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I just ordered something to help make a cosplay amazing.
By Deanna on 8/24/2019
Ordering was easy. Phone help friendly and helpful. Goods arrived quickly. I always order from them for shows I costume.
By Lis on 8/24/2019
Great selection of colors in high quality products. Every item I purchased was better than expected!
By JS on 8/23/2019
The checkout was super quick and easy and I’m really excited to get my product!
By Ariel on 8/23/2019
I havn't ordered "We love Colors" since the girls were little. I almost forgot. Then as I was seraching for good tights and having a hard time I remembered these wonderful, long lasting tights. So glad I found you again.
By Online Shopper on 8/23/2019
The color matching guide has been a lifesaver. The armsocks tutorial will also come in handy. I’m a small business owner and I intend to use We Love Colors for any project that requires it.
By SHCC on 8/23/2019
I sew my own clothes and to have stockings to match the outfits I make is fun.
By Lori on 8/22/2019
I love the color matching chart for the body paint. I'm working on Mollymauk from Critical Role so the chart helped so much. The gloves I got are perfect and super comfy.
By Lokipalooza on 8/22/2019
I've had some issues with size and fit for the first two purchases. But Ted and Amy have been incredibly kind and extremely helpful when trying to help me find the right kind of tights and the right size. The tights are beautiful when I receive them...and they've been very reliable and trustworthy when it comes to concerns or suggestions about their site, product, or customer care. But overall this has been a very pleasant and easy process and it's made only better by having people that are honest and really care about what kind of product they're putting out for their customers. Great people, great product...can't wait to fill my closet and drawers with whatever they have on offer next!
By Rachel Alford on 8/21/2019
I cannot believe all the colors they offer! The fabric is comfortable and soft looking. I am so lucky to have these options of tights in my size.
By CurlyQ on 8/21/2019
I love tights because I have tattoos that I got in my early twenties that I no longer enjoy having, but I still love to wear skirts year round! I can go to We Love Colors and find any kind of tights or footless tights I need in any color I choose. They have gotten a little expensive over the years, but they are of good quality and I can usually wear them many times before they wear out. Good opaque tights in a variety of colors are hard to come by, and We Love Colors has exactly what I need.
By Firstwingirl on 8/21/2019
The only thing I don't like about the new site is that there's nowhere to CREATE an Account. You can try to log in, but only if you ALREADY have an Account? Doesn't make sense.
By Kasey on 8/21/2019
Great site that offers us size and kids wear. Nice size.
By Jimmy on 8/21/2019
I love the variety of colors! I needed a very specific blue for a cosplay to match a paint color...I think I found it :) I would've liked a better picture of the long gloves.
By Online Shopper on 8/20/2019
Well the selection and options are lovely but the sizing is pretty bad. For the arm socks definitely order a lot larger. I used the size chart and I well fit in the size arrangement however they were still quite tight! Which is upsetting because it seems there's no way to reach out to them about that, so be careful about that.
By Cassie on 8/20/2019
I'm really excited for my products to arrive, though I'm a little nervous about the color. It was hard to find examples of mint green products worn out 'in the wild' so I could see how they might look. Still, I think the color I'm looking for will be fine. If you're looking for cosplay gear, check them out.
By Mars on 8/20/2019
We love colors is easy to navigate and find exactly what I’m looking for, for any cosplay.
By SAMazon on 8/20/2019
I use We Love Colors for cosplay purposes and I love that I can order arm socks and tights that are the same color with guaranteed quality.
By Corrie on 8/20/2019
All good. Easy.
By Online Shopper on 8/20/2019
I always reccomend We Love Colors for Cosplay because they have so many colors and their fabric is simple to work with for armsocks.
By Cosmos Cosplay on 8/20/2019
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