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Not much details on shipping.
By Online Shopper on 10/1/2020
I have heard about We Love Colors from a lot of other cosplayers so I was excited to have a project to check them out!
By BumbleBrie on 10/1/2020
I've had friends use We Love Colors and love the service. This was my first time using the service; the first time the gloves were not what I thought they would be (too thick) and even the second pair I bought was not exactly what I thought they would be. There was also a pink stain on the palm of my blue glove. I could probably hide that with the project I'm working on, but it was a little disappointing to see that. I am unsure at this time if it's worth it to return or just work with it (I will most likely work with it). The other items I bought were great and met expectations. Just confused on what to do with the gloves.
By Meg on 10/1/2020
I love that WLC has a great selection of products with colors that are consistent across the board- no matter what you’re buying. I was hesitant to buy again after the way they handled their response to BLM in early 2020 but I needed to grab a gift for my friend and their tights can hold up. And I actually know what color I’m getting.
By Opal on 10/1/2020
Very easy to order from with a variety of colors.
By nan67 on 9/30/2020
I really love that they have seamless gloves! Perfect for armsocks, and the color variety is great
By Peps on 9/30/2020
I bought from you folks many many years ago, and I remember it being the best pair of tights I've ever owned. I'm excited to try it out again, as I have been fruitlessly buying Target and Amazon tights and sewing them up for years. Your site is easy to navigate and your colors are lovely, I can't wait to try the tights themselves.
By Darcy on 9/30/2020
I love fishnets, I like looking colorful and slightly unapproachable, so they give me a kind of shield against street harassment and the cold at the same time. These are super comfortable and come in nuanced colors I can’t normally find at my local retailers, so I’m definitely hooked
By Alex on 9/30/2020
Love these tights! Will definitely buy again!!
By Darcie13 on 9/29/2020
Pros: No where else to find some of these colors, easy, cheap shipping, decent prices. LOVE the fishnet tights. Accurate colors. Cons: Fishnet tops are very scratchy, would not buy again. Striped thigh high socks have tight thigh cuff, I have average thighs. Items do not have specific reviews, and site photos frequently do not load while browsing colors on a listing, requiring refresh.
By Savvy on 9/28/2020
I love that the colors were so vivid and bright, plus the selection was amazing!! They even cater to plus sizes! I will definitely be ordering more from this site in the future!
By Heather on 9/28/2020
Love the color choices. Love the large sizes. Love the material used in tights. Very clear and direst.
By Kay on 9/28/2020
No nonsense site. Sizes are for real people and very clearly delineated. Wonderful selection of colors! Very reasonable prices.
By Momma L on 9/28/2020
You should try this website at the least because they have a very wide selection. There are different style numbers with each style having extra sizes that help adjust almost every body type. As a male who's tried this quality and Walmart quality tights, and as someone who's more tall than wide, I would definitely say they have better quality; this goes for the endurance and stability of the fabric, the feel of it, and overall doesn't fade in color. Even after buying the wrong size for my body type, they still fit very well and adapt better than I thought they would. Lastly, they just have overall wide range of colors, much more so than average tights.
By musicman on 9/28/2020
I really love the look of the Instagram so I bought some on this site, I wasn’t a huge fan of the layout for the website (at least the mobile version, since I ordered in my phone I’m not sure how it is on a desktop) it could be a bit more clear the differences between the products so we can make more informed decisions on what to buy ( I.e. I had to google the differences in Lycra and spandex)
By Lucy on 9/28/2020
Great experience and always a quality product.
By Online Shopper on 9/28/2020
I’ve been looking for a way to find tights as gloves without having to make them for cosplay. I’ve really struggled to do that, I have another pair but the fact that I can’t use my phone through then makes filming with them super hard. While they’re not cheap, I suspect they’ll be worth it, both for my home use and for eventually taking my costume to conventions.
By Rachel on 9/28/2020
I loved all the different color and sizing options.
By Sebby on 9/27/2020
Very happy to find such amazing colors and styles in MY size! Can’t wait!
By Cyn on 9/27/2020
I tell everyone ... you are great
By Carly on 9/27/2020
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