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The website was easy to navigate and I understood what I was looking at.
By Experiment626 on 8/7/2022
I always love shopping from we love colors. The sizes are inclusive for larger people. The colors are amazing an vibrant. Very happy and will always be a return customer.
By anevelti84 on 8/7/2022
Everything seems good. Easy to navigate.
By The M Shark on 8/7/2022
Very Well
By Online Shopper on 8/7/2022
Searching was very easy and info about each product was very clear.
By Kate on 8/4/2022
The website is well laid out and the design is lovely! I appreciated the ease of navigation and the price point of my item, even after shipping. Will definitely shop here again!
By Schmanda on 8/4/2022
Very organized and I was able to find exactly what I needed in the correct shade very quickly! The different options for skin coverage are so nice aswell
By Izzy on 8/3/2022
Easy to navigate site wide selection
By Liz on 8/2/2022
Love every item I have ever ordered
By B on 8/1/2022
Website is designed nicely. I do wish there was more selections on full body suits, but overall I found something that will work for what I need.
By Found what I wanted on 8/1/2022
Website is always easy to use, stock availability is clearly represented
By B on 7/31/2022
I LOVE the options and I am definitely going to try other colors!!
By Kels on 7/29/2022
Getting started to the color and style of tights took me a minute, but it may be because I’m getting older and have been I’ll. It just seem mote cumbersome than it should be.
By Diajef07 on 7/29/2022
It was good!
By Stephanie on 7/29/2022
Looking for patterned footless tights, was a bit thrown looking for them as a separate item, rather than with the tights. Tried browsing by item but had no idea how many types of items the site had to offer until then.
By Carrie Joan on 7/27/2022
I would shop no other place. I've not been disappointed yet in all the years that I have been a customer. Highly recommend!!!
By Alene on 7/26/2022
It was very easy to figure out which color I needed to go with my paint
By Ringo on 7/26/2022
I really appreciated how color accurate the online listings for We Love Colors are. It makes it much easier to make a decision.
By A. S. on 7/26/2022
No issues with the website and everything is pretty easy to find. My only request would be to possibly look into XL sizes for mens gloves. This is a constant problem I face especially when costuming and having gloves that fit properly and do not rip within a few hours of wearing them. I have mentioned this in an email I sent to you just requesting information about glove sizes.
By ortaga on 7/25/2022
No complainants. Easy to navigate. Purchased what i wanted though inventory seemed low.
By LYLE on 7/24/2022
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