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By Katy on 12/18/2021
very good
By orna on 12/18/2021
By M on 12/17/2021
Expensive for tights.
By ErickA on 12/17/2021
I used to buy all my tights at Kohl's, I now only buy through this website. The product is higher quality and the colors are fantastic.
By Tights Addict on 12/17/2021
great products, great colors!
By Dave on 12/16/2021
I struggled to find info on glove sizing, but the glove quality is stellar so I’m just going with it.
By DoD cosplay on 12/16/2021
Website very user friendly. I don't have any input to make my experience better. One thing that did stand out that is worth mentioning - I had forgotten my password. Immediately I was sent my password and DID NOT have to change it - I really like this feature.
By Daphne on 12/16/2021
I love shopping on We Love Colors cuz their name really doesn't lie, there is such a wide variety of colors,I always know I can find the right color I'm looking for here.
By Dree Bear on 12/15/2021
So many colors to choose from! Will definitely be ordering more!
By Sav on 12/15/2021
I would really love more product photos and color reference when trying to choose a product.
By Ali on 12/14/2021
I am sooo happy that I could find Hunter Green tights ! I was having trouble finding them and I googled them and We Love Colors popped up and they had them! Can't wait to get them!
By KT on 12/13/2021
The website looks great, I like the checkout process and the product descriptions.
By Emma on 12/13/2021
It was swift and easy
By Gnv on 12/13/2021
Hopefully this is a legitimate site, we’ll see
By Tina on 12/12/2021
I was a little skeptical at first since A LOT of websites say "plus size" and it really turns out not being plus size at all. Once I got my first pair I was so excited because even though they didn't cost much at all, they fit perfectly 😊
By Mimikyu on 12/9/2021
Love the new website
By Samantha Loves Tights on 12/8/2021
Terrible time finding the product I wanted. Ended up just doing Google searches until I came to a page I wanted, which then pointed me to the product I wanted.
By Jenn on 12/8/2021
As a plus size woman I love the choices this vendor offers.
By Jaye on 12/8/2021
I have super thick thighs and I love that your tights are super loose on my waist, but it’s sad that you don’t have hardly any colors in for plus sizes ladies.
By Janine on 12/8/2021
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