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It was easy to find what I needed especially the color.
By Kathy on 8/16/2021
It had some pretty good variety and looks on par with cosplayer-made products. I also really liked how it let you calculate shipping before checkout, and it wasn’t a huge annoying hassle. The only issue is that the filters for searches aren’t super thorough, so I had to add the finish to the search itself if I wanted only matte results.
By Fey on 8/16/2021
I love We Heart Colors. Especially the microfiber foot less tights. The check process lagged a but but overall I'd order from them again
By Tina on 8/16/2021
Beautiful socks!
By Online Shopper on 8/15/2021
Really needed these tights for my cosplay. A bunch of cosplayers recommended this site for making arm socks, I was real excited to see they had a tutorial on the site. They also had the perfect color.
By Just a bunch of rats on 8/14/2021
we love colors has great color matches for the makeup i have for cosplays
By Bee on 8/14/2021
I just bought arm socks because I needed them. It’s my first purchase and they looks good. I just hope they look like how the photo is.
By Kenny on 8/14/2021
By Nikki on 8/14/2021
They had so many different colors available and are super size inclusive. I wanted “nude” tights to wear that were opaque to cover up some leg tattoos, and color matching was so easy!
By Stephanie on 8/14/2021
We Love Colors is perfect for cosplay! The guide telling you exactly what to buy depending on what you need is super helpful. I'd never go anywhere else to buy tights for cosplay
By Dot on 8/13/2021
Heard about the site from a friend. Browsing and checkout were easy, and the reviews helped me make my decision
By APS on 8/13/2021
I was searching to find flesh colored fabric for a cosplay costume and had a hard time finding anything until i can across this. I would definitely recommend because it saves me a lot of time having to make my base and I can just focus on being creative in adding my detail.
By Kacy on 8/13/2021
great selection of colors. prices are hefty, but i needed a good quality product for cosplay. I just wish there had been an option for PayPal payments as I don’t like putting my credit card information directly into the site
By nagisa on 8/12/2021
I appreciate the fact that WeLoveColors tries to color match with Mehron Paints. I wish it was more clearly stated with each product rather than being a separate section you'd have to go to to see if you were looking at the right colors. I also really wish they included model of cosplay pictures with their product, rather than just a stylized image of it just on an arm. I'd really like to see how they match with full costumes and body paint. But I do hope we love the armsocks and that they work well!
By ArteDesigns on 8/12/2021
When you're looking for gloves or tights in a specific color, I would definitely go to We Love Colors. They have a huge amount of colors to choose from and the stuff they sell is high quality.
By Xayners on 8/12/2021
What I love about We Love Colors is the large variety of colors that match across their product lines. Matching colors will make my cosplay so much easier.
By Amanda B. on 8/12/2021
I would definitely reccomend! You guys have such a wide variety of colors and outshine the competition. Definitely 100/10.
By Mgv123 on 8/12/2021
They are decent quality and thick, they are rather expensive. I needed to save time but I'd still rather make my own.
By Mel on 8/11/2021
i would recommend the color options and the ease of the website
By clancy on 8/11/2021
Had lots of options and guides to help me choose the right color
By Phoenix on 8/10/2021
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