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So far so good.
By Angie on 2/12/2024
Great checkout, really enjoyed the shipping calculator before order submission
By Dz on 2/12/2024
Your website is easy to understand and navigate.
By CostumeMom on 2/12/2024
I couldn't go back to remove an item after I went through the check-out process. It would be nice to be able to edit the cart up to the point of purchase.
By Lucy on 2/11/2024
Easy to navigate and love the tights
By Rae on 2/11/2024
SO happy to find BROWN tights. Looked on several other sights with no luck Thanks.
By Lynnie on 2/10/2024
Many options for products that can be used for cosplay, inclusive sizing as well.
By Me on 2/8/2024
The web site was very easy to use and I like that you offered a phone number to call right at the point of order. I love your size range and your amazing color selection!
By Connie on 2/7/2024
The website was easy to interact with and an overall good experience. I this is my second time buying the same product but in a different size, the sizing guide didn’t work for me and I’m bummed that I need to pay return shipping when I did follow the guide.
By Mari on 2/7/2024
I love buying from We Love Colors because I know it’ll fit and they have the color I need.
By Lena on 2/7/2024
Best color selection I’ve ever seen. It would help me to get more info about the different fabrics available.
By Liz on 2/5/2024
Quick and easy. I have used We Love Color many times now. Knew what I needed and found it quick.
By Katie on 2/5/2024
I wish some of the pictures of the products were a little more straight forward so I could see the fit and shape better
By dancemom on 2/4/2024
I normally purchase tights to match body paint for cosplay. The color references of tights to mehron paints is super useful in finding what i need to match body paint and the coverage is great. I do wish there were glove and suit options together but that’s a niche thing.
By Em on 2/3/2024
Website is easy to use and I love the selection of colors!
By Jen on 2/2/2024
More pictures please
By ParlorBroad on 2/2/2024
i just loved all the options they have and all the diffrent sizes. it helps me pick the best for what ever charater I wanna do.
By Evee on 2/2/2024
I am buying another set of tights because the colors in the last set were not quite right and your return policy is Byzantine. At this point in time no one should have to print out a return slip. Neither should one have to write down their credit card numbers. This will likely be my last purchase.
By Wix on 2/2/2024
I ordered and paid and now I’m doing the survey in hopes of some credit for next cosplay.
By Danny on 2/2/2024
Good selection -need multiple colour of tights for a dance production. No other source for this -have used before
By dancefocus on 1/31/2024
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