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After searching the web for several hours a friend sent me the link and said I would have better luck here. I found what I needed and was very happy with how easy it was to find the items.
By Max on 10/15/2019
I was looking for colored gloves for some time and had nearly given up hope when I stumbled upon this site. There are so many colors and styles that you can choose from. It’s an incredibly easy interface to interact with and I was able to get my shopping done quickly.
By Mischa on 10/15/2019
Easy to use site with lots of color options - came highly recommended - excited to see the quality of the product and look forward to hopefully more purchases in the future
By Princess on 10/15/2019
I needed tights in a hurry and a friend recommended this site. I needed tights for my size because I'm plus and I have big thighs. It was so easy and affordable!
By Myth on 10/15/2019
Needed simple white knee high socks for a cosplay and had a great experience ordering the elbow length gloves last year so I chose We Love Colors for this purchase based off past positive experiences with the products and company as well as the very reasonable prices and fast shipping times.
By FlargleSnarfMuffin on 10/15/2019
I cannot recommend this brand enough! As an avid cosplayer they are amazing at providing us with an array of products that helps significantly with our projects!
By Appycatt on 10/15/2019
I bought this for a costume and I am so excited! I really think it is going to finish off the look!
By Elle on 10/15/2019
I was in need of a good pair of tights, and because I’ve used We Love Colors before and new the product was of good quality and for me well, I went there first. It took me less than 3 minutes to find what I needed and check out.
By MissT on 10/14/2019
I've used your products in the past and they're really good for cosplay
By Jam on 10/14/2019
I emailed We Love Colors with concerns about color dying and sizing, and they responded promptly. I'm still nervous on how to dye what I ordered to be the exact shade of color I need, and the email back wasn't as helpful as I hoped. But I'm excited to try it out!
By Hyperspaceprops on 10/14/2019
It was a little difficult to navigate the site at first, but once I got the hang of it it wasn't that hard. Checkout was super easy though.
By KamoCosplay on 10/14/2019
It was easy to find what I was looking for and the prices for everything was pretty reasonable, including the shipping. I got all the things I needed ordered quickly.
By Casey on 10/14/2019
I saw a post on Instagram about a purchase someone made from I’m always looking for tights in my size because I’m hard to fit and the colors I like aren’t usually available, so I followed the link. I was happy to find the wide variety of colors, sizes and styles available so I put it on my list of things to purchase next.
By Tina on 10/14/2019
I love this site to get all my tight needs. They have every color possible.
By Debby on 10/14/2019
LOVE the choice of colors and sizes. It's a really easy site to use. I love being able to see the tights on a body/form. The only thing I didn't like is that it is hard to tell what exact color I will receive as the square color sample box is a slightly different color than the color the tights appear on the picture of the person/form wearing the tights.
By katz on 10/14/2019
Tt is very easy to find the item based on the color you are searching for.
By Haley ;) on 10/14/2019
These are legit. I've heard nothing but good things from other cosplayers my dude.
By Chrissy on 10/14/2019
I have some tights already and decided to expand my color collection for the fall/winter. I always let people know where I get my tights when they compliment my colorful legs.
By Ezra Jo on 10/14/2019
I love the color variety and accessibility of the website on a mobile device! I found this website through an Instagram ad and love it so much.
By Peter on 10/14/2019
Love the products
By Alex on 10/14/2019
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