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Love dressing up.
By Elvira on 11/5/2021
I like the variety of colors that can't be found in most tights.
By Shannon on 11/4/2021
No complaints. Found what I needed quickly and easily. Nice speedy checkout.
By Beca on 11/4/2021
Easy to use site. I quickly found what I came to the site looking for, and had a smooth, easy checkout.
By Annie on 11/4/2021
honestly, wlc is great - had the right color in stock n shit, & like. cheaper than I expected LOL, not to mention shipping was pretty cheap, even for 2-day, yk?
By Bear on 11/4/2021
So many colors. I hope the tights are good quality. the plus size range looks good, too.
By Ruth on 11/3/2021
I love WE LOVE COLORS. They never disappoint. They have every single color I have ever needed
By Muffin on 11/3/2021
absolutely amazing experience, the whole process was smooth and enjoyable. picking the product was simple and easy to do!
By Dave on 11/3/2021
2x/year I put in my order. I am never disappointed.
By Meme on 11/2/2021
I really love how many colors were available and how many different options there are in type. I like that this website has plus sized options although I was a little disappointed at the available color range for the plus sized leotards. That said I know lots of companies are experiencing shortages right now and it wouldn't surprise me to hear they are too. Over all I am very happy with my experience, I have heard a lot of good things and I look forward to receiving my order!
By Bucky on 11/1/2021
I loved everything especially the availability of plus sizes in so many colors. That’s hard to find. I would have liked the ability to use my Apple Card to pay but I managed. 😁
By Lynn4004 on 11/1/2021
Had trouble deciding size for what I wanted to do, so bought one size and will learn for future. Had a bit of difficulty fining what I wanted when searching based on color as I went in looking for a single product, but found it. Tons of fun colors and product options overall.
By Homestuck2021 on 11/1/2021
This is the only place that I have been able to get colors that I need in my sizing at such a reasonable price. I have been shopping here for at least a decade and I have always been satisfied.
By Varidian3 on 11/1/2021
I found the checkout procedure a little unclear
By Merry on 11/1/2021
By SCHMOOO on 11/1/2021
I want it for cosplay
By Beth on 10/31/2021
The Website was easyt= to use.
By Kate on 10/31/2021
I was searching for stripped tights for a performance and was having difficulty finding them with other major retailers. I am glad I found this site.
By Leslie on 10/31/2021
I love this site! I only wish I had better luck finding the colors I want in my size. Seems at least half are sold out at any given time.
By Martin on 10/30/2021
I love this company. They are my go to for nylon tights. My overall interaction today was to go right to the section I wanted and pick the pattern I wanted. It was quick and easy.
By Bushinoki on 10/30/2021
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