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By Online Shopper on 5/12/2024
Found the colors I needed easily
By Joey on 5/12/2024
I love the idea of having blue skin and We Love Colors lets me do just that!
By Michiko on 5/11/2024
I would like to see color swatches but don't see thst as an option
By Kit on 5/11/2024
I'm actually sorry about this but I took my sleep meds already.... I've been watching wlc for what feels like a decade. The new catsuits looks k luxe and a definite trade up from shiny hot morphsuit fabroc
By Legate Stinkorius XII on 5/10/2024
Nothing bad to say
By Bigmomma on 5/9/2024
n/a. great service, excellent price transparency, and I am excited to receive my purchase and see if it was all worth it :)
By Kandi on 5/9/2024
Love the ease of being able to shop by color and the assortment of styles available. I just ordered the gloved shirt because I happened to see it randomly the other day. It is perfect for the costume character I am doing so I do not have to paint myself as much.
By FaeWren1 on 5/8/2024
This site always has great items for cosplay for all sizes
By Amanda B. on 5/8/2024
Would be helpful to see the lower part of the body suit!
By Ion on 5/8/2024
Easy enough to use. Sizing charts were helpful. Only wish there were more pictures of each item instead of it switching between colors.
By AMS on 5/8/2024
Everything was quick and easy but I also knew exactly what I wanted
By SpaceCowboy2044 on 5/6/2024
Sent by MN Cosplay guild. Looked at new body suit. Will contemplate it for next costume project. Found gloves and tights for my necromancer costume. Site is intuitive. Size info is good. color choice is huge.
By kvetch tai qul on 5/6/2024
I've been buying tight from I Love Colors for almost 10 years (I think). I've used them for events, cosplay, and work. I don't buy tights from anywhere else. Prices are great, delivery is fast, product is wonderful.
By Hagatha on 5/6/2024
We really were impressed with the checkout experience and being able to change the color from the cart. We hope to be as satisfied with the product as with the shopping experience!
By Online Shopper on 5/6/2024
I've known of We Love Colors since I was a teenager and glad to purchase from them again. I think I bought tights the first time, but it was so long ago. Excited to try out the armsocks. My hands are very small...Hopefully I don't have to modify them too much.
By Sabrina B on 5/5/2024
Everything went well.
By Al on 5/4/2024
It was definitely an easy process!
By Doc on 5/3/2024
It kept glitching and emptying my cart whenever I went to check out. I wound up in a loop but eventually it just worked.
By Franca on 5/3/2024
There’s so much to see on the website, and it can be a little overwhelming to navigate if you don’t know exactly where you’re going on the site to find what you’re looking for. But having so many helpful products to search through is such an exciting problem to experience for me, as a consumer!
By HunnyBCosplay on 5/3/2024
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