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I love the quality and the color selections. The splash patterns are awesome.
By Bushinoki on 3/17/2021
Great sizing and fit, great selection, great prices
By Britt on 3/17/2021
colors seem very good! have not yet received product so I can’t speak on wearability, but i’m excited
By kelley on 3/17/2021
I love that you have plus size and the ordering was easy. If you have a good product I will definitely buy form you again.
By Stephanie on 3/16/2021
I have been a satisfied customer of We Love Colors for YEARS! I have always been completely satisfied with the producrs and customer service!
By Gimlet on 3/16/2021
Clean, clear website. Very easy to navigate. I look forward to the product. At this point I would recommend.
By GJ on 3/16/2021
All good. I will refer.
By Online Shopper on 3/16/2021
wish you had more fishnet option like yers ago ( Mitts) footless fishnet tights and wish ordering multiple colors for each one iteam was less time consuming
By Danceteacher on 3/15/2021
I have never ordered anything from here so I am ordering this to see if I will be interested in ordering more.
By Jester on 3/15/2021
Really easy to find product, I know that colors are true to sample due to ordering before/colors shown in good light. Good options for products that change your skin color without investing in full body suit.
By Keeptry on 3/15/2021
I have purchased approximately 20 pair of tights. I love them. They fit perfectly, the colors are beautiful. I have given the website information to several people.
By Fancy Legs on 3/15/2021
I buy from We Love Colors probably once a year, always after trying and failing to find specific colors and striped variations from other sellers... and then I remember We Love Colors exists and wonder why I ever look anywhere else! They have so many options and are so size-inclusive when it comes to tights. More size options for their thigh highs and other socks would make them perfect - why are there no plus size striped OTKs? But I would definitely recommend WLC to just about anyone.
By Em on 3/15/2021
on line purchase can be interesting for a first timer but I got what was needed >
By first timer on 3/14/2021
I just met with some good friends and one was asking where to get tights. I mentioned your site, looked at it to pass on the information, and fell in love all over again. Thanks for keeping the world of colorful tight so easily accessible.
By Love These on 3/14/2021
I love the large selection of colors and the reasonable prices as well as the easy checkout!
By Sourlemons on 3/10/2021
I was looking for microfiber footed tights but they didn't have the colors i wanted in the size i wanted. I ended up ordering footless tights and socks but still didnt get one of the colors i wanted. I hope in the future more color options are available in larger sizes or that there is an option to request a particular color even if it's not immediately available to ship.
By Trevor on 3/9/2021
I could not find how to make an account. the only option was "sign in" with the inability to make an actual account. a few friends looked and they too couldn't see how to make an account. I saw you would receive 10% off by signing up and given how much this order was that would have helped a lot. I am unable to order anything else for a while so if you are able to apply the discount still that would be great.
By Anny on 3/8/2021
I love the colour range and the sizing available. There are heaps of options so I can always find just the right thing I want.
By Los on 3/7/2021
I wear tights almost every day and I’ve shopped for them exclusively at We Love Colors after a friend who swears by these tights recommended them to me.
By Emily R on 3/6/2021
I have purchased approximately 20 pair of the plus nylon tights in the last year. I love the bold beautiful colors,the comfort fit, and they are true to size. I have received so many compliments, and have given my coworkers the website. I will continue to purchase my tights with We Love Colors FOREVER, and you should ALSO!
By Fancy Legs on 3/4/2021
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