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Fell in love with We Love Colors
By Love on 3/19/2022
Good selection
By Online Shopper on 3/18/2022
I really liked navigating the site, I just wish there were special deals or sales, I might buy more; especially if buying more meant free shipping.
By Izzy on 3/17/2022
I was shopping for colorful tights. I would love to see more actual plus sized models/customer photos wearing the merchandise.
By Online Shopper on 3/17/2022
I love your products and I always come back to check in on the stock. I just wish they were more affordable and also more color options. I’ve been a long time customer for over 10 years and I’ve seen the costs for tights on here rise and rise. Once upon a time I could get your tights for under $10 and I would buy lots because I knew they would inevitably get runs.. but now I don’t feel comfortable getting much because the cost is just too high to splurge on the way I used to. And I know I will get runs in them eventually anyway so can’t justify buying much anymore. A nice yellow toned lime green would be nice (NOT neon)- that’s my favorite color. And I know I used to be able to get that color over a decade ago but it doesn’t seem to be a color option anymore.
By Victoria Bennett on 3/16/2022
More photos of the colors. More clarity on the differences between products.
By More info on 3/16/2022
I was looking for a particular color of men's tights for a production of Shrek, Jr. I couldn't find them on Amazon. I found the exact kind of tights I needed here.
By Katy on 3/15/2022
Everything was easy. I love the email cart option!
By Mumstheword on 3/14/2022
I loved that there were instructions to make the item I ordered for myself if I had the desire. But there were so many affordable and accessible options, as I don't have the supplies or time for such a craft. Website is well formated and pleasing to the eye. And I love colors too.
By Maddy on 3/14/2022
I need women's plus-sized tights for my daughter for her school uniform in a specific color green for the next four years. Her uniform store does not offer tights in her size. I was able to find them here and will review again once she tries them.
By ELM on 3/14/2022
Always love the site. Products are too quality.
By Shanah the baker on 3/13/2022
Basically the layout is easy. The disappointment is that a lot of what I wanted was sold out.
By Online Shopper on 3/13/2022
Experience is fantastic the selection is beyond imagination …. Not a single bad experience
By Kellie on 3/12/2022
Loved the selection great for cosplaying and matching that perfect color to your outfit, wish they had a better stock of colors and sizes
By GabbaKush on 3/12/2022
It was an easy process, and I found what I needed for this specific costume easily! A good number of color options.
By Amanda S. on 3/11/2022
Love this site-hope the fishnet shirts are good quality & won’t snag or stretch out too much. The selection of colors is unbelievable! So glad I found this website! A first time buyer promo code or free shipping for over $50 purchase would have been awesome but still happy all the same!
By Sinful Ava on 3/11/2022
Good cheap shipping
By Fast on 3/10/2022
It’s been a great help with finding many varieties of tights and thigh highs
By Mono on 3/9/2022
I am excited to see the products and hope the quality is as good as I have heard.
By Naomi on 3/9/2022
Website worked great as usual !
By Tori on 3/8/2022
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