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Easy experience. I found what I needed. Your prices are fair and the product holds up. It also arrives pretty quickly.
By Dena on 11/26/2022
Quick and fairly easy…finding the correct colors due to the order of colors was a little harder that I would have expected.
By Mike Rotch on 11/25/2022
It was quick and easy
By J on 11/24/2022
I was surprised at how many shades were available. Very pleased.
By Nanette on 11/24/2022
I had an excellent experience with the website today.
By Neccie on 11/24/2022
I had an excellent experience with the purchase of some magenta panty hose and I found my correct size.
By Neccie on 11/24/2022
The site is user friendly.
By Online Shopper on 11/24/2022
I love this website because it’s exactly what I was looking for, all the colors are beautiful so rich, such colorful palette. I was searching for something like this for months, on Etsy and other websites, finally found it.
By Ana on 11/23/2022
I miss that your fishnet line doesn’t go up to 5x, my size. Other than that you hav a great site, of which I’ve turned a few people on to.
By Dee Dee on 11/23/2022
So happy I found the color I needed
By Tete on 11/22/2022
I love WeLoveColors! Always my go to site for anything hosiery related!
By Em on 11/21/2022
I was so impressed by how many colors they still had! And was happy to return after almost a decade of not having bought from this brand.
By Say C. on 11/21/2022
Nothing wrong - only good things to say. Will recommend to everyone who needs tights. High quality product at a great price.
By Jennie on 11/20/2022
Everything was good. Sometimes switching between sections of clothing was difficult on a mobile device.
By Ellie on 11/20/2022
Easy to navigate, liked you could see the color, the style on the product and availability,
By Lar on 11/19/2022
I dislike that the plus sized garments cost more and that you charge for shipping
By Vann on 11/18/2022
I have used the site several times in the past and have kept the color chart in my files. I always come here for selection of color and size. I am hoping the 1-4 X won't be so large it will gather at my ankles. I also do not like to have to pay shipping when spending $80 for tights!
By Pocomo on 11/18/2022
Couldn’t find size guide
By X on 11/17/2022
Just what I was looking for. Quick checkout.
By Denise on 11/17/2022
The mobile website is a little confusing to navigate simply because of the shear amount of product. I love the variety, I just feel the mobile website could be organized better
By Shooble on 11/17/2022
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