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Some garment information could not be found; ie. that 1x-4x of #1053 does have a panel. I want the panel, but had to order one to be sure. Now I know and have ordered more.
By Corey Bay on 7/7/2023
I love all the bright colors i want to see if it fits so I can order more!
By Jess on 7/7/2023
Love the website and ease of purchase, especially being able to change the color from the shopping cart! I wish there was a side by side comparison of each product, specifically tights to see the differences versus reading about them. The product photos make it difficult to tell opacity. Would also love to have an option in the comment section where customers can post their own photos for buyers to view. Also would like to see more lengths of gloves, specifically elbow length!
By Raver on 7/2/2023
I’ve ordered from this site before and loved my purchase. I could order the same thing on Amazon for a quarter of the price. But the quality would be a quarter of what We Love Colors is. I will always buy from them.
By JessicaDawn9 on 7/1/2023
I loved my experience with this site!! I’ll definitely be coming back!
By Nick on 6/29/2023
Satisfied customer
By Joy on 6/29/2023
Had to get footless tights because the ones I wanted were sold out in my color, which was disappointing. Everything else was good.
By Online Shopper on 6/28/2023
Everything was great- what are youreturn policy
By Online Shopper on 6/28/2023
some of the items in the men's section are two small. I love all the different colors
By tim on 6/28/2023
I have been buying from this company for at least 10 years! Always happy with my purchase!
By Vivian on 6/28/2023
love this place and it makes it easy to gather a range of color products that I can need for my cosplays.
By AquaMarie on 6/27/2023
I love being able to find an array of garments in all the colours of the rainbow for our local stage productions. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
By Knickerbockerglory on 6/25/2023
If the order I receive is satisfactory, I will definitely purchase again. Your sight is somewhat overwhelming with the different options. I want basic footless tights that fit well. Love your color and tie dye options. I hope I am happy with my purchase. I did not receive a first time coupon offer.
By Online Shopper on 6/22/2023
Was pretty good. Wanted to order one set of items for now to see how it fits, and potentially buy more. I do wish for some of the full body suits, their were height measurements.
By Nicks Nerd Network on 6/19/2023
I have never purchased from here but my friend and I are planning our Critical Role cosplays and are very excited to not have to paint our whole body as well as having body paint that matches our pieces!
By Karpcat on 6/18/2023
it was great
By Lil_Dice on 6/17/2023
Everything about your product is great but for orders over 200.00 dollars you should have free shipping 🤔
By sissy marylee on 6/16/2023
First time on this site love what I have seen
By Tony on 6/16/2023
I’d ordered from here years ago. I was satisfied then. So I came back when I needed plus size fishnets.
By Kasey on 6/15/2023
It was easy to find what I was looking for! I really appreciated the ability to change the color of one of the items while in checkout without having to remove it from my cart.
By Van on 6/15/2023
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