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It was a great experience.
By KTN124 on 2/14/2023
I've bought from you before but didn't remember my password. I requested it be sent and it wasn't. Had to use an alternate email address.
By BubblesDepo on 2/14/2023
I love the site, I just wish there was a glove length between wrist and elbow length.
By A.S. on 2/14/2023
Site was east to navigate. I like all the shipping options.
By Kateq on 2/13/2023
I love the color match up between the Mehron makeup and your colors. Its so helpful!
By Dorian Hallward on 2/13/2023
I'd like to see more about the content of the the fabric. Also it would be good if the picture were more of a true representation of the color of the stockings.
By SDEE on 2/12/2023
I've ordered before but forgot my password. WeLoveColors said they would send password to my e-mail, but I never received it so had to order as a guest.
By Renay on 2/12/2023
I love free shipping (hint, hint). I’ve been telling people about your site for years. I probably love color more than you do! I normally buy my tights from Gundrun Sjoden. I do believe it’s time to mix it up. Their clothes and your tights. Let’s hope it’s a good match! I pray that your tights exceed my expectations (fingers crossed)! Oh, I’m sorry, I was to write about my experience. I like the fact that my items remained in my cart. I would hate to have to start all over again. Did I mention I like free shipping? Also, it would have been nice to offer some kind of discount without having to search for one ( which I didn’t do).
By I don’t have a nickname on 2/12/2023
Have an account. Would not take password I ha d on file. Would not email me the link to recover password
By PeterD on 2/11/2023
It's great to see white fishnets in plus sizes
By Online Shopper on 2/10/2023
Actually it's been years since I ordered from your site but very pleased you are still around. Website very easy to navigate, great selection. Pretty pricy but would order anyway.
By Sassy on 2/10/2023
I ordered colored tights for a cosplay I am doing.
By VSilverleaf on 2/10/2023
I was looking for pink tights. Easy to find and order.
By Goldi on 2/9/2023
Everything was very streamlined!
By Mel on 2/8/2023
everything was great and I have nothing else to say.
By Online Shopper on 2/8/2023
An extremely streamlined experience
By NergalTheGoblin on 2/8/2023
Quick, easy
By Online Shopper on 2/8/2023
Was easy to navigate and see options
By Steph on 2/8/2023
We love colors makes the best accessories for cosplay. I’ve used the seamless gloves for several costumes and they’ve worked well each time.
By Ruby S. on 2/8/2023
Its amazing as so many colorful tights and ballets as I ordered it for my merbuddy as my love! Totally recommended as with confidence and being free!
By mermanjustin on 2/7/2023
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