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I love the fact there are so many different colors and so many different sizes. Usually when I buy tights in my size 3XL I usually only have maybe 5 color choices if I'm lucky. Having 50 colors to pick from is amazing!
By Becca on 8/20/2019
Perfect for any kind of cosplay in replacement of body paint.
By Em on 8/19/2019
I was told about we love Colors by a good friend of mine. She told me to try out their dance tights because they have big sizes for big girls. Looking on the website I saw that they had many different types of tights and many different colors I seriously cannot wait to try them when I get them!
By Rach on 8/19/2019
I love that the website offers everything in a million different colors. The items can be a bit pricey. I bought this specific color leotard for my daughter’s theatre production for $30. You simply find the item you want and then it’s offered in tons of colors and some patterns too.
By Gigi on 8/19/2019
Great website
By Online Shopper on 8/19/2019
The site is very easy to navigate and products are explained well so you know what you’re ordering. There’s a large variety of colors which I’d also fantastic!! Definitely will be ordering from them again!
By Liz on 8/19/2019
I love We Love Colors because while they do have specific plus size items, most of their products are sized to fit someone up to 250. It’s so annoying when companies seem to exclude people who weigh over 200, and it’s nice to have the pick of most products. They are high quality, are comfortable, and are best of all not exorbitantly priced. The colors are gorgeous and the tights are opaque, and are actually comfortable. I absolutely recommend this brand and commend them for being inclusive. I would love to see ALL their products made for people over 250, including their dance gear. I would also really love to see a line dedicated to creating tights that are designed to look like you are not wearing them. A line of natural opaque skin colors, and even shiny skin toned tights or leggings would be amazing. Perhaps an item that goes over the big toe to allow the natural toes to be visible, or something that has separate slots for each toe?
By FireinmySpine on 8/19/2019
The tights are beautiful and delivery was very quick.
By Bridget on 8/19/2019
It's a great place to order tights for all sizes. The color selection tool made it easy to discern which shade I wanted as some are a bit more acid than others. It is unfortunate that they have a "fat" tax, meaning that if you are a little heavier you get charged extra.
By QC on 8/19/2019
I've purchased from this site before and the product is very good. The prices have gone up considerably. However, the only real issue I have is the sizing chart. I could fit into 2 different sizes of tights, and there is no reference on waist sizes. I had to take a guess on which would be the better fit.
By Randy on 8/18/2019
My teenage daughter needed black and turquoise striped stockings to complete her cosplay outfit. I didn't think I'd be able to find anything and was so happy when I discovered your website. I'd recommend this store to anyone who is looking for unusual colors of stockings or pantyhose.
By zombie_mummy on 8/18/2019
Astonished at the variety of colors and sizes in your tights!
By Kayla on 8/18/2019
Love the product, just hoped there were more sales or coupons for checkout
By Lillimoe on 8/18/2019
There are an amazing selection of colors and styles. It made it super easy to pick what I needed and already see other options for other projects I have coming up. Not to mention, these are very affordable. Just, super quick and easy experience.
By IvoryOwl on 8/18/2019
I was looking for a leotard for a project and my friend recommended the site; I was shocked to find they had so many colors and easily found what I needed for my project.
By Online Shopper on 8/17/2019
We Love Colors makes cosplaying non-human skin tone characters so easy! Rather than working with body paint, which can be messy and tricky to apply evenly on large areas, I can just put on gloves and tights and I am set!
By Sarah on 8/17/2019
I purchased tights and long gloves of the same color to make sure they matched. I really think they took my cosplay to the next level, and while I was super warm wearing the gloves, it was very worth it!
By Gretchen on 8/17/2019
I love the We Love Colors products. The quality is great and I love how soft the tights are.
By Lizzie on 8/16/2019
I adore their products.
By LAR on 8/16/2019
There aren't very many places online that you can purchase such a wide variety of performance wear. Most are individual creators who dont have the resources to offer lower prices like We Love Color does. As someone who is regularly in need of basewear for costume creation, this website is definitely a useful resource. It makes getting everything I need in one place so simple!
By Kail on 8/16/2019
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