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I have been so excited to order more products. The tights I used as arm socks work so well and they're so comfortable. I want a collection of all the tights in all the colors.
By BananaCakeCosplay on 2/25/2020
Very pleased with all options offered, and the ability to have matching shades on multiple items. The only downside was the lack of plus size items, but I am highly likely to recommend this website
By Max on 2/25/2020
A wide variety of colors and sizes. I'm fairly certain what I ordered will fit.
By TeriW on 2/25/2020
already run in stockings
By Online Shopper on 2/25/2020
I have purchased tights before from your website. It was easy then, but easier now. Everything is explained easily: size, colours and various styles. Great variety. No complaints before, and I expect no issues with this order either. Thank you.
By Canada289 on 2/25/2020
Needed specific colors to match a musical I’m costuming - crazy variety and they come in men’s sizes - hopefully everything looks great!
By Online Shopper on 2/24/2020
About a month ago I submitted an inquiry asking if I would be able to order a certain color/item relatively soon as I needed it for a specific event. I received a prompt response letting me know when the item would be restocked. To my surprise, it's available even sooner than planned and with shipping options to ensure I get the product in time for my event. Very satisfied so far with my experience.
By Ally on 2/24/2020
This was a wonderful company. I love that it caters to all sizes.
By Gchan on 2/24/2020
You want a good place to look for cosplay tights? Honestly, great alternative to complete body paint. Plus, you can use it to cosplay as that character more than once.
By SEGASister on 2/24/2020
Love the selection to choose from and all the colors
By Love it on 2/24/2020
Love the sight tons of colors/products. Everything looks a little suspect because of the white background and even lighting but I’ve seen the product in person so i know it’s legit. Hoping gloves fit my fire arms. I’m a guy and there are specific male/female tights but jot gloves. We’ll that you can buy fabric. Keeping that in mind
By Azh on 2/24/2020
The website is easy to use, but it would be helpful if the little squares of colour were a little larger. Also, as many wonderful colors that you have, there were not many or no variations for wine, merlot, eggplant colours. However, I do love your products, the multitude of colours which cannot be found in stores any more. I've been back three times now and an online shopper since 95. Keep doing what you're doing. It's great!
By T'lia on 2/24/2020
I loved the plus size options in ALL the colors of the rainbow. Also the options for sturdier tights for more active needs.
By Online Shopper on 2/23/2020
I was able to get something that will cover my body so I can cosplay a being with non-human skin tone. I was able to find seamless stuff that goes up to my neck so I can hide it with a choker, and gloves that I can remove when needing to use the restroom or take a break to eat. Unfortunately, the restroom will still be difficult because I had to purchase a bodysuit & there were no sleek turtleneck shirt or bralette options.
By Jo on 2/23/2020
Fast and easy!
By CS on 2/23/2020
I have sent my invoice to the rest of the officers of the Krewe of Carrolton so they can order. The service was great and timely.
By andecab on 2/23/2020
I love that we love colors have matte gloves now! It is so great to have that option for cosplay purposes!
By Midori on 2/23/2020
They have so many colors and styles to choose from! I only needed something pretty simple but maybe I will need some of their more exciting stuff in the future
By Becki on 2/23/2020
I'm really happy with how thigh highs are and they arrived much earlier than I thought they would and were packaged with care. I plan to shop here for all my thigh high needs from now on!
By Online Shopper on 2/23/2020
I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who needs a variety of tights, gloves, leotards, etc. I love the variety of colors and the fact that plus is an option. Growing up I was on the heavier side and always felt sad when I couldn't find a proper size for things like this. Especially since I was and still am a performer and needed many of these things.
By Carter on 2/23/2020
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