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I appreciate you bringing special sized tights for big sized women out their sincerely yours Miss ANNA K RIECKEN.
By Banana on 12/19/2023
Pleasant shopping experience. Hope the tights are as good.
By Kristi on 12/18/2023
This is my first purchase so I am hoping to like your product. Your website was very was to use. Best Regards, Marcia
By Marcia on 12/17/2023
Easy to find items.
By Janina on 12/17/2023
Easy to search and purchase overall positive experience, plus NO ONE ELSE has any tights with feet much less any colors but black. Way to go We Love Colors
By Nmmn7 on 12/17/2023
The quality of the product can't be beat
By Toni on 12/16/2023
Overall great, easy to navigate etc. Would like to see other items such as fishnets and fishnet body stockings in sizes 5-8 plus sizes. Postage is expensive :(
By Loopy Lou on 12/14/2023
We love colors is awesome and amazing. They always have the right color and size that I need in tights.
By Mystical on 12/14/2023
I come to WLC because I know they have what I need. The website is user-friendly, and I could shop in under 5 minutes.
By isaiah4216 on 12/14/2023
I love the various colors and sizes!
By Cece Marie on 12/13/2023
easy to navigate. a suggestion: want more photos on real people, not one picture of legs with different colors, maybe some styling variations. it would be easier to decide about the purchase.
By mimi98 on 12/13/2023
In clicking the last button to check out, there was a hesitation. I wasn’t sure if it processed my order or not, so I clicked again. I am afraid that I clicked too many times and accidentally placed more than one order. Other than that, A+.
By Auj on 12/12/2023
It has been awhile since I ordered with y'all, but the late time I ordered I really loved the texture and the warmth of the tights.
By Donna on 12/12/2023
Sizing is confusing. There is a big difference between a 1x and 4x.
By Phyl on 12/12/2023
Easy to use, though I was not sure if one of the products was for children or adults.
By m on 12/12/2023
Had a very good experience as a forst time purchaser, information on sizing and pricing was incredibly clear and concise. So long as the quality of the product matches the buying experience, i’ll certainly be a return customer! (Also the selection of sizing options is phenomenal)
By Kaes on 12/12/2023
All things considered, website runs well and it was easy for me to use. I wish more pictures of the item I was looking for we’re present. Just so I could look at the different colors from different angles, however, multiple shots of each color would be a lot of scrolling. So, overall, good experience. The PayPal logo looked a lil sketch, it seemed legit once everything was processing.
By T on 12/11/2023
We feel e Love Colors is very easy to find what we need.
By LAMP on 12/11/2023
Check out process is clear. I wish there were patterns available not just tie dye options.
By Online Shopper on 12/11/2023
Directed here by someone in the family.
By Online Shopper on 12/8/2023
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