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Super easy to find what I am looking for and I love the wide range of colors
By Trisaratops on 5/8/2022
I love knowing instantly if the product I want is in stock, or when it is expected!
By Cos2m on 5/5/2022
Pretty good, though it's a little hard to tell the products apart so maybe a compare/contrast of materials would be nice.
By PinkPip on 5/4/2022
Would love to see the return of Stripped Thigh high tights. White and colour variety.
By Online Shopper on 5/2/2022
It was fine. Survey seems to have little to do with me. The website is fairly easy to navigate
By Online Shopper on 5/2/2022
I just created an account and ordered but now when I look at the account info I don't see my order. I did get the email so maybe it will show up later in my online account. Other than that the site looks good. I ordered many many years ago and the site seems easier to navigate. I love having all the color choices.
By LovelyLesage on 5/1/2022
there really aren't a lot of product images all things considered. I have heard such nice things about what you have but it was disappointing at the lack if fishnet styles in the plus section and the info was just incredibly thin. I was hoping you would have info and more care akin to Sock Dreams. I appreciate the color range but it feels like you call that good enough.
By hl on 4/30/2022
I had to Google for the colour (Olive Drab Green Knee Sox) since my normal Shopping Venue (eBay) had nothing coming up in my Search I wanted. We Love Colors was one of about 20 Retailers responding with some forms of green sox. But WLColors had over 20 shades in kneesox with satisfactory FABRIC CONTENT for 3 season wearing (Spr/Sum/Fal) tho I wear kneesox year round &/or Compession Kneesox. I chose the only ACTUAL OD green that you had though it is a very light olive, yellowy in hue, it will suffice for some of my OD clothing. I am gonna keep shopping and hope WELOVECOLOURS will FIND ACTUAL OLIVE DRAB IN GREENISH AND/OR BLACKISH HUES IN MID-SEASON AND WINTER WEIGHTS, CASHMERE W/SPANDEX STRETCHINESS IS ESSENTIAL. If you would ever like me to give the YEAR ROUND, CONSTANT KNEE SOX BUYER opinion on what your inventory lacks; I wil be glad to do this for the profit of only a few pairs of sox of my choice. You have serious potential to take over this sorely lacking market, now that BabyBoomers have taken over the RetailBuyingCustomer in much of the world where there is Expendable Monies in Households. Please, this would also be my honour to improve what you offer my 'sisters' out there who are largely coming from a youth when we ALL WORE KNEE SOX. .. and we still do. Many are unhappy buying 'WHATEVER YOU HAVE", and need the proper selection of colours/fabrics/seasonal weights THAT WILL SATISFY THEIR ACTUAL NEEDS, not whatever the manufacturer finds dyed fibres/knit for or what Fashionworld tells them is NOW "IN". Cuz thats now how WE live.
By fastmari on 4/30/2022
It was good
By Jbird on 4/29/2022
I think the website is great and have no issues at all.
By ColorLover on 4/29/2022
I can't wait to get my cosplay items!
By BabyCola on 4/28/2022
I wish the plus sized option had specific sizes as opposed to a range of 1x to 4x! Love all the colors!
By Online Shopper on 4/27/2022
It’s such a fun experience to shop on your page!! Absolutely love it!! Very easy to find the items that I always need!! Love you guys!!
By Michelle Cathers on 4/27/2022
Easy and quick to find what I needed to complete my cosplay
By Blueboxdrifter on 4/27/2022
Made it easy to pick out a color for an upcoming cosplay
By Rinzle on 4/26/2022
Very user friendly. Fantastic selection and I will be shopping again. It's a stylist's dream.
By Dione on 4/26/2022
Some of the product images are a little blurry but the site is clean and easy to navigate otherwise
By Addieee on 4/26/2022
it is easy to use. very well done.
By radar1 on 4/26/2022
I love the products, but I have found that the photos on the site are not the most helpful, and would like to see more colours on more models
By Online Shopper on 4/25/2022
Great colors and helpful size chart.
By Online Shopper on 4/25/2022
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