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I wanted to find an alternative to body painting for my cosplay. Painting is a lot of work! Love that they provided a guide to match paint colors as well. They look great and I'm excited to be able to debut my first cosplay at a con when they open up again!
By Daniyogani on 5/19/2021
These are the only fishnets I will ever purchase for roller derby. They are flexible enough that they are comfortable, and tough enough that they can handle a beating from the opposing team
By EvelKniEva on 5/19/2021
Love the material used to make the bodysuit
By miss_kay666 on 5/19/2021
Exceptionally fast delivery, dynamic colours (what choice!!) and a range that suits my curvy body and my 7 year old daughter. She is ecstatic that she can wear the same tights as mummy and we can match.
By SarahR on 5/19/2021
With so many colors to choose from it's a one stop shop for all my fishnet needs!
By LinZ on 5/19/2021
I don’t often wear stretchy tight clothing but this stuff is awesome.
By Chandra on 5/18/2021
There are tons of great color options and lots of inclusive sizing!! I definitely need to get every color!
By Micbra on 5/17/2021
The website was very easy to navigate
By Kay on 5/16/2021
I've been looking for some really unique tights and found them here. Got the mystery box. Really excited to see how it turns out.
By Coffepoet on 5/15/2021
Good is the color selection and bad is always the cost ha and recommended
By Tloops on 5/15/2021
Need to put more stretch Other than that I love my footless tights
By Maryellen on 5/15/2021
Great selection and good quality tights .The website was slow
By Working hard on 5/15/2021
The footless tights are a good product, easy to wear and the range of color choices is great. This is the on product I buy from them. A good deal and fun.
By Luzclara on 5/15/2021
I have known about this site for over a decade now and have bought my tights from here when I am in need. I love that you have plus size and the selection of colors is awesome. I have told several people over the years about this site and will continue too.
By Lolly on 5/15/2021
I love the color selection of items. However I wish the size chart was clearer on the website. I also found it difficult to navigate the mobile website to find different clothing options. I'm waiting to review the items when they get here. Hopefully it's works.
By Koko on 5/14/2021
I needed some footless tights to go under some very short overalls. I was skeptical I would find my size and color so I googled my need and your site came up. I’m impressed with the sizes and colors. Now I’m waiting to see if the products are good.
By Michelle on 5/14/2021
It was a really good experience but they it seems like every color I needed was just too dark or light for what they had. I couldnt blame them though because they had a huge selection and I had a very niche need.
By Rea on 5/12/2021
Not sure if they are going to stretch enough
By Alan on 5/12/2021
you should check out this website they have funky colors in footless tights
By GJWhitney on 5/11/2021
Love the product! The website was very glitchy this time around.
By OH on 5/11/2021
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