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I love the variety of colors and products offered; I don't think there is a better way I could complete my cosplay without this website. However, I was disappointed that there were not clearer descriptions of the tights and the differences in material, and the ones I ended up deciding to get were out of stock in my size. There was a note pointing to try a different set of tights if those were out of stock, but the other tights were plus size and it did not seem as though those would fit me with the height and weight suggestions for the sizes. Overall though my purchasing experience was good and I look forward to receiving my order.
By hb on 9/16/2021
I would recommend buying from WLC because they have a wide range of sizes which is why i bought from them. They have an easy to read size chart and their products seem to look like they are of good quality and will last long. This is the only site i trusted that would fit me since i can never find plus size options online or in store with different colors
By Vanessa on 9/16/2021
Personally, I like the ease of finding exactly what I was looking for. Plus the selection of colors is vast. This is my second time I purchase from them, the first time I accidently ordered the wrong size. So hopefully this time it works better.
By Little Red Panda Girl on 9/16/2021
Since fall/winter is approaching, I wanted to buy tights in fun pastel colors. Everywhere else I looked either barely had any pastel options or they were out of my price range. I was super lucky to try out We Love Colors because they have amazing pastel tights options for a relatively good price. Super ecited to get them in the mail!
By Cass on 9/16/2021
It's really hard for me to find tights as a plus size woman. But, as soon as I knew that I needed to look for some for my birthday outfit, I went right to We Love Colors. I love Torrid tights usually, but they don't have any unique colors (at least that suit my taste) - so I go here. I was able to select the product, browse all of their color options, select a size, and checkout. It took probably 10 minutes (including the color browsing) and I was done. Plus, I needed them quick so I was able to select a faster shipping method for an extra $4. You can't go wrong!
By DeeGee on 9/15/2021
By Crazy One on 9/15/2021
The website is easy to navigate. The tights are a little pricey but they come in my size which never happens.
By Maxie on 9/14/2021
They had a great selection of colors and sizing. I could not find striped leggings for women that fit someone larger than 160 lbs until I stumbled across this site.
By Stephanie on 9/13/2021
excelent range of colors, very good quality, resonably priced considering availability a bit pricey on delivery ,but not excessive, very good range of product line., very good customer service/questions
By dawn on 9/13/2021
I love the convenience knowing I can get the colors I want
By Online Shopper on 9/10/2021
Im excited for the items. Wish the mystery box sizing was more clear.
By dan on 9/8/2021
My most recent experience at We Love Colors was a very good one. I found everything I was looking for, along with more. I would definitely recommend We Love Colors to everyone- cosplayer or not.
By Bunny on 9/7/2021
I love the selection, especially the wide variety of colors and seamless gloves are hard to come by. However, the website was very irritating during the checkout process and was not loading.
By Jamie on 9/6/2021
When I'm ordering from we love colors it's always a great experience. My items fit me as described and arrive on time. The prices are always reasonable.
By Iola on 9/6/2021
Great products
By Laurie on 9/6/2021
I love the variety of colours and sizes on the website. However, it was a little confusing choosing the right style because they weren't clear on what the different fabrics entailed. So if someone is new to wearing tights or is used to going by the feel of the fabric, they'll be lost on what to pick. Also, the site didn't show any taxes applied to my order so I'm a little worried I'll get charged later or something. And lastly, there was no indication on what the shipping time would be with the first class mail option. Other than that, I'm glad I was able to order from them because it is extremely hard to find plus size tights that don't stop at an XL.
By Pixie19 on 9/5/2021
A wide variety of options and colors! The xl is a bit more expensive though, so watch out for that. They don't have like, under a week shipping so make sure you don't make the same mistake I did and order too late! XD. Otherwise, you might have to pay a lot of shipping to get it in time. Overall though very straightforward with the pricing and not obnoxious shipping time.
By Kai on 9/5/2021
The Material used for the Tights was actually quite comfortable. Sometimes tights can be scratchy and uncomfortable but that was not the case here. These are great for cosplay and easy to match to mehron colors too!!
By Ray on 9/4/2021
The size and color selection are genuinely unchallenged by anyone else in the market that I know of. It feels so inclusive and exciting to see such variety.
By A.G. on 9/4/2021
It was a great experience, my wife looks great in stockings and we love the color selection.
By Keith T. on 9/3/2021
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