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The variety of colors, knits, and patterns sizes from We Love Colors is amazing.
By Doh on 8/28/2019
I am heavy set and always have trouble to find cool clothes in my size. Tights are important in this cold weather but I want more options than the usual grey or black. I came here from several articles and referrals and, although i have not received the product yet, the experience in the website was great. It is no a "plus size" store, it is a place to find cool tights in all sorts of sizes that are more familiar to me.
By SusanaGrey on 8/28/2019
This site is great if you're looking for cosplay materials, especially for homestuck. I come to this site all the time and I've never been disappointed.
By Lavenderp on 8/28/2019
Welovecolors is a wonderful site with fair prices that is easy to navigate and has a huge range of quality products!
By OrientalSpade on 8/28/2019
you always have my size
By fitting pretty on 8/27/2019
I loved all the color selection and very easy to find definitely going to shop here again
By Dree on 8/27/2019
I was so thrilled to find this site online - great selection of colors, excellent price, and really good fit and quality!
By SC on 8/27/2019
I've been looking for affordable, colorful tights (not leggings!) and they're surprisingly difficult to find. We Love Colors had a lot of options at reasonable prices, making them exactly what I was looking for. Once my purchase arrives, I'll try them on and if I like the quality I'll have found my source for most of my tights in the future. Then, if they add fleece lined versions for the winter months it'll be all my future tights.
By Turnip on 8/27/2019
The tights are perfect, the sizing is a bit off but I’d rather have a little big than too tight. Really easy to work with and a ton of colors to choose from—perfect for Steven Universe cosplayers.
By Chimeleyh on 8/27/2019
I just wanted to try the microfiber tights, because ordinary pantyhose are kinda uncomfortable and I have just worn jeans so much lately. Hopefully I can dress up a bit more with a better choice of what to wear between my hemline and my mary-janes.
By Mandy Lou on 8/27/2019
Was looking for solid color socks for my granddaughter.
By Online Shopper on 8/26/2019
I loved the arm socks! It seems like they’re really taking their audience into consideration with what products they roll out and how user friendly they are.
By jo on 8/26/2019
I made a purchase of two tights, then went back and bought another pair. The second purchase did not go through. I have just gone back to solve that problem. I asked to have both purchases sent together. Your people got back to me fast to let me know about the second purchase. It was a very nice communication.
By Online Shopper on 8/26/2019
The plus sizes are not uniform across products. You need to be careful when clicking on a product that it goes up to the correct size.
By Online Shopper on 8/25/2019
It was good. Looked around online for quality items and you are best bet
By Wendy kig on 8/25/2019
Love the colors and finally big sizes...wish they were even bigger though.
By Shelly on 8/25/2019
I will see how these fishnet work. This is my first purchase from you. You talk about dyes bleeding. That has me a little worried, but if the fit is good, and colors nice, I will buy again.
By Online Shopper on 8/25/2019
I am a bit gun-shy after getting a pair of tights from the store. I was completely inside of the recommended range but I could barely get them over my thighs and not all the way up. Since We Love Colors has a very wide range of sizes (rather than one size and queen) I am hopeful that my tights will fit. It would have been nice if the sizing included waist, hips, and thigh ranges or maximums for people like me who have different body types. I'm an hour glass type and a size 14/16 but because of my hips/thighs I need to be in plus sizes otherwise the tights won't fit.
By Online Shopper on 8/25/2019
Yes I recommend to someone.
By - on 8/25/2019
Really good products but the website doesn't convert to AUD and doesn't say if the pricing is USD or AUD at checkout so its confusing
By Jess on 8/24/2019
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