Our Small / Big Idea

We Love Colors small / big idea is to be a positive force in our community / world.

In the most basic case, this can mean simply for you the small joy you experience when you open your first order from us, and see the amazing colors you ordered that you cannot get anywhere else. In more extreme cases, you may experience total inspiration to transform your styling creativity with the increased color range and size range you now have access to.

Positive Force + Profit = Spread Happy

Having about 20 years experience, we understand what it takes to be a long term sustainable business. We know we need to earn more than it costs to operate to continue our ability to serve well our diverse group of customers, while providing well for our employees, and supporting our vendors.

Who We Are

We are a caring beautifully imperfect small group of people making colors in the most colorful city in USA, Miami, Florida. It is challenging work to do what we do...having over 50 colors and over 80 styles is something only people who are either a little crazy or really love colors would do, and we are both.

We are different...Just like every-body else.

At We Love Colors we do not strive to "be" a certain way to fit into any one space or group. We love the diversity of customers we inspire, and it inspires us. We very much support being accepting and inclusive without judgments, many of us on our team do not "belong" anywhere, but we make sense and work great together at We Love Colors.

If We Love Colors was a person the three words people would use to describe us would be:

Fun-loving, Expressive, Happy

Our History

In 2002, We Love Colors started as a family business when Richard and Craig, father and son teamed up. Richard was an expert textile dyer that could make any color on fabric by blending together dyes in the right amount to get exactly whatever the target color. His gift was regarded highly by industry professionals and from it we built We Love Colors, now offering over 50 colors on all of our various styles. Craig had the vision / energy to build a company around his father's rare talent.


Richard when teaching his son Splash Colors hand dyeing techniques (2002).