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By Online Shopper on 11/1/2022
I like the color selections in tights and leotards. The tights fit great and look good . It is hard to fights tights to fit and long lasting.
By Andy G on 11/1/2022
Please consider not charging extra for plus sizes. I understand that you may use a bit more fabric. Still, you use more fabric for medium/large tights than you do for small/medium, and those have the same prices.
By Online Shopper on 10/31/2022
Not happy that larger size cost more. Smaller sizes aren't discounted. I also really hate paying shipping. I avoid websites that charge shipping. But, I really need the tights and am too busy to shop around. But I will.
By Dobbysmom on 10/30/2022
There was a small issue going back-and-forth while viewing products. Couldn’t get back to the product that was viewing I had to go back into the menu and go through the different items to jump back to the item I was looking at.
By Online Shopper on 10/29/2022
Found exactly what I was looking for (available in 60 colors!!!) in seconds.
By Jes on 10/29/2022
I love this website the beautiful selection
By Tae on 10/29/2022
The website was easy to use!
By Eric on 10/28/2022
The interaction was smooth
By Quinn on 10/28/2022
Excellent site to find good quality plus size tights that actually fit and in a wide variety of colors.
By Linda on 10/27/2022
It was easy to navigate and had a quick delivery option.
By Drew on 10/27/2022
I found the website pretty user friendly; the product is good quality. Would buy again, Thank you
By Evetts on 10/26/2022
I love the colors of your tights
By Nessa on 10/26/2022
Highly recommended from several cosplayers I know. Can’t wait to try them!
By Bek on 10/25/2022
First ever pair of tights from you guys! I'm excited and was pleased by the affordability!
By Franky on 10/25/2022
Website is super easy to use, and the best part is both the color matching to Mehron body paints and and the recommendations for cosplaying popular characters. It's just so helpful and generally a well managed site.
By Goose on 10/25/2022
it was great and easy to use! My only suggestion is to create more photos of the product. The kids mock turtleneck bodysuit only gave 1 pose of the garment and it would have been nice to see more.
By Online Shopper on 10/25/2022
Thank you for plus sizes!
By Swiftbanderilla on 10/25/2022
Easy to understand, everything I wanted
By Great experience on 10/25/2022
I am looking for a very specific color of fabric and I found one that should work here. I knew the reputation of this site having an abundance of colors and I was not disappointed
By Acook on 10/25/2022
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