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Splash Color Socks Not Tie Dye

Meet the new kids on the block!! Our crew ribbed socks Style# 1552 are the perfect blend of timeless design, style and high-performance, yet still perfect for everyday wear

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How to choose the best tights for you!

How to know which tights are best for me When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of tights, there are a few factors to consider

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How Tights (Pantyhose) are Made

Tights or pantyhose are a type of legwear that are made by knitting fabric in a cylindrical shape creating a long tube

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We’re walking you through a step by step DIY tutorial on how to make a face mask at home. Whether you’re making these for yourself or selling them, we’re guiding you on each step

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Color Pills, Professional Dyes for Nylon. Our Factory in a Pill

We’re bringing our factory to you! After working on this for a while in secret, our team at We Love Colors, is beyond ecstatic to announce the launch of our Color Pills! Color Pills are DIY dye kits that consist of our profe ...

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Convert a Dance Leotard Into a Bodysuit

I came upon the We Love Colors website because I was looking for a pair of neon yellow tights

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DIY Thigh Highs from Tights

We are often asked for Plus Size Thigh Highs, unfortunately we haven’t been able to get a pair meets our quality standards, but we are working on it

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Laces In All the Colors of the Rainbow

Take a walk on the colorful side with ultra vibrant and durable shoelaces

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We Love Colors Splash Colors its not Tie Dye

Looking at the clothes in your wardrobe, you might not think much about how they came to be so vibrant and colorful

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We Love Colors Gloves

Gloves have been used since the 13th century to express personal style among both men and women