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The one thing I wondered was if the items are returnable if they don't fit. I couldn't find that information anywhere on the sight so I just ordered hoping for the best. It would be helpful if that was available. I loved everything else though!
By Haven on 4/19/2022
I love this website
By Bornfreely on 4/19/2022
Online interface was clear and made it easy to place an order!
By ravegirl on 4/17/2022
Great. Easy to use!
By Quincy on 4/17/2022
I have purchased things for cosplay here a couple of times, and I am very satisfied with each item. The sizing is good, the images are very accurate to life, of course the prices are not low but if you want accuracy and comfort it is well worth it!
By Dean on 4/17/2022
Lovely site and very simple and direct
By Online Shopper on 4/16/2022
the tights are vibrant in color and comfy. Ordering is easy and quick.
By Norcal professor on 4/15/2022
I was really happy with how easy it was for me to buy the tights I needed. I was also super happy that the purchase (2 tights and shipping) was all less than $30. Overall very happy with this store and I have and will continue to use it for all of my cosplay needs!
By Kai on 4/15/2022
The site was pretty easy to interact with. I'm never confused with the interfacing.
By rin on 4/14/2022
Would love more plus size options, i am not opposed to the high price point if I know it will comfortably fit
By Sarah on 4/14/2022
have nothing bad to say, LOVE this site, wish I had the money to order a ton of stuff from here, always great colors and high quality.
By Jamie on 4/14/2022
By na on 4/13/2022
I love the wide range of colors and sizes for all products on the site. In the past I've had excellent experience with the quality of the products, too.
By Barbara on 4/12/2022
By Online Shopper on 4/12/2022
A little pricey as compared to other sites with similar products.
By Leimichi on 4/12/2022
I was disappointed to find that there weren’t any promotional deals or discounts.
By Online Shopper on 4/11/2022
I like how the site is laid out and how easy it is to sort by colors needed. The tutorials are also very helpful
By Wren on 4/11/2022
Pretty good. On mobile, I was unable to click the items in my shopping cart to route to the product page. I wish there was an even cheaper shipping option, but that’s not specific to your company- I appreciated the options.
By Ze on 4/11/2022
Easy to find products, large selection, easy checkout. Very satisfied.
By The Berry on 4/11/2022
It’s so hard to find seamless gloves on the market and We Love Colors fills a very underrated niche!
By Kai on 4/10/2022
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