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I like the material, footless option, color choices, and plus-size.
By PK on 1/16/2023
On some pages, the same images were shown for "grey" and "light grey" gloves and tights. We Love Colors's color selection changes over time - my newer grey gloves are much, MUCH darker than the ones I first bought from them, but the "light grey" is still far too light for the color I need. I won't know until they get here whether I'll be happy with the color. Right now I'd rather pay $50 and take a chance than try dyeing the fabric, but if the money's wasted, maybe it's time to move on despite being a customer for a decade.
By justwantgreytobegrey on 1/16/2023
My only hiccup was that I tried to reset my password but I never got a reset email (just checked out as guest).
By Mandy on 1/15/2023
Great to find a great product in larger sizes that are in stock.
By Isaac on 1/15/2023
I think it was very easily navigable and had fun visuals throughout, overall a well designed website with a thoughtful interface. Just a note it'd be super cool if you guys had body suits that had gloves attached!
By ella on 1/14/2023
Great selection of sizes and colors. Product is sturdy.
By MargaretTampa on 1/14/2023
There are some products I need to buy in specific colors, And this is always been the only place I can do that.
By Cotton on 1/13/2023
Love the variety of color options - specifically the range of white/off-white tones is very useful. The store came highly recommended. I was immensely pleased by the size range options as well.
By Becca on 1/12/2023
This is my 3rd purchased from the store. The quality of the products I have purchased have always been if high quality. And if there is any problem ir question the staff are quick to respond.
By Sibby on 1/12/2023
This is not about today- but my previous order. I ordered 5 pairs of tights. One of the pairs was marked 1x-4x. I am a 1x, sometimes on the small end of 2x. I could not get those tights on my body. How a customer who is 4x would ever fit them is a mystery. I had to buy another pair today in that color, because I can't find what I need to do a return. Anyway, my one complaint is the sizing was completely wrong on 20% of my last order.
Everything was good, but I wish when we go over the the color swatch a popup with the color would help.
By yum on 1/11/2023
The website USED to be MUCH more user-friendly, but now it is harder to find things and harder to find information about products!!! I liked it better before!!!
By Lilosdog on 1/10/2023
We Love Colors is my go-to for theater tights. Durable, comfortable, and the colors are fantastic. Ordering is fast and easy.
By MA Potter on 1/10/2023
I like that there was a shipping calculator, so you know how much you’re spending before you check out. I also like how easy it is to navigate the website.
By Vi on 1/10/2023
Waiting to see how they fit to decide if I will order again
By Sandi on 1/9/2023
I love the colors, sizes and collection here. I especially love that I could find skin-toned fishnets. WOW!
By Shao on 1/9/2023
The checkout page was VERY SLOW to load and it made me a little worried. That said - I absolutely love We Love Colors, and I usually make an order at least once a year and I can't imagine not doing that in the future.
By Online Shopper on 1/9/2023
I like it, it's cute and simple
By Beana Bag on 1/9/2023
The product photos are hard to see details of. I was having trouble getting an idea of the texture of the gloves I was purchasing and the cuff. They're aesthetic which is nice and all but I need to actually see the product clearly.
By cat on 1/8/2023
It was really easy to find what I was looking for, and the size charts provided were a great help. Product descriptions were very clear and were beneficial to me making my selection of what I wanted. It has been a long time since I bought from We Love Colors and the website has improved greatly.
By SDM on 1/7/2023
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