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Quick and easy to order, great color selection.
By Heather on 8/18/2020
By good on 8/18/2020
This site has everything you could ever wat in every color. I found exactly what I needed and the price was amazing too. Very cool and clean website.
By Shelly29 on 8/17/2020
I bought all my items in the largest size and was worried because I am larger than that size. Upon arrival, I tried everything on and was overly happy. Everything fit perfectly and some pieces even had a little room. Even had my other half (she’s a little bigger than I) try a few items on and they fit her just as well. Highly recommending this company.
By Sam on 8/17/2020
We Love Colors has a variety of tights in all colors and sizes. They are size inclusive which is great and I will definitely be purchasing from them again!
By FancyNancy on 8/16/2020
I've heard a lot of good things about these tights so I decided to get some for myself! The prices aren't bad at all! A pair of tights plus shipping is $17! So i say its an amazing deal! not to mention the variety of colors and sizes they have!
By Bleu on 8/15/2020
The colors are super vibrant and the fabrics are so soft and stretchy they are becoming my go to hang out pants. I did have to call to ask about sizes because the different cuts have different size charts so its kind of confusing figuring out what size is equal between styles. I really want to get some footed ones in the same fabric as my footless ones, they are amazing.
By Dave on 8/15/2020
I had difficulty checking out. Your website would not let me check out as a member. I had to check out as a guest.
By Online Shopper on 8/15/2020
I had been looking for different colors for a long time. I am very happy with this entire experience.
By Clebabe on 8/14/2020
Love the product
By Online Shopper on 8/14/2020
This is my first time purchasing tights so I can't speak about the quality of the tights or the shipping. However, I have heard good things about using your tights in place of body paint for cosplay so I thought I'd give them a try even though they are on the expensive side. I will never use body paint again! It is such a pain so if these tights live up to expectation I will be thoroughly pleased.
By PB on 8/14/2020
I have found Welovecolors tights to be very comfortable ,great fit and most of all looks great. Customer service is very good . I had a problem with 2 pairs of tights ,the tights were replaced with no question. Last but not less the selection of colors is very good.
By Andy G. on 8/14/2020
I have regularly bought from We Love Colors for years, and frequently recommend their products to other cosplayers who are asking (on social media or in person) about alternatives to body paint. However, when I tried to place my latest order, I repeatedly ran into problems with checkout - even when I tried two different browsers (Firefox and Chrome). I finally figured out that I could check out as a guest, but when I logged into my account and tried to check out, the pages never loaded. I'm unhappy both about the problem - I tried multiple times over a period of two days to place the order - and the solution. I'd rather associate my orders with my account so that I can easily find out what sizes and colors I've ordered in the past. I've run into bugs on the website before - even spent some time e-mailing screenshots to the support e-mail and written out the steps that led to the problem so that I could order the item I wanted. It was time-consuming, and frankly I felt like I was providing free technical support to the company I was buying from. If buying from WLC means dealing with website bugs, I'm going to look for an alternative. (Prices are also noticeably higher than when I've ordered the same items in the past; I assume this is because COVID-19 has disrupted production - that's happened to a number of businesses. However, if prices don't drop as life returns to normal, that will also be a factor in whether I come back, and whether I recommend WLC.)
By no_nick on 8/14/2020
I really enjoy shopping on this website. It is easy to use and the selection of items and colors is amazing. My go to stop for buying colorful hosiery.
By HOLLOW1818 on 8/14/2020
Their socks game is CRUCIAL!! A must have if you trying to rock HOT SOCKS!!
By Sincere on 8/14/2020
Large selection of colors. Material is soft and comfortable. Only complaint would be the sizing for taller folks. I am 6’1”, 205 pounds and seem to be between sizes. I purchased size 1x-4x in the microfiber style and they seem a little short.
By Dbro on 8/13/2020
I find that the prices are very reasonable. The colors are all very very unique which I definitely appreciate! I'm excited to get my order. I only wish they had bigger sizes and were more transparent with it.
By Octy on 8/13/2020
I just bought gloves for my cosplay. I hope they're amazing!
By Caity Jayne on 8/12/2020
I love all the colors that are available - especially in the plus sizes!
By marymary on 8/11/2020
There was a lot of selection to choose from and many different colors. The downside is that once I found a color/type I liked, very often they were either sold-out of the particular color type, or just sold out of it in general. That was a bit of a let-down and narrowed my choices a bit. But aside from that, the items were decent quality and they arrived super fast, which I liked! I'd recommend anyway because there's still plenty to choose from, just be very aware of whether they are sold out of things or not because it sucks when you fall in love with a particular sock style and it turns out to be sold out.
By Angie on 8/11/2020
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