on 1/4/2020
There is a good selection, easy purchase, low shipping cost and fast delivery. They are good quality and are great for the gym.
By legs on 1/4/2020
I had a very positive experience. Not only did I find my size but found style and color I was looking for!!
By Yaz on 1/3/2020
I love the tights, there are so many colors to choose. They are great for cosplay!
By Online Shopper on 1/3/2020
I really like we love colors. I had a friend recomend it to me when I was looking for tights for cosplay. I love getting the tights from theis site cause they fit me well, very colorful and long lasting. I would 10 out of 10 would recommend this site to my friends.
By Lizzy on 1/3/2020
Nice streamlined site and options are always plentiful and stocked, I'm really happy you continue to make new products and have happily accepted how much the cosplay community appreciates the products and work.
By Elliott on 1/3/2020
Well, I havent tried them before but I found them in reddit. It's more expensive but if the quality is good, I'm good with it.
By Teddy on 1/3/2020
If you are looking for a variety of colors, this is where to go!
By Ash on 1/3/2020
Love this product! Use it for all of my cosplays
By Emma on 1/3/2020
It’s very easy to find what I’m looking for and there’s a good selection of items provided. Lots of colors to choose from when your looking for tights; that many other brands do not provide.
By Star on 1/2/2020
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