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Attention dancers, you need to check this place out !! I got everything I needed for my costume for this year's Ballet in the Park.
By Sparky on 8/14/2023
this website is great!
By whit on 8/12/2023
I've been planning this purchase for awhile. But I've always had an incredibly easy time finding what I am looking for, and today was no different.
By Jhair on 8/11/2023
It was very easy to navigate and find what I was looking for
By Noxterra on 8/10/2023
Great company. Always have exactly what I need.
By Mookie on 8/7/2023
I only buy my tights from I Love Colors. They are the best!!!
By Alene on 8/7/2023
Attempted a purchase, and when my credit card had a fraud alert and required re-submitting the order the WLC website kept getting caught in a processing loop. In order to complete the purchase I had to restart the process from the beginning in an incognito window.
By MD on 8/7/2023
The pictures on the website are not great
By Crystal on 8/5/2023
Wonderful experience, I just wish there were more stripped and wacky options
By Riley on 8/4/2023
Nothing of note. Site is nice
By Moonie on 8/3/2023
Lighting in photos was different from color splotches of mehron make up so I had to buy color samples.
By Gonkers on 8/3/2023
Love the options and layout!
By Sinead on 8/2/2023
Easy to find what I need, I liked the inspiration and instagram/customer photos below the product.
By Kel on 7/29/2023
It was fairly straight forward. Although, the page did stall once. I had to close the browser and open it up again. I returned to the site, thankfully my previous selections were still there, so that was good. First time that had ever happened to me. I wish I had access to coupon codes though. But otherwise, I've always been happy to receive my order.
By RAY on 7/28/2023
I love that you have a large selection of colors for your items. However, with the prices charged, I feel that there should be some sort of discount for orders over a certain amount, and definitely believe that, on an order for what I paid, shipping should be free.
By PLH76013 on 7/27/2023
We love colors is always my favorite place to buy cosplay materials for bodysuits as an alternative to body paint. I'll probably be back in a few months again to buy stuff for a different cosplay I'm planning.
By thatlazysnail on 7/23/2023
Great color selection.
By Laura G on 7/23/2023
Item I had wanted was not in stock but found an alternative.
By Online Shopper on 7/22/2023
A bit pricey, but willing to pay to not have to make these on my own....
By Cicada Stitchery on 7/22/2023
Love the wide variety of color options.
By RY on 7/20/2023
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