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Best selection of colors, by far!
By Kiki76 on 10/22/2023
I am pretty happy with the website, I can always find what I want and really like the company.
By Brenda on 10/22/2023
Great selection and Mehron color matching has been absolutely great for cosplay needs! I wish there were leotards with fingers attached, otherwise I am so happy!
By KW on 10/22/2023
It was an easy process to order. Love that there's so many options of colors.
By Dcda dance mom on 10/22/2023
♥️ The best product with the best colors.
By Pinkcarm on 10/22/2023
The site is easy to navigate and I love that all the colors of tights have images with them.
By scarlethero on 10/22/2023
Lots of colors to choose from! Hope the quality is better then average! Seems to be!
By Liv on 10/21/2023
love that we love colors has plus sizes!!
By lyssa on 10/20/2023
I have purchased many times and have always been satisfied! Thanks!
By Tod on 10/20/2023
Great products for cosplay!
By JingleCosplays on 10/20/2023
The website was very Eastport navigate. I love how it can be navigated by color. I use welovecolors every time I need to use body paint for a costume
By Lynn freefallcos on 10/20/2023
It was a decent experience the only issue i had was when i was checking out, my cart would not allow me to delete/trash any items. I had order duplicate products, different sizes and wanted to delete the dups. I had to change the #1 to 0. That was inconvenient, other than that everything was fine.
By Brandi on 10/20/2023
I love your tights and have purchased several times. I do wish there were more plus sized models for the striped tights
By Ariel on 10/20/2023
It was great, lots of colors!
By Stray on 10/19/2023
Easy to navigate. I was looking for specific colors and they had most of them. Other websites had none of them
By Ginny on 10/19/2023
It’s been a while since I have purchased. This was my go-to site for tights in variety of colours. I do miss the lace fishnet thigh highs you used to sell. Those were a staple in my wardrobe back in the day. I still have all the ones I purchased in the past.
By Jane on 10/19/2023
I wanted matching laces for the costume but they weren’t ready to ship so wouldn’t arrive on time
By MJ on 10/18/2023
I order from We Love Colors every year. I love their tights and wear them every fall and winter season!
By SarahF on 10/18/2023
your website is full of cute stuff. I can't wait to find more stuff to buy!
By Robyn on 10/18/2023
I found it easy to find the mehron color matches and the products I needed to turn me into yhe blue character I’m working on.
By Abbles Dabbles on 10/18/2023
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