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Love the product selection, wish there was a a full turtle neck unitard
By DEM on 3/31/2023
It was easy to use.
By Online Shopper on 3/30/2023
La la what a nice day
By Online Shopper on 3/30/2023
i just like the quality of the products you have available
By Cedar on 3/29/2023
Adding Apple Pay would make purchasing one step easier
By Sabine on 3/29/2023
I’m very pleased at the idea of seamless gloves, and fabric to make my own top, though the price point almost deterred me.
By Lin on 3/29/2023
great experience
By 41L on 3/28/2023
It was great. Wish you had some crotchless pantyhose for the convivence
By Suzy999 on 3/28/2023
It was super easy to place my order! It was super fast and the shipping time is amazing!
By Marie on 3/28/2023
I love that you have all body shapes and genders. You are my go-to place for tights and leotards. Same for my husband.
By Celestare on 3/28/2023
I love this site. You have ALL the colors I could want in ALL of the sizes. It's truly a rarity to see such an inclusive company.
By taliyamichelle on 3/28/2023
1st time using website so far I guess okay let me get my order 1st
By Midget on 3/27/2023
Love your stuff!!!
By Leo Lover on 3/27/2023
Very easy to oder always have what i need.
By Nene on 3/26/2023
I ended up at your website because I saw a coupon code for 25% off sitewide on giving The Code was GREEN. However, I wasn't able to find the place to put the code during check out. I tried to put the code in gift card slot but it didn't work. I didn't see where else to put the code. Thus, I did not receive 25% off. Shipping was too expensive at over $20 USD to Canada. There should be free shipping if a customer spends over a certain amount. I ordered around $75 USD worth of product from you. But with shipping and currency conversion, it was $150 CAD for 4 pairs of tights and 2 laces.. That comes out to around $30 CAD per pair of tights and $10 CAD for each pair of laces. Your tights are going to have to be really good quality when I receive them to ever make me want to order from We Love Colours again. If I end up paying duty fees on top of the $150 CAD I already paid,, I'm going to be pretty upset.
By Zay on 3/26/2023
Website was glitchy with stripped color options for plus size.
By Online Shopper on 3/25/2023
The website is easy to use. I also am always so pleased with the vast color selection. I am in the process of replacing all my We Love Colors tights in a smaller size, so it might take a while. Regarding price: I also buy all the colors offered by Snag Tights, which are wonderful quality at a much cheaper price. As I am sure you are aware, their tights are $13, plus 15% off if you buy 6 or more pairs, & free shipping on orders of over $100. If there were incentives like that offered by We Love Colors, I would never place a small order again.
By Meshel on 3/24/2023
I loved the extremely wide color range. I wish there were more pictures or open reviews available.
By loverrera13 on 3/24/2023
Overall, the site is fairly easy to navigate. It’s straightforward on mobile and makes it easy to get from one place to another without too many issues. I was sent a link from a friend to an item that might work for my cosplay, and via it I was able to find what I was looking for by using the drop down menu and selecting colors on the page of the item itself. I liked having an example of the color shown in a photo.
By Roo on 3/23/2023
super easy website to navigate and even a reference for cosplayers to match their paints perfectly. love this brand and know every time I'm planning a body paint character ill be making my way back here.
By Sposhi on 3/22/2023
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