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I really appreciate the variety and inclusiveness when it comes to sizing! definitely will be buying all my tights from here from now on.
By Mars on 3/7/2022
I wish you weren't sold out of alot of colors in plus sizes
By Lex on 3/6/2022
love the color selection but some of the sizing is a little confusing
By Tim on 3/6/2022
I love how opaque and comfortable the microfiber tights are, I’ve always loved using them for my Cosplays and even for my regular ‘fits too
By Winter on 3/5/2022
I love this site especially how it caters to cosplayers. I love the many different colors as well.
By Cree on 3/5/2022
Colored tights are not easy to come by, and your site makes the process seamless :). I would love it if they cost less, but the price is not a deal breaker.
By Online Shopper on 3/5/2022
Everything went great.
By Naya on 3/4/2022
Quick and Easy. Easy to navigate.
By J on 3/4/2022
This was my first time purchase.And I love wearing this brand for ballet, aerobics, gymnastics, fitness, or daily life when I am stay at home. Leotard have bring my life and I would very grateful about my body.
By Tommy on 3/4/2022
For the skin tone tights I think it would be great to see on a couple of different people of relative same tone in the same tights so people know how to match. I know I would have bought at least another 2 pairs if I could have made sure it would have been the right colour for me. Im very pale and I’m sure other pale people as well as POC’s would appreciate it as well due to trouble with undertone matching
By MadRose on 3/3/2022
Easy to utilize and match colors for what you are looking for! Thank you!
By Kincym1 on 3/3/2022
Quick and easy, will consider buying more tights later in the future
By Cody on 3/3/2022
I think the website design is fantastic!
By Leona on 3/3/2022
I loves all the colors available. I wish it were more clear what the difference between different tights styles is
By Allyquake on 3/2/2022
I bought an item from the site.
By TTheenderr on 3/2/2022
I emailed to check and see if my size would fit and they said it will. Hoping for the best!
By Jay on 2/28/2022
Good, I was hoping to find a top half tights or body tights.
By Brynbaby on 2/26/2022
very easy interface!!
By sofuria on 2/26/2022
Good experience thus far. Will assess quality of the product when it arrives.
By Mima on 2/26/2022
By Maryes on 2/26/2022
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