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It was easy and very pleasant! Loads of colors,sizes and styles to choose from. Will buy from here again.
By Mynjon on 3/15/2020
We love colors has a fantastic selection of products, sizes, and most impotrantly colors! The site is easy to navigate and very informative.
By Ragingphoxx on 3/15/2020
They have an amazing selection of colors, and they have different styles too! They have multiple designs, including stripes. Trust me if you want colorful tights, you should buy them at We Love Colors.
By Honeybee on 3/15/2020
The beat Gloves I've ever purchased. Im never buying from anyone else. The price is the only bad part. I wish i could buy more.
By Fish The Clown on 3/14/2020
Great colors, matched exactly what I needed for a difficult dance performance, easy checkout,
By Fabricator on 3/13/2020
Lots of good color choices, hopefully everything comes as pictured
By Online Shopper on 3/13/2020
I love the quality of there tights, this is my fourth order from them in total and I have bee very happy with all of my past purchases from them. I use them for cosplay and they have held up through 12+ hours at a convention. I do wish that they started to increase the color selection, but as of right now it is still very good.
By Courtney on 3/13/2020
I was ordering some tights for my cosplay and while I could choose plus size and the color I couldn't also add women's so there were more items on the page than I needed, but once I found what I needed it was really easy to decide my size and order. I will absolutely be ordering again for my needs. They even have really cute patterns that I'll have to check out.
I would absolutely recommend we love colors to all men seeking for high-quality tights. Great for basketball, warmth, comfort, athletics, style, etc. The comfort of the tights is outstanding. I now have multiple pairs as I try their different styles and have been impressed with every one.
By Kevin on 3/13/2020
I have ordered from here before.
By Wanda on 3/13/2020
I was watching Ginny Di talk about her Jester costume so thought I’d give it a try.
By Magpiemags on 3/12/2020
I love we love colors! This is my first time purchasing from this store and I’ve been dreaming of getting my first product from them for so long! I see cosplayers use these products all the time and their quality looks amazing!! Super excited! 😍💓
By universmess on 3/12/2020
Nice selection and availability of product. What I received, was perfect. I was happy with the items; two of which are a gift. Only concern was the shipping. Once it arrived in Canada, I waited more than a week for the item to be delivered. I paid for Priority Mail, but I found the wait longer than I had expected. Two of the items are a gift, and therefor will not make it to their destination on-time for my friend's birthday. But the items are quality, and I do like them very much, regardless of the shipping delay. Thank you. I would still happily recommend your product.
By Canada289 on 3/12/2020
Im happy with my purchase. i always buy tights for cosplay from her ean dits super easy.
By Jaimy on 3/11/2020
Great variety of products in an bast array of colors. They have plus size options at affordable prices
By Chrissy on 3/11/2020
I love the quality and color options for armsocks provided by we love colors
By Noel on 3/11/2020
It’s hard to find made in USA tights with many different colors. The price point is affordable. However, that’s not my priority. I more care about THE QUALITY. I’m hoping someone could make a good quality color tights that doesn’t hurt the environment.
By go green on 3/11/2020
I really like the size inclusivity, the ease of finding a sizing chart and the variety of colors. These tights were recommended in a newsletter I read. I thought the shopping experience was great.
By Samantha on 3/11/2020
WLC has the best verity and colors. They have inventive products as well; making cosplay easier which leads to it being more enjoyable. They are reasonably priced and ship pretty fast.
By TenthMuse on 3/11/2020
I was able to clearly navigate by color which was nice and there was a guide to match the color of the tights and bodysuit to face paint colors. The color face paint I am using was not on the list, but I was able to get an idea of what the real product will look like.
By Anna Margaret on 3/10/2020
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