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Easy to purchase, plenty of photo references and an easy to access size chart (thank you god).
By Kal on 9/7/2019
My teenage daughter needed turquoise and black stockings to complete her cosplay outfit. I didn't think we could find any, but then I found your store. Ordering was simple and delivery was fast! My daughter is happy and that's what counts!
By zombie_mummy on 9/7/2019
Good—easy to order Bad—confusing because some products were available in plus size and had plus size in the name and other products did Not have it in the name but still available in those sizes
By Online Shopper on 9/7/2019
By Lauren on 9/7/2019
The fit is really inconsistent. The red paid is huge, baggy, too long, they don’t hug & they slouch down. The stripes don’t fit the thighs but the butt & belly are huge, the black are the same as the red but they are just too long. I wish the sizes were more consisten & the materials were more elastic so they hugged my body. I end up having to wear an additional pair of underwear over them to keep them up. I love in Los Angeles & it’s too hot to have that additional layer. I guess I just wish they were actual plus size instead of long & wide... the thighs & elasticity has been an issue o the past which is why i purchased a larger size this time. I’m pregnant & going through body dismorphia & nothing looks good on me... i just wanted something cute that makes me feel more like me during these changes...
By Poni on 9/7/2019
loved that you had what I was looking for and I am sure my granddaughter will be comfy in the tights
By tracy on 9/7/2019
Wonderful selection of colors and sizes. I’m excited to try them on and see the quality. Amazing and fast check out process. Highly recommended.
By Drea on 9/6/2019
We Love Colors has an amazing range of colors to choose from. Their products are varied, especially for characters that have unique colored skin tones. No matter what clothing options I wear on top, We Love Colors has options to make sure my look is flawless! Their varied shipping options were also highly appreciated! Thank you so much!
By J.C. on 9/6/2019
I ordered a pair of arm socks earlier this summer for a cosplay and liked them a lot, so I took a plunge and ordered another pair for a different costume even though the light grey color has looked too light online (I wish yall had something like Arda Wig's flickr account, real life examples of the colors in the wild)
By Chelsea on 9/6/2019
It's an excellent store! Friends from far and wide recommended both the tights and long gloves for their wide color selection and sturdiness. I haven't received my product yet, but I found exactly what I was looking for with just a few clicks.
By Mist on 9/6/2019
Several years ago, I ordered from We Love Colors, and almost immediately afterward, i saw suspicious activity on my bank account. Somehow, my information had been intercepted, and money had been spent from my account somewhere in Florida (where I've never been). My bank was able to refund the money eventually, and I opened a paypal account to keep things more secure. I contacted your company, and while your representative was adamant that the breach was not on your end (it almost certainly was) they agreed to send me a free pair of tights for my trouble. I selected a pair of splash tights and, while it's true that i don't have occasion to wear those particular tights very often, they are still in my closet 8 years later with no runs. I see that as a testament to your product's quality. So, hoping that your web security has improved after all these years, I've decided to try buying from you again.
By Dani on 9/6/2019
Great colors. Lots of choices. Takes some time to figure out that 'styles' will also give you colors the colors in that style.
By Betsy on 9/6/2019
Welovecolors is the only site I buy my tights from for cosplay. They have the colors, sizes, and seamless features for making armsocks. I've made armsocks in the past, and this is my second set I plan to make!
By Slvnacosplays on 9/6/2019
I've had my eyes on welovecolors for a couple years now for cosplay but just never had the chance to drop the money for the gloves id wanted. Im excited to finally try them out and hopefully order many more!
By Jor on 9/5/2019
I had purchased tights a few times in the past from we love colors but it has been several years. I couldn’t even remember which type I bought but when I went to the site I easily found what I was looking for at an affordable price and checked out in under 5 min.
By Catphotos on 9/5/2019
Only place I could find brown and white striped tights. Very happy I didn't need to set up an account AMD could just check out
By Online Shopper on 9/5/2019
I was looking for tights to wear with a Halloween costume that were a unique color. I went into Google assuming I probably wasn't going to find anything because of my size. Normally all of the cool tights are for people smaller than me. That's when I found "We Love Colors". I clicked on their site and immediately found what I was looking for and was super happy. Their color selection is amazing but even above that, I was really impressed with their size range. I think this is the only site I've seen that offers neon fishnet tights to people of all sizes. The checkout process was very smooth and simple. I got my confirmation email within 3 minutes. I can't wait to get my order in the mail and buy more in the future!
By Kim on 9/5/2019
Great colour range, really expensive, doesn't specify USD or not so I ended up spending a lot more than it said it would be
By Jess on 9/5/2019
I love my tights and wear them every day usually I purchased high performance butt I'm trying this new style and I'm sure I'll enjoy them as much as the other products I have purchased
By Online Shopper on 9/4/2019
I love We Love Colors. The only thing that I’m surprised about are some of the prices, but I understand good product = good quality = prices that reflect that
By Kitsune on 9/4/2019
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