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I really liked navigating the site, I just wish there were special deals or sales, I might buy more; especially if buying more meant free shipping.
By Izzy on 3/17/2022
I was shopping for colorful tights. I would love to see more actual plus sized models/customer photos wearing the merchandise.
By Online Shopper on 3/17/2022
I love your products and I always come back to check in on the stock. I just wish they were more affordable and also more color options. I’ve been a long time customer for over 10 years and I’ve seen the costs for tights on here rise and rise. Once upon a time I could get your tights for under $10 and I would buy lots because I knew they would inevitably get runs.. but now I don’t feel comfortable getting much because the cost is just too high to splurge on the way I used to. And I know I will get runs in them eventually anyway so can’t justify buying much anymore. A nice yellow toned lime green would be nice (NOT neon)- that’s my favorite color. And I know I used to be able to get that color over a decade ago but it doesn’t seem to be a color option anymore.
By Victoria Bennett on 3/16/2022
More photos of the colors. More clarity on the differences between products.
By More info on 3/16/2022
I was looking for a particular color of men's tights for a production of Shrek, Jr. I couldn't find them on Amazon. I found the exact kind of tights I needed here.
By Katy on 3/15/2022
Everything was easy. I love the email cart option!
By Mumstheword on 3/14/2022
I loved that there were instructions to make the item I ordered for myself if I had the desire. But there were so many affordable and accessible options, as I don't have the supplies or time for such a craft. Website is well formated and pleasing to the eye. And I love colors too.
By Maddy on 3/14/2022
I need women's plus-sized tights for my daughter for her school uniform in a specific color green for the next four years. Her uniform store does not offer tights in her size. I was able to find them here and will review again once she tries them.
By ELM on 3/14/2022
Always love the site. Products are too quality.
By Shanah the baker on 3/13/2022
Basically the layout is easy. The disappointment is that a lot of what I wanted was sold out.
By Online Shopper on 3/13/2022
Experience is fantastic the selection is beyond imagination …. Not a single bad experience
By Kellie on 3/12/2022
Loved the selection great for cosplaying and matching that perfect color to your outfit, wish they had a better stock of colors and sizes
By GabbaKush on 3/12/2022
It was an easy process, and I found what I needed for this specific costume easily! A good number of color options.
By Amanda S. on 3/11/2022
Love this site-hope the fishnet shirts are good quality & won’t snag or stretch out too much. The selection of colors is unbelievable! So glad I found this website! A first time buyer promo code or free shipping for over $50 purchase would have been awesome but still happy all the same!
By Sinful Ava on 3/11/2022
Good cheap shipping
By Fast on 3/10/2022
It’s been a great help with finding many varieties of tights and thigh highs
By Mono on 3/9/2022
I am excited to see the products and hope the quality is as good as I have heard.
By Naomi on 3/9/2022
Website worked great as usual !
By Tori on 3/8/2022
Wish that the white striped thigh highs weren't so buggy and would clearly reflect what they DID have available. Every option I seemed to select was unavailable, but didn't seem to show what WAS available? So either nothing was available at all? Or?????? And if that's the case why is it on your site??? Confused.....I selected multiple RANDOM options I wasn't even interested in purchasing just for the sake of seeing what you did have available of that item in other colors and it didn't seem to allow me to add any of them to my cart. Other than that, I think that you guys have a great selection on your site. I've been back multiple times to buy tights/socks because I love the color options, they're great for raves and for wearing under dresses, and they're more affordable and come in a variety of colors and styles. I'm not sure if you guys have a feedback tool for other options of what styles/colors to include but I think that you should look into that as well.
I was unable to see colors/sizes that were sold out easily, and the link to similar styles for purchase was confusing and hard to follow.
By Autumn on 3/7/2022
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