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Great experience. Will probably be buying many more once I figure out which color matches. Like all the different skin colors.
By JC on 1/22/2021
Can't recommend the product yet, 1st order
By comfortable waist Please! on 1/21/2021
I've purchased from you years ago, and surprise... here you are when I need you again! The joy of color and the range of color and products are delightful. Thank you!
By Online Shopper on 1/21/2021
The website was easy to navigate and found exactly the color and size I needed! I would recommend this to others!
By Summerbreezes47 on 1/20/2021
Love your products and can't wait to receive my latest order
By mjkphila on 1/20/2021
I was tired of painting my skin every time I wanted to get into a specific cosplay, so my friend recommended this website. Within minutes, I found a color that matched the character and I found a ton of different products that could be used for what I needed. They have leggings, gloves, bodysuits, and more, for any color you could need.
By biscottihotti on 1/20/2021
great product. have purchased from this place in the past and was very pleased with their product. size is great, color is vibrant, and feel is soft.
By zentai98 on 1/19/2021
Good Stuff
By GMan on 1/19/2021
Waist band on the M/L size is the same as the smaller size.
By dorene on 1/19/2021
Great color choices in tights that aren't found elsewhere. Quick shipping.
By Kathyg on 1/18/2021
Wanted yellow fishnets for my wedding. The wedding has been postponed and changed several times during the planning process because of the pandemic. I've also had trouble finding a true yellow that wasn't gold or neon, just a plain ol' yellow. Plus I'm only 4'11" so finding any adult clothing that fits right is hard enough, let alone finding something so specific. But my search today yielded this find and I was very excited! We'll see how the tights fit when they arrive, but if the fit is right then I'm sure I'll purchase again the next time I need stockings.
By edeneige on 1/18/2021
Fabulous new to me site with footless microfiber tights. Great color range. Some patterns available; hoping for more soon. Great find for a plus size gal!
By Fluegirl on 1/17/2021
It was easy to view the colors and pick the style I liked. As a plus size person I appreciate that I can buy my style in my size.
By Erica on 1/17/2021
I kept hearing about this company through the cosplay community. I looked on the web site and at first wasn't sure if it was the same one, it seemed a little bland. But I am excited to try my first purchase! I am also fond of the post about the Lore Olympus characters and what shades of their arm socks would suit best. I am planning on cosplaying some of the characters and that is very helpful!
By Katie on 1/17/2021
I can't believe how many colors they have in solids and stripes.
By kick on 1/17/2021
The products and variety of colors basically can fit any need - I've loved what I ordered last time so I'll definitely be using them going forward. Also the price is very reasonable on some of the common products.
By kaybee on 1/17/2021
These tights were recommended to me by another cosplayer, so I feel confident about them working well. I also appreciated that We Love Colors gives a tutorial for making gloves out of their tights! I do wish they had more full-arm options for their seamless gloves, however.
By Miri on 1/17/2021
I found the best site for cute plus size tights and fishnets! they have so many colors, but I wish they had more sizess.
By Glasses on 1/17/2021
This was a very easy purchase! I have heard many good things about We Love Colors and I am excited to get my purchases soon!
By Brownie on 1/17/2021
I liked the colors and hope they fit and are of good quality.
By Gladys on 1/17/2021
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