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It was great. The color choice option was convenient
By Cherri on 12/7/2021
It was nice. Great products, nice range of colors and easy to browse. Wish all products had size chart though.
By AJ on 12/7/2021
I'm really excited to find a cute that specializes in these. Makeup prevented me from doing a lot of characters.
By Yani on 12/7/2021
I stumbled upon We Love Color, and happy that I did.
By Vanilla on 12/7/2021
the options of all the colors is amazing and excellent quality I buh some every year or so from We Love Colors.
By jennyjam on 12/7/2021
Good! I knew what I needed but don't know the difference between the different kinds of tights
By Katie on 12/6/2021
Overall was very simple and straight to the point, I had no issues checking out and everything went well, great first time purchase!
By Noelle on 12/5/2021
Lovely and durable products that look like their images.
By Channie on 12/5/2021
Was more than satisfied with my original purchase. Great quality tights that fit
By Lone Wolf on 12/5/2021
The fact that this company has a guide to go with the body paint colors currently available on the market is great!
By E on 12/4/2021
I love all the color options! I wish that there were more transparent right options. I also wish All sock heights were on the same sock tab. That was a little confusing for me.
By Kat on 12/4/2021
I love the tights I bought from We love colors! they fit me perfectly and are high quality. I would recommend to a friend because the quality is rare and the colors are vibrant.
By Lulu on 12/4/2021
Good website easy to navigate, great size range
By Online Shopper on 12/4/2021
My experience with we love colors are always amazing the product is amazing and also the prices are a good amount for the quality.
By Myrie on 12/4/2021
No problems this time
By sarapie32 on 12/4/2021
I love the colorful options! Just what I was looking for!!
By Yulibean on 12/4/2021
Very pleased. East to find the product that I need in the color I need.
By izuumuu_cosplay on 12/1/2021
Great Selection of colors! Easy Check out.
By caden on 11/29/2021
i was looking to be beast boy for a con and im really not interested in making my own armsocks so im really excited to be able to just order a pair of gloves online that will be the same color and feel as the tights ill be wearing too
By digitalfox on 11/15/2021
Love the quality of the tights, great for cosplay and costumes.
By Jessie on 11/14/2021
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