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Awesome selection, I can’t wait to try out my new tights! I do wish the sizing was communicated a little more clearly, but thank you for the wide range in options for plus sized men!
By Acciotres on 9/5/2022
Found what I was looking for easily and had no problems checking out.
By Tars on 9/5/2022
Website seems fine--easy to find options and see different colors. Everything worked.
By Cat on 9/5/2022
Found everything easily and love the choice of colors.
By Mary on 9/4/2022
It was a very easy transaction.
By T on 9/4/2022
Great. Thank you.
By NEthanks on 9/4/2022
Love the variety, easy to order, reasonable shipping.
By meech on 9/4/2022
This is a cool brand and the concept is neat
By Tight99 on 9/2/2022
easy finding what I wanted. High on web search. Checkout was really simple
By angie on 9/2/2022
Everything is very clear. I especially like the irl photos of color and opacity, and specifications of matte vs glossy.
By Alana on 9/2/2022
The size range is vastly superior to other vendors, and the color variety is insane. Plus the pricing was uncomplicated and reasonable. If the quality of the product matches the quality of the site, I'm definitely coming back.
By Shiro on 9/2/2022
Easy to use and great colors
By Jaimie on 9/2/2022
Love the set up. Only critique I have is I wish we had more angles of the products. It is great to see the tights in different colors, but as someone concerned with wear the seams are I would also like to see that back vs the front, and the left side vs the right side.
By Morgan on 9/1/2022
It's hard to find high quality tights in the variety of colors offered at the quality offered. I used to have to resort to Amazon but not any more. Because I wear tights every day, this will let me add a little more color to my outfits!
By Call Me "T" on 9/1/2022
Amazed of so many colors to pick from. Hoping it fits was not so sure on that detail
By Jacecosplay on 9/1/2022
Website is organized very well. Very easy to find what I need.
By Kat on 8/29/2022
I love WLC for my cosplay and "bodypaint" needs. My size wasn't available m/L but this is an emergency purchase and I know the quality of the product is worth the rush shipping.
By Online Shopper on 8/29/2022
Easy to navigate, and descriptive! I can't wait to wear them for my Kickball games!
By Online Shopper on 8/27/2022
I have enjoyed wearing ALL colors since I was a child. Now that I am an adult, I believe that adulting does not have to be boring. Incorporating color really is a game changer to any wardrobe. I just found this site and I ordered because of the various options. I will return to purchase more. I am excited to receive my order!
By Zoe on 8/27/2022
I am from the Netherlands and used to high quality tights. Hard to find in US ,so very happy to have found We❤️Colors.
By Janke Holtland on 8/27/2022
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