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The website makes it very clear the sizing information. The color options are fantastic and widely varied. The lineup of products can be confusing, as there are a lot of similar items.
By Matt on 10/29/2021
Great website! Love all the options and images.
By Mary on 10/29/2021
I’ve ordered tights from this company every year for the last few years. The tights are a great value, wear well, wash well, and look great! They’re inexpensive enough that I can replace them each year.
By Cbl on 10/29/2021
The colors are fabulous
By Mommab on 10/29/2021
Very good
By Cilla on 10/29/2021
Easy to find the thigh hose I was searching for. Would recommend we love colors.
By Lola on 10/29/2021
I wish there was a clearer/more pictures of the various colours of tights next to each other.
By Nasan on 10/28/2021
I ordered tights from Amazon not realizing I could order direct from this company. I LOVED the tights! Then I had a problem after the 1st wash. I contacted We Love Colors and I heard back immediately and they offered me a credit! I am SO pleased with the customer service, thrilled that they're a US company, and super excited to get to try this product again. I'm super optimistic that this pair will be great and I'll order more colors in the future. My journey into a rainbow collection of tights is just beginning!
By The Peanut Gallery on 10/28/2021
I was delighted to find the two colors I was looking for.
By Online Shopper on 10/28/2021
I received some leggins from my fiancé
By Online Shopper on 10/25/2021
I found plus size tights that are amazing and they will get to me before Halloween!!
By Jess on 10/25/2021
I like the fact that you have tights that will fit up to 6'2
By tim on 10/21/2021
I was looking for mens and womens leotards and tights of a specific color. Your color choices are the best in the budiness. As a cosutme designer I will use your product in the future.
By sunycortlandcostume on 10/20/2021
It was all good
By Online Shopper on 10/18/2021
Absolutely purchase from we love color the color selection alone is worth shopping on the site.
By SamRage80 on 10/17/2021
We Love Colors is my go to for body paint characters. They make it so easy to color match tights/body suits/etc to body paint brands saving time not painting everything, just my face and neck. It's incredibly easy to find what you need, with multiple styles available, including plus size friendly options.
By Anna on 10/17/2021
I was looking for tights for the Halloween party at Disneyland and came across your page. I’m in a larger body and I’m so glad I found something to fit!
By Brenna S on 10/9/2021
I loved the size inclusiveness of this site. I couldnt believe they had my size and in so many colors and styles.
By Djsc864 on 10/9/2021
I really needed a spandex fabric for a costume and was surprised to find the fabric in a variety of colors including exactly the one I needed.
By Molten on 10/9/2021
this was the first website i was able to find that had exactly what i needed for the costume i was planning for halloween
By lise on 10/9/2021
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