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I use this website every time I'm looking for a skin color for a costume. They have everything AND they have it in plus sizes. I bought grey tights last year for a Raven costume and they were smooth, easy to put on, fit super comfortably, and didn't snag the three times I wore the costume that season. They are the first people I think of and the name "we love colors" is easy to remember. I also love that they show how tights will look on plus size people. It makes me a lot more confident in my decisions and I can breeze through the site in minutes.
By Costume Cutie on 9/6/2020
I just wanted tights in my size
By Nikki on 9/6/2020
I needed some tights for my Alice Madness returns cosplay and as a curvy girl tights are hard to find, looking forward to how these fit
By Sara on 9/6/2020
Oh the colors! I love color and was pleasantly pleased with the wide variety offered across the product line. I came looking for colored tights and found socks and these lovely patterned leotards. I can’t wait to pair with my denim jackets, sweaters & solid blazers. This buy was hit!
By WMarie on 9/5/2020
I would recommend this because you have colors that are very hard to find. Just wish that you can make your site a app so it would be easier to use
By Poohrabbit on 9/5/2020
I haven’t gotten the product yet, but the purchase was easy. I like the “learn” section as I intend to use this for a costume
By JMac on 9/4/2020
I was thrilled that We Love Colors has exactly the right color I need for She-Hulk, especially since I'm growing tired of the body paint. I wish that what I bought on clearance had a photo; I'm going by description alone. I'm very excited about the gloves, since it's so hard to keep body paint on my hands. I just wish that We Love Colors listed the length of the glove past the wrist. I couldn't decide between the S/M and the L/XL because I'm on the borderline, but I really want the tights to be tight. I hope there's a good return or exchange policy, just in case.
By AnimeMom on 9/4/2020
Great selection of colors, can’t be beat
By Greg on 9/4/2020
Excellent product. Quite durable. Would definitely recommend.
By Kaz on 9/4/2020
This is exactly what I was looking for.
By wed on 9/3/2020
I am obsessed with footless tights/leggings. It's hard to find them, especially for plus sizes. These tights are awesome, durable, and available in more colors than I could dream of. So grateful to have found this resource. I will be a client forever.
By Rhoni on 9/3/2020
I recommended a stranger at a bus stop who complimented my tights about the WE LOVE COLORS website. She wanted to know where did I get my tights and how can she find tights in the color that I had on. I told her it was from WE LOVE COLORS. My experience with we love colors are good. But, sometimes my tights are too small for me and some tights fit. I highly recommend making tights that are good for the tummy tuck and have better elastic. I recommend designing different color sheer pantyhose for bosses and employees at an office job.
By Mone on 9/2/2020
There were so many options! As a girl with bigger legs, I always struggle to find things that fit properly, and knowing that I can literally shop all of them and just select a plus size option makes a world of a difference (and for only $3 extra). The process is super simply and quick and the shipping options are great.
By Makaela on 9/2/2020
I would recommend, because I love the groupings by color and huge selection of shades. I am purchasing as a recommendation of an online cosplayer for a sally (nightmare before Christmas) costume.
By Liz on 9/2/2020
I’m really happy that they sell men’s tights and that you can fit at 6 feet tall and 500 pounds. I wish there were more bridal options like with lace up the back. But hopefully this will work!
By Vero on 8/30/2020
quality products that wear very, very well. Wonderful customer service. Awesome company.
By Gertrude Humperstein on 8/30/2020
Site has great color selection, but needs thigh high plus sizes
By Donatella on 8/30/2020
It was very easy to make and order! When i received my first item it was super comfortable!!
By cou98 on 8/30/2020
I had absolutely no issue finding or ordering the items I needed! I'm planning a Persephone cosplay in the near future and was ecstatic to find an online retailer who had everything I needed all in one place and for SUCH a reasonable price! I couldn't be happier for my purchase and will be counting the days until I receive my package!
By Kai on 8/30/2020
I think this experience is just about as good as they come. However, it would be really really great if there were some sizing measurements. I’m not sure what size I needed so I’m just hoping they fit properly. If there is sizing information, it was unclear where it was.
By ObedientPhantom on 8/30/2020
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