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I like the bulk ordering option.
By K30 on 10/14/2023
Love the fact I was reminded I had items in my cart. I had been waiting for boots/shoes to be delivered to make sure they didn’t have to be returned.
By Grandma Baby on 10/14/2023
It was good and had a nice range of products
By CUrchin on 10/14/2023
Text doesn’t scale well to phone (too small) and I make most purchases from my phone
By CC on 10/13/2023
By Online Shopper on 10/13/2023
The shampoo tech at my hairdressers' recommended this website to me, since I always wear purple hair, goofy dresses, Dr. Martens, and tights to work. (I sang and played guitar in bands back in the 1980s, but had to rely on thrift stores for my stage clothes. Very happy with your color selection! (BTW, I'm 67 years old and not retired yet ... but they let me wear what I want.
By Ms.Lefty on 10/11/2023
Always a reliable source for tights in the colors I need… do wish that all offerings had a plus size version
By Sue on 10/10/2023
It was a positive experience. Nothing out of the ordinary.
By Positive Online Experience on 10/10/2023
I have these great sneakers that are actually opaque Any color I wear is a sock becomes part of the sneaker. The second most important thing is that the toe Hass to be the same color as the sock.
By Ronnie on 10/10/2023
I wish the stats were a little more explained but good!
By Megs on 10/8/2023
I love all the different colors and the selection! The quality of their product is also very good, and they last a long time.
By Maddie on 10/8/2023
Very esdybto navigate...the product photos are clever
By Sandy on 10/8/2023
I hope the color is what I expect.
By GLOR on 10/8/2023
The site was clean and simple to use! The check-out was very easy as well! My only qualm was the slight struggle to find examples of people wearing the tights (to make sure if I needed to go up in size to maintain opacity, etc).
By Veva on 10/7/2023
Easy to navigate website with lots of merchandise to choose from.
By Kjb7812 on 10/7/2023
I found exactly what I was looking for, everything was quick and easy and decently priced.
By Kreepy Kay on 10/7/2023
Please let customers post and provide pictures of your tights on the website so we may see what they realistically look like!
By Kiki <3 on 10/7/2023
Love this company - I’ve been buying tights from here for a couple of years now & have never had a pair rip or get a run. Shipping is always quick.
By M on 10/7/2023
Very fun and durable nylons
By Toots24 on 10/6/2023
Huge selection and variety of colors, and I appreciate plus sizes. I’m just not sure I got the right size, as there seemed to be generous overlap of weight and height ranges among the sizes.
By Deb on 10/6/2023
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