Which color will match best? Do your colors vary between the different styles? What if the color I received was not what I expected? Do your colors bleed or fade over time? Do your colors glow under a black light? Do you offer all of your products in all of your colors?
How do I find the best size for me? Why are all your sizes different between products? What if I received my tights and they are labeled the correct size but they seem really small? Are there any special care instructions? What does the term denier mean?
Where is my order? How can I change my order? How soon will I get my order? How do I know if you have any item in stock? Where do you ship from? Do I need to make an account to order on
What is your return / exchange policy? How do I make a return or exchange? What if I tried my tights on, can I still return them? Are shipping fees refunded? Do I have to pay for exchange shipping? How fast do I receive a refund?
What do I do if I am having trouble accessing my account? How do I change the information on my account? How do I change my privacy / contact preferences?
What are the benefits of placing an order with an account? Where can I find my order history? How do I create a Saved List? How do I save items from my shopping cart? How do I submit a product review? How do I place an order?


How do you make colors? Are your dyes harmful? How do you source your products?
How did We Love Colors get started? What is the vision for We Love Colors? What are We Love Colors values? Who is Richard?