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I have never had an issue with we love colors, and it's my go to when I need something thats going to last a while and has to be in a specific color.
By Maebe on 1/30/2024
I was pleased to find plus sized options in a wide range of colors and styles! Will definitely be back for more!
By prittypixy on 1/26/2024
Easiest online experience I've had in a long time. No friction, no fuss. Love that I can finally buy footless tights in my size in different colors besides black!
By Gigi on 1/25/2024
Very seamless. Easy interface. Overall a very positive experience.
By Spdx10113 on 1/22/2024
So easy to shop by color and an extensive selection for plus size is fantastic!
By Jessi on 1/22/2024
I love that I can see the whole color chart for one type of tights. Not having to navigate to another page to see the entire color collection is really nice!
By Flufficorn on 1/21/2024
Everything was great and easy. I love your selection of products and although it's lessened over the years, you have a lot of hard to find items. Quality is good.
By AlieOk on 1/20/2024
Easy and fast
By Memaw on 1/19/2024
Cool, simple to the point sight. I wish I could find more fuschia or magenta colored socks in variety.
By JennJenn on 1/19/2024
I have been a We Love Colors customer for many years, purchasing through the website has always been an easy and nice experience!
By Puppy on 1/17/2024
Pretty neutral. I wish there were better pictures of the weave/texture of the fabric
By Kate on 1/17/2024
Easy to navigate and the browse by color option was very helpful
By Trepzilla on 1/17/2024
Size 11-14 will be discontinued
By Online Shopper on 1/17/2024
I was viewing the site on my cellphone. Navigation was quick smooth. I appreciate the elegant simplicity of the site, vibrant photos which give me a reasonable sense of the colors, and ease of check out.
By ColorCat on 1/17/2024
I would have liked to see lighter shades in some of the colors. Almost like Pastels. Also, when I added a new address, then selected "billing address is same a shipping address," the billing address still showed the old address at the Review step.
By Alfie on 1/16/2024
Great. Haven’t received my items yet. But very easy and clear. Sizing is a little wild.
By Loritab on 1/15/2024
Happy we love colors can help me and my very large group of ladies with the items we need all year long.
By Don.J on 1/14/2024
It was easy enough to use, I only needed fishnets (in 2 colors) and I'm going to look and see what else the site offers.
By Violet on 1/14/2024
Website is extremely easy to navigate.
By Majorette on 1/14/2024
The website was very easy to use
By Merri on 1/14/2024
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