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I always order from her for colored tights for cosplay, it always so reliable
By Monicat907 on 8/2/2019
I was snagging these socks for fjord from critical role cause I was tired of paint up my arms every time. I'm going to try and change the colors on them via washing but the material is always amazing.
By Lascoose on 8/2/2019
10/10 would order again
By Bree on 8/2/2019
was awesome! easy to use and great products
By Lex on 8/1/2019
I've heard a lot of good stuff about We Love Colors, so I decided to give them a shot! I was a little reluctant to buy the matte seamless arm socks instead of the regular ones because they were pretty pricey, but I really want my cosplay to be polished. The price makes me a little reluctant to buy any more than this, though, or too often. They have a million different colors, though, and it's really cool to look at the examples of their products through their ambassadors and contests and such. If this cosplay and this purchase works out well I might enter one myself sometime.
By V on 8/1/2019
Love the colors, sizes, & fast service.
By kagel on 8/1/2019
This is the fifth time I have ordered this product from We Love Colors. I have viewed similar products on other websites but they didn't appeal to me like the ones I purchased through We Love Colors. I love that you can find every shade of color. The choices are wonderful.
By Online Shopper on 8/1/2019
I love ordering from We Love Colors. They always have what I need for my cosplay.
By Online Shopper on 7/31/2019
Really good experience, website is easy to use. They have a lot of colours of choose from. The colour of gloves I got; the online swatch matches the body paint colour I have in person perfectly so I'm looking forward to seeing how closely the online swatch is similar to how the colour is in person. I'm looking forward to getting my purchase in the mail.
By D on 7/31/2019
I always love your plus size fishnets and wear them almost every day during winter here in Melbourne. I first purchased them while living in the states and am very glad I can still buy them and its not an outrageous amount to have them shipped here!
By MJA on 7/31/2019
I would recommend We Love Colors to everyone. The selection is great, they have listened to their customers and love cosplayers. As a cosplayer, We Love Colors is clearly the way to go for my costuming needs
By Mina Starks on 7/31/2019
I was looking for plus size orange knee highs and I found them on We Love Colors. The price was good! Even with shipping, it was cheaper than some I had bought from amazon that didn't fit. We Love Colors is my go to for brightly colored plus size tights and socks, so I should have looked there first!
By stephanie on 7/31/2019
The tights I ordered fit comfortably but kept rolling down all the way past my knees whenever I took more than ten steps. Very disappointed in product.
By Online Shopper on 7/30/2019
I enjoy the price and color of tights wish you had bigger sizes and stretch more
By Online Shopper on 7/30/2019
I’d heard that people made arm socks using We Love Colors tights because of their color options, opacity, and quality, so I decided to try making my own. I saw they started making long glove versions specifically for cosplayers and I was so excited to be able to save time before my con. They had a good color for me and their shipping is fast too!
By Uptown on 7/30/2019
I'm using these tights and gloves for a cosplay so I don't have to do full body paint. I messed up a pair altering dor gloves (totally my bad), but it's easy to order more. They're actually a LOT more durable than I thought they would be and the shipping is pretty quick.
By TAB_Everything on 7/29/2019
I love how descriptive and clear the products were. I also appreciate the fact that we love colors has models of various body types.
By Dori on 7/29/2019
Loved the color of the tights so decided to try the gloves!
By Adri on 7/28/2019
I love the quality of the product but did find the colors to be off from the site, a bit darker than anticipated.
By Kei on 7/28/2019
This is my second purchase and so far I like to shop here. Quickly can find what I need and very quick check out through the PayPal, which I like. Thank you.
By Nell on 7/28/2019
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