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Love the colors and everything that you do have. options probably more type of selection for the plus size 5x and above.
By Dalstrom on 3/15/2023
beautiful and easy to find everything by color.
By pamela on 3/14/2023
It was easy to locate what I needed and select the colors of the products.
By Ash on 3/14/2023
Was recommended by tiktok for homestuck cosplay! ive been very excited to finally get a pair of these, as im an old fan and with it becoming popular again im getting to pick up my old cosplays now that i have money and its so cool that there are companies who make stuff that benefits all types of artists! Thank you!
By ElijahMeridian on 3/14/2023
So many colors. I love that there is something for every occasion.
By Online Shopper on 3/13/2023
I researched around for a guide for the character I’m cosplaying to match my tight colors with my face makeup, and We Love Colors had an article about that very character, including what colors a previous cosplayer had used!
By Mia on 3/13/2023
I Finally Found Womens Thin Socks In A Very Large Variety Of Colors! Best Part Is, It Is Being Shipped Within The UNITED STATES. Thank You "WE LOVE COLORS"!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can NOT Wait For My Socks To Arrive.
By NISI on 3/13/2023
great color selection
By c on 3/12/2023
I was looking for gloves to match Mehron teal. I have found it difficult to find a match in the past, and have wound up trying to dye your items (it didn’t work) so I am glad you have something, but it doesn’t look like an accurate match on my monitor, so I’m hoping with some nervousness. It’s a lot to spend for something that doesn’t match - this hurt me more back when I was looking for an orange to match my Ahsoka makeup, because I wound up with so many both too light and far too bright orange.
By Ahsoka on 3/12/2023
Product page should have links to your existing blog articles with more in-depth reviews. Wish had more information like how visible panty lines & tattoos will be, how each fabric type look when worn with actual skin tones (not just the photoshopped sample images), type of crotch seam, more clarity on whether top portion of tights is different material (and how different it is), which specific product and color is shown in each “from Instagram” example photo, etc.
By Online Shopper on 3/12/2023
Website kept freezing so I had to refresh the website to find options and check out. However love this site1
By Kincy on 3/11/2023
I am getting married and was looking for some color to peekaboo! Loved the variety of colors, makes it easy to find what I needed
By Morgan on 3/11/2023
Great! Will recommend to others.
By Online Shopper on 3/10/2023
The photographs of the actual COLORS are not great. It's hard to tell what the colors are and some colors, like toffee, have no photographs that I can find. I know from experience most colors are not as they appear, but much brighter and almost all too bright/neon for me. I wish there were more muted colors and jewel tones like mustard and burgundy that were matte and not so bright.
By Ellamaydo on 3/10/2023
We have used your tights for our ballet productions for several years so I went straight to that part of the site. The site is easy to navigate and
By liz on 3/9/2023
The color guide was extremely helpful. I love that I was able to filter by shades.
By Sabrina on 3/8/2023
I was working to complete my "Papa Elf" costume for next Christmas; however,the pants included with the costume were very cheap and did not look anything like those in the movie "Elf". So,I'm happy that I persisted in my search and found your website!
By Papa Elf Ralph on 3/8/2023
I love shopping here for my tights. With being plus size it’s sometimes difficult to find cute tights that fit. I’m so happy I found out about we love colors. It’s definitely one of my favorite places to shop now.
By Josie on 3/7/2023
I see We Love Colors recommended EVERYWHERE for cosplay, so I knew to turn to them for what I needed for my Ahsoka cosplay. Their site was easy to navigate, had plenty of information and recommendations, and was what I expected price-wise.
By magicallyphoebe on 3/6/2023
Love ❤️
By J on 3/6/2023
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