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Great experience as always! Love you We Love Colors!❤️
By Online Shopper on 7/23/2021
Don't bother painting your hands for cosplay and getting flakey paint on everything no matter how much sealant you spray on there. And don't worry about making your own arm socks, We Love Colors makes them and they are seamless and that's amazing.
By Nikki on 7/22/2021
I work at a law firm where I have to keep my tattoos covered up; so, I wear tights pretty much year round. I started going through blogs to look for recommendations on tights- I needed a brand that makes good quality, durable, and affordable tights. We Love Colors' website is easy to navigate and I found their size charts to be helpful. I placed my first order today so I don't know how well they fit or how well they will hold up day-to-day.
By KCB on 7/22/2021
My experience was very good and pleasant, because of the layout of the website, it was my first purchase, so I have no input on delivery and quality of the product yet.
By mmm on 7/22/2021
A friend lent me a pair of We Love Color tights for a CMYK themed party. I received endless compliments which was great. Now I just bought a few pairs of my own to live out my Fran Drescher / Fran Fine fantasy.
By Gordi J. on 7/21/2021
I was indecisive for a while about exactly what items would be best for the character I'm using them for-- but I appreciated the breadth of items available to decide between, and also how you go out of your way to provide accessible advice and tutorials to cosplayers.
By Txen on 7/21/2021
It was easy to order, and the price was good compared to similar shirts from less reputable sources.
By db on 7/20/2021
There is no bad experience all good and you have all colors
By Beloved on 7/20/2021
The partnership with Mehron makes it great for cosplayers. I really appreciate that I know for sure the paint and tights will match.
By Lizz on 7/19/2021
I have many friends who like to cosplay and this website has a lot of good products that could help us all out in building our costumes.
By Fries on 7/18/2021
This has been recommended to me by many cosplayers, so it was my first choice when I started looking for tights and the like. I know a lot of people like the products, so hopefully I will too! I’ve been recommending this company ever since it was first recommended to me.
By Kailee on 7/18/2021
Basic products, good quality, an incredible range of colors. I wish they still sold vertical striped thigh highs!
By ColorGirl on 7/18/2021
I needed fishnets to match an oil slick dress I got from Hot Topic. WLC has SO many colours to choose from, it was difficult to narrow it down to just three (the max I feel comfortable wearing at once) because I could find a colour to match literally every single colour on my multicolour dress. I'm really excited for the trio I settled on and I'm especially thrilled because they come in a larger size to accommodate all this jelly.
By Liz on 7/16/2021
It’s fine
By Yohl on 7/16/2021
I love this site and the experience has been very good to me as of recent.
By Ash on 7/16/2021
The first order I placed, I accidentally ordered the wrong color. One email to correct the mistake later, and you were more than accommodating for me. Great customer servive!
By Starlight2235 on 7/16/2021
Lots of color and size options compared to other merchants.
By D on 7/15/2021
The seamless gloves are the best thing that a cosplayer can have! Matching to your tights perfectly is also awesome!
By Elle on 7/12/2021
Great shopping experience! I ran into no trouble. WeLoveColors is a trusted brand.
By acarswell on 7/12/2021
My first time purchasing from We Love Colors I ordered the wrong color, but the company was super accommodating in helping me get my order exchanged! The actual product was great too, perfectly opaque and come in without any flaws. Thanks for the great products and services!
By Tiger on 7/11/2021
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