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I haven't received them yet but i'm sure they are great i've heard all good things.
By kali on 2/29/2020
Variety of colors are there!
By Online Shopper on 2/28/2020
Super nice quality tights, they're not see through at all and are super comfortable to wear! It's a super good brand and they have lots of different options and great sizing! Would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs anything of this sort!
By Maddie on 2/28/2020
I love the quality of the products but it can be hard to color match face paint to the products. Also the example colors on the website to help choose the color of the products are completely off.
By Jace on 2/28/2020
I wish there were more shades of pink. Neon pink is too bright, but light pink is too pale.
By solive on 2/28/2020
The color and quality were just about perfect, the only issue I had was that it wasn't as opaque as I hoped it would be, so I'm ordering a size up to see if it will solve my issue. I plan to utilize the other pair to create arm sleeves should it be convenient.
By Sass on 2/28/2020
Disappointed in only one choice of material and size. Not a wide variety of children's gloves at all.
By Allie on 2/28/2020
The selection of colors is amazing! And they have plus sizes, kids, mens! I love it. As someone who enjoys cosplay and likes to use tights instead of body paint all over this is definitely a website I will be using more often!
By Gabby on 2/28/2020
The stockings have an amazing range of colours, but it is a bitch getting it delivered to NZ, the shipping costs from the USA are outrageous these days. I jumped on Youshop to have it sent to the NZPOST warehouse directly, and they should forward the parcel on st a much cheaper rate.
By N.L on 2/27/2020
Tough to really make a specific assessment as I haven't ordered here before and haven't received the items yet. I am happy that returns are allowed, because it means I can order one item in each of two colors I'm not sure about and choose the color that works best. It would be helpful if you could order samples instead of the entire sample book, because that's really expensive, but I would definitely order individual samples if they were offered.
By Kate on 2/27/2020
I've been pretty happy with the product so far.
By eva on 2/27/2020
THEY HAVE EVERY COLOR!!! i haven't received the product yet, so not sure about it PayPal didn't come up as an option to pay on phone when i initially filled my shopping cart - if it had, i would have made my order right then.
By becky on 2/27/2020
I think it would be a good idea to offer free shipping if purchases are over $50-$75.
By Online Shopper on 2/27/2020
Overall a very positive experience. I was able to find what I need by color and item, I found exactly what I needed for a friend and my cosplay. I absolutely would recommend to other cosplayers, as I have also been referenced by other cosplayers. Billing was fast and simple, which was a plus. The layout of the site confused me for a quick moment, but I figured it out quickly and it ended it being really easy to navigate.
By Online Shopper on 2/26/2020
Loved the site
By Online Shopper on 2/26/2020
Great variety of colors, but be sure to check that you're looking at the plus size section
By mollyw on 2/26/2020
My first order and I can't wait to sport my tights at Okeechobee!
By Britt on 2/26/2020
I've used WLC already. I was meaning to buy some for my next cosplay. I like your products
By Jaimy on 2/26/2020
The pictures suck. I would like to see some in depth pictures that really show off the colors. It's confusing what the difference is between the fabric/textile choices in tights. Nylon/lycra or nulon/spandex...I can't tell the difference in the 1 teeny pic available. I'm a plus size drag queen and tights are important for those of us with big legs. I have big legs and I would just like more info on what I'm purchasing before I go through with it. It feels like a buyer beware kinda thing. Anyways, the tights I have bought in the past, lime green and bkack have been fabulous but I have no idea what kind of fabric/material they're made of.
By Anny on 2/26/2020
Just ordered!
By Fart on 2/25/2020
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