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I haven’t gotten my packages yet but I was recommended to the site by other cosplayers! I’m hoping to save time and my poor costumes from body paint stains
By Kenz on 3/3/2020
I am really happy with the layout of their website. It keeps things simple and allows you to easily locate the specific colors you need. I have heard from so many people their quality is great.
By KenDisKnee on 3/3/2020
I’ve heard great things from this company and I’m excited to get my first product. I’m hoping it’s everything I could want. It’ll be nice to be able to buy another pre-made product like arm socks at a reasonable price again.
By Cameron on 3/3/2020
Great quality
By LordPaleTuna on 3/3/2020
I would recommend due to ease of color-matching with Mehron and the helpful tutorials and guides.
By Gelly on 3/3/2020
By N/A on 3/3/2020
It was super easy to find what I needed and to place my order. All the charges were explicitly stated to me before I placed it in case of something going wrong or not looking right.
By Hypno.Veil on 3/3/2020
They have so many color and shape options! Perfect for cosplay. I will definitely use them in the future!
By Z.Z. on 3/3/2020
The only issue is when I'm clicking back and forth on the website to look at an item in different colors, it seems to have an issue and freeze up and not show the product unless I refresh the page. Also, I think you should link your Instagram styles to the different items (fashion nova does this). I love to see how others have styled and get inspo... I love this concept tho- I love colors! I want to see more ways to wear them. I got some light blue tights in person and I chickened out wearing them because I lost my inspo.
By Bridgetyourbud on 3/3/2020
This was first time purchased tights on line an from We Love Colors. The footless tights are great, they stay in place plus look good. Plan to purchase more tights in the future.
By Andy G on 3/3/2020
The items seemed of excellent quality. The reason for the return is that My costume changed and they are the wrong colors now,
By CS on 3/3/2020
For years I was depressed because of the death of my son. Today, I am filling my life with vibrate colors of all shades. Colors make me feel happy. I will definitely recommend others to this site because people always compliment me on my ability to put my outfits together. I love this site and the navigation friends atmosphere that it provides.
By Colorful on 3/3/2020
There is a Jewish holiday this time of year when we dress up in costume, and every year I buy a new color of tights for my costume. I often also get another fun color for general use while I'm ordering. We Love Colors has been amazing about returns (I have ordered the wrong color before) and I would highly recommend the company to friends.
By Lisa on 3/2/2020
Great quality and amazing colors! They also photograph well.
By dotmaximo on 3/2/2020
Love the plus sizes and the colors
By Plus and sexy on 3/2/2020
I have purchased approximately 20 pairs of your rights. I love how they fit but some times the colors are a little different than shown.
By GiGi on 3/1/2020
I love the color pink. I'm so glad you had more than one shade.
By Nohbdy000 on 3/1/2020
We love colors has an amazing selection of tights and gloves for cosplay and dance! They have plus sizes and they have just about every style you could ask for! They have something for every dance wear cosplay type need.
By Annabeth2104 on 3/1/2020
Product was not adequately described.
By Buck on 2/29/2020
We Love Colors has the most vibrant color selections I have been able to find and is my go-to for cosplay bodysuits. The material is easy to work with for adding details and is light and breathable. This last time I ordered I selected the 22$ shipping option, and it showed I had selected this option when reviewing my order, and upon getting my receipt emailed it said I had chosen the 35$ shipping option. Had I known it would be that much I likely would have waited to place this order and really wish I could have avoided this negative end to an otherwise great experience.
By Meph on 2/29/2020
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