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It was the best online seller of colored hosiery I could find, with the most options.
By Leversen on 9/19/2020
Experience was fine - love matching my outfits with same color tights
By Lorraine on 9/19/2020
The delivery was fast and I can find whatever I want in the right type of colors. The only thing is that the wife wishes that you carry more products with reinforced toe but she's very very happy with the product.
By Poohrabbit on 9/19/2020
Making gloves has always been a hassle so my friend found this site and i wanted to try it out since I've used the tights in the past and like how sturdy that are and the large array of colors works for everything.
By Light on 9/18/2020
The colors are great and the shopping was easy Hoping the product will be great
By Shushie on 9/18/2020
First like to say is I love the variety we love colors have to offer the only thing is prices are just a little high for some items. But I will tell family and friends.
By Kev on 9/18/2020
It’s easy to find items by color
By Connor on 9/18/2020
I love the variety of colors in all my favorite stockings but unfortunately the plus size selection is much smaller. However, I would still highly recommend We Love Colors because you'll always find something you love!
By More Plus Please on 9/17/2020
I really like the big size range, though I do wish all the products came in plus sizes.
By Kat on 9/17/2020
the color selection is great and the quality appears to be excellent I would like periwinkle and an even greater selection of pinks and some sparkly tights (like with glitter) BUT their selection seems great and is the best that I could find
By Susie on 9/17/2020
The website is simple and easy to use. The products are awesome and they are the best cosplay tights I've ever had!!
By Ravensong on 9/17/2020
This is an excellent website! I heard about it from Kelly Kirstein and I had to give it a shot with my steven universe cosplays. Their shop is super convenient, might return for patterned tights in the near future.
By Fizzy on 9/16/2020
They have a great selection of colors, and fabric and fit options.
By Alex on 9/16/2020
Honestly enjoyed the purchasing experience. the pricing was fair and the color variety was amazing. I think it would be even better if they had more styles and materials all from the same menu. I'm hoping the "one-size fits all" is good, but I'll defiantly have to recommend it!
By June on 9/16/2020
I absolutely loved the fact that not only did I have options as far as colors but even the multi color! I'm so unbelievably excited
By Jessuhmuhkuh on 9/16/2020
The product is good quality and met my expectations in matters of sizing and material.
By Sare on 9/16/2020
Holy cow! 51 colors to choose from! You’re bound to find the color you are looking for here. And they’re super cute!
By Colorlover on 9/15/2020
I just made the purchase so I dont have much to review yet
By Jackie on 9/15/2020
I’m disappointed in the footless, plus-size tights. I REALLY wanted to love these and keep ordering, but not was what I had hoped. Such as: 1)they are more like stockings than dance tights, no Lycra. 2)Put them on in the am and they were a good length, with just the right amount of snug. Waist was not rolling down. Happy. By noon, they were doubled in length and stretched completely out. Lot of sag, so pulled them up and came to under my arms! There’s just NO MEMORY in these things! By 5pm, they’ll be wrapped around my neck! 3)The Navy blue that I ordered is more Royal, so won’t match the items that I intended them for. 4)Delivery took extra time due to the fact that they had to be dyed first.
By H. Hall on 9/15/2020
I love the choice of colours.
By Cee Vee Zee on 9/14/2020
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