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I have only ever bought gloves, but I love them, and highly recommend this brand to other Critical Role cosplayers!
By lyn on 1/31/2021
I won't buy tight anywhere else since finding We Love Colors ! I wear skirts or dresses all the time and love to match my tights for color flow in my outfits. I can find every color I need here. The shop is perfect!
By Ballet Dragon on 1/30/2021
It was super easy to find what I needed and I loved the variety of colors! I’m excited to get my package in the mail.
By Andi on 1/30/2021
I always go straight to We Love Colors whenever I need a special item in solid colors! Plus I adore their splash colors, always great for parties and going out!
By Zeze G on 1/30/2021
I love your tights and the sizes is fabulous
By Trestella28 on 1/30/2021
Great products, splash colors are amazing.
By Minion on 1/30/2021
It was so fun looking at the many colors offered. I was able to find what I wanted with ease. I’m so excited to get my tights in the mail and wear them for the first time!! I will definitely share my experience with my friends!!
By Nettacutt on 1/29/2021
Dude, the colours are amazing. The tights feel really lovely, and the material is great. They don't run very easily at all, and they're super vibrant. Also, they're super cheap for tights!
By Solfegge on 1/29/2021
Lovely opaque colors, in a size that actually fits bigger girls. I will definitely be telling my friends the mix blue tights that I ordered fit like a glove
By Storm on 1/29/2021
Glad I found yall
By Ash on 1/29/2021
It was easy to find and purchase the exact item I needed. I'll let you know how it looks when I get it.
By Vera Jade on 1/28/2021
Love We love colors
By Online Shopper on 1/28/2021
Haven’t yet found t long gloves that fit, let alone in all these colours.... can’t wait to receive the order
By Tightsluvr on 1/25/2021
Recently bought a blue dress and discovered that I didn't have a pair of tights to match. Had to order it right away.
By Lorraine on 1/24/2021
I appreciate that this company it’s offering so many selections and choices when it comes to buying these products. There aren’t a lot of companies that have this sort of selection so it’s refreshing to have so many.
By Auntie Maim on 1/24/2021
We love colors has a wide category items with every color and shade of the rainbow! This company's catalog is perfect for the avid cosplayer or color aficionado. Though I wish they'd extend catalog to basic clothing like cloth leggings or tees.
By Havana on 1/24/2021
Easy to manoeuvre site, tons of awesome colour to mix it up!
By J tights on 1/23/2021
Awesome Experience
By Karina on 1/23/2021
I would recommend We Love Colors. I love being able to search by color and have that give me the listings for all things available in one color. The website is user friendly and the checkout process is easy to follow.
By Ashe on 1/22/2021
They have so many colors! They even have a page where it matches colors to Mehron paints. They are so comfortable and fit nicely. It's pretty hard to figure out where to track it but it arrives when they say it will. I would definitely recommend these, they work wonderfully for cosplay.
By Meridian on 1/22/2021
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