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Lovely website. I’ll keep coming back and I’ve referred others here.
By Case on 4/10/2024
The website has gotten easier now that I'm used to it, but I remember feeling it was very clunky when I first started using it, and some information was missing from some items. Today was to quickly grab some "backup gloves" in case the ones I'm making don't work out, nothing very special.
By Mina on 4/6/2024
I've been looking EVERYWHERE for some high quality, rip resistant, high stretch fishnet tights! Finally found a tip to try We Love Colors, and I am SO EXCITED to get my tights! Finally some well built fishnets to last all my days and nights out of the house!
By Dolly on 4/5/2024
I would appreciate an infographic of what needs to be measured for fitting of gloves.
By Morticia on 4/5/2024
I found the site easy to maneuver and found exact what I was looking for.
By Boss Lady on 4/4/2024
I really like the fact that I can find my size. It would be nice if you had a bigger selection.
By Online Shopper on 4/4/2024
I bought the perfect tights and matching arm gloves to complete my air genasi cosplay from D&D!
By Cosmic Coral on 4/4/2024
When shopping for multiple items, it is frustrating to have to go back to the drop-down men for product categories instead of having a menu on the page to continue shopping.
By MattyD on 4/2/2024
I love that there is a site that has such a great variety of these unique products. It was easy to pull up the product lists and select what I was looking for so quickly.
By Amber on 4/1/2024
I would have like more info on sizing from people. Testimonials
By Rd on 3/31/2024
I was super excited to see you had color swatch sample packs! This is going to make matching colors to characters for cosplay much easier.
By Steph on 3/31/2024
Easy to find and quick navigation
By Catherine d on 3/30/2024
Love the choices in colors and how easy it is to preview colors!
By Crystal on 3/30/2024
Thank you for sharing body make up pairing suggestions that match with your product color line. Incredible.
By A.N. on 3/30/2024
The website is simple in design and easy to understand. They have a straightforward and robust selection.
By Jade on 3/29/2024
Great site, excited for the cute colors!
By Paul on 3/28/2024
Quick fast and easy
By Online Shopper on 3/28/2024
I rarely order things from a merchant twice. I just don't. I got a pair of tights from you last year and they have been so great that now I'm ordering four pairs!
By Kathy W. on 3/28/2024
I love the color and size selection available
By Angiie on 3/26/2024
These hold up amazingly. I've walked around without out shoes, no problems. I've cut them apart and sewn two pairs together; no problem. They are AWESOME.
By Perdita on 3/24/2024
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