Popular Colors

At We Love Colors we do not believe in color trend forecasts (not to degrade these as many industries use rely on them). It just is not within our expertise to ever try to predict the future of what people's taste for colors may be, we are very happy with just providing the colors. Further, we do have factual information that we think some people would find it fun or useful to share, that is color trends based off historical purchases made by our customers.  

We currently offer 51 solid colored leotard and pantyhose, colorful stockings and brilliant socks for women, men and children. We also carry fishnet hosiery and multicolored tights.

In 2020 the most popular colors so far are Sky Blue, Light Pink, and Neon Pink.

51 solid colored Leotards and pantyhose,colorful stockings and brillant socks, we also have on sale fishnet hosiery and multicolored tights.

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All colors are dyed in Miami, Florida, USA