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This is a little premature, as I haven't gotten the tights yet, so don't know how the fit will work for me. I'm short, but wear a 16 in pants - so chose large as my size - will have more information when I've tried them on. I do appreciate being able to return them if they don't fit and will be very careful when trying them on - understand completely about the pet hair issue!
By Tjweiss on 7/11/2021
The tights are great they feel good look good
By Lunger on 7/10/2021
I appreciate the extensive color options for the product I was looking for.
By Ksir on 7/9/2021
I'm working on several costumes right now, and some of those need pieces I can't really get in person. So I've ordered arm socks from We Love Colors so I don't have to paint my entire body. They are my usual go-to source of this sort of thing, and most of my purchases of late have been directly related to costume builds.
By Ducky on 7/9/2021
We love color always have the right size and right products..
By Always got it on 7/4/2021
So I started wearing tights a few years ago as it started out as a Halloween costume I enjoyed the way they felt but not really comfortable till I discovered we love colors the absolute comfy tights best colors I ever worn as a guy I will continue wearing we love colors tights
By Lunger on 7/2/2021
I was delighted with the white knee high stockings. The sport socks I ordered in navy were a little brighter than I had hoped; I was hoping the navy blue was going to be darker so I could wear them with my business casual/dressier slacks but I can wear them with jeans
By Online Shopper on 6/28/2021
I would highly recommend We Love Colors for their overall amazing selection of colors and awesome customer service. Their tights are of amazing quality that's hard to find in any typical drug store or grocery store. It especially amazes me how they make sure to be extremely inclusive to all body types, which include larger women, children, and obviously men (I'm a male). The only thing I think they could improve on is having a bigger variety of denier counts and color patterns. Other than that, they've been a big help for what I look for.
By M. Musician on 6/27/2021
Everything has been nothing short of excellent service
By None on 6/27/2021
I think that everything was relatively easy to find- I just hope that in the future I can really find the difference between the armsocks sizing because I didn't see a size chart for it at all. I hope the ones that I got fit me but overall I think the general website is perfect for the project that I'm working on!
By AJ on 6/27/2021
Well, when I ordered the tights I explained that I had to have them by a specific date and that I was willing to pay for expedited shipping up to $25 but never heard back. I emailed and called and my office manager called, too. I assumed we would not be getting the tights. They ended up being shipped the standard way and showed up showed up one day late. They were not here for our first performance. You have always been so good about communicating with me so I was really surprised about the way this was handled.
By Diana Evans Pulliam on 6/27/2021
I love the microfiber tights. Ive never had any issues with them and I have had several pair for a couple years now and they still are good. And the delivery has always been prompt.
By Online Shopper on 6/27/2021
I needed arm socks for a cosplay and I've heard good things about We Love Colors so I'm giving it a shot!
By RB on 6/27/2021
Easy shopping experience. Items available in plus sizes!
By Mel412 on 6/27/2021
Every year I order from We love colors because whatever colors I need they have it. If you are looking for an item in a certain color order it from we love colors. The items are just like you see them and it doesn't take long to receive your items.
By Lil Red on 6/26/2021
I bought one pair off of Amazon from their store and they weren't the right color but I liked them so I'm saving them for future projects so I got a second pair in a color that seems more correct. But one con is the price they seem a bit expensive to me but that's all con wise so far.
By Hela on 6/26/2021
The website could be prettier. The sticky bar at the top gives me claustrophobia. I hate those things in general, but the one on this website is extra thicc with a lot of dead/wasted space that could be used to display more products. On the note of wasted space, the product cards also have a lot more white space than I think is necessary, and they partially cover the product pictures (ahh, claustrophobia again!!! Let the pictures speak for themselves!!!) Combined with how white and overexposed some of the pictures are, it's sometimes hard to know what I'm looking at without squinting or opening the product page. I see what you're going for with the abundance of white, which does make the colors of the product really pop, but there's room for improvement in the execution. I think lower exposure and higher contrast in some of the images with white backgrounds would go a long way. Also some of the sorting is off. Like the thigh high fishnets only show up in fishnets and not thigh highs, none of the thigh highs are under socks. I almost decided to look somewhere else cause at first glance- where else would they be if not under socks? Products that fit in multiple categories like that should be in all applicable categories. I do really really like that all of the color options are under one product (you'd be surprised how often websites will split each and every color into its own product) Also also paypal/shopify integration in the checkout process would be nice, especially as a first time shopper without prior relationship to this company. That paypal pop-up is super convenient, not to mention reassuring that my information is secure.
By bree on 6/25/2021
Choosing a color to match Mehron body paint was simple with the online guide-- it was nice to see other cosplayers being featured on the site as part of the community!
By R on 6/25/2021
I need striped tights for a Winifred Sanderson cosplay. I’ve been so pleased with my purchases from We Love Color before, so I knew I could get what I needed on their site!
By Ashley on 6/24/2021
Im so happy i found this site #don'tforgetthebiggirl What i don't like is after a high total shipping should be free. Thank you for thinking about us big girls.
By Ms.chocolate on 6/24/2021
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