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I loved the wide range of colors that are available for the products. The fact they have a decent range of plus size products is amazing too. It can be very difficult to find variety colors for plus size products. They are super helpful and friendly and the service is very quick.
By Vicky on 2/3/2020
As a larger woman I look for products that fit me and have a good colour range. I will now have a good selection to match clothes that I have in preparation for winter.
By V on 2/3/2020
We Love Colors is my number one place to shop for tights. They're comfortable, they don't fall down, they're hard to snag, and they last me for years! I absolutely love them.
By Kristina on 2/3/2020
great selection and good sizes, however very expensive shipping to NZ
By Online Shopper on 2/3/2020
I have been shopping with WE LOVE COLORS for 14 years. I remember fondly some of my first purchases. I still have the gloves. Inexpensive foundation garments with a fabulous assortment of colors to choose from. I got an email today saying WLC "loves" me and I wanted them to know I love them,too. It can't be easy to offer a huge assortment of colors for the good price. My thought is that this is a smallish company that works hard and isn't getting rich. And that's why I love them.
By urbana on 2/3/2020
I love the variety of colors and sizes available. Everyone is always asking about my tights and strangers are always complimenting me. Plus they are very comfortable, without that “rubber-band” waistline feeling.
By Faithy on 2/3/2020
I purchased a pair of the Long Matte Seamless Gloves in neon green for a costume. These gloves were pitched as an easier, mess-free alternative to using body paint on my hands and arms. I was nervous, because it was important to my costume that these gloves match my face paint. I was using Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ, and according to the shade matching chart on the We Love Colors site the two products should have been a perfect match. Instead, the gloves were significantly brighter than my face paint. The paint was a subdued light green, while the gloves looked like a green screen material. Worse still, when I wore them to the event that there costume was for, they took on a florescent glow under the stage lights and in flash photos. I was extremely dissatisfied with this purchase, it was a waste of $35. I would have been better off using the body paint and sealing it thoroughly.
By Nic on 2/3/2020
Excellent range of plus sizes but shipping n tax gets expensive coz I shop from canada
By Loopy on 2/3/2020
wish you had available to shop by style number. I always order the same style and I have to go through all the hoops and looks to find the style I want. Also wish could apply coupons. I can find coupons but there is no place to apply when placing an order.
By DJ on 2/2/2020
Love the variety of colors and styles. Plus they’re super comfy! I’m tall so finding tights that fit comfortably is super hard! They’re either too short or too baggy. But welovecolors is perfect beyond belief 😍
By Online Shopper on 2/2/2020
I recently bought tights for a last minute cosplay. The ones I purchased from the store were too small so I was running out of options. Not only was I thankful the price wasn't high but they came in with time to spare. I was a little afraid to sew them, but the tights held up (and still do).
By Kyle on 2/2/2020
Saw on reviews that people were saying received items with holes but I took chance anyway and mine came with a hole right below elastic but so far did not run
By Jane on 2/2/2020
The website was super easy to navigate and the color matching guide with mehron is super helpful. best of all, the shipping wasn't that much so it was cheaper than I thought it would be!
By Nico on 2/2/2020
Like the feel and texture of product and texture.
By sugarbare on 2/2/2020
Love we love color, great selection of products and colors for a great price too
By Tyler on 2/1/2020
I was really happy to see that they have color matches with Mehron Paradise paints, even if I'm going to have to order a different color paint to go with the color I preferred on We Love Colors.
By FoxyAsElle on 2/1/2020
Would prefer some more examples of plus size bodies in the bodysuits/leotards rather than drawings. Also more photos of all color swatches. I would also like that if I spend more than a certain amount that I get free shipping for future purchases.
By Nuri on 2/1/2020
needed a specific color and asked coworkers and your company was recommended.
By suzzer on 2/1/2020
Very high quality products at decent prices. They cater to cosplayers, which I really appreciate.
By Tess on 2/1/2020
I love we love colors because of the size selection I always order fishnets from here. I am a plus size gal so that bvb fact that the have 3x fishnets and fit perfect is what drives me to come back. Other places only have one size fit all and that's definitely not the case. I always recommend this site to all my plus size gals and they always thank me for it cause how affordable they are and the fit is great.
By Jessie on 2/1/2020
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