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Your checkout system was too smart and actually CHANGED answers I had put in using older info it had in its memory. So when I wanted to proceed past the 1st page it wouldn't let because the info the system changed now made the address incorrect. I love WeLoveColors and have been buying from you since at least 2016.
By Online Shopper on 1/3/2024
The she/they he/they categories are a bit confusing, like is the “they” in the he/they going to fit me? I’ve never felt misgendered by men’s and women’s it just lets me know what to expect from those sections.
By Themby on 1/2/2024
Loved the color guide with the mehron comparisons!! Super helpful as a cosplayer.
By Nicolina on 1/2/2024
I finally tracked down the company that made my favorite tights still going strong after ten years! Wow! You have grown and are even more exciting now than you were then!! So many more colors! Expanded range! Tights for everyone! Good job!!
By Jenny on 12/31/2023
Exceptional quality and fit
By Kim B on 12/31/2023
Color choice modeled!
By Mom&middleschooler on 12/29/2023
Purchased 2 pairs of tights about a month ago. The colors are so vibrant. The fit is comfortable. I came back to order 3 more pairs. Great product!!
By Beth on 12/29/2023
Easy to use.
By Imd on 12/28/2023
By Happy on 12/28/2023
I had a great experience
By Online Shopper on 12/28/2023
Removing an item from cart was difficult
By Lin on 12/28/2023
It went well. Everything was easy and simple to navigate.
By Addie on 12/28/2023
The color range is nice but the prices aren't great.
By miko on 12/28/2023
Super easy to find what I needed with the shop by color tool! Was looking for something that matched some mehron paint and found everything I needed super fast.
By Opal on 12/27/2023
I love the plus size selection
By Lacyfacie on 12/26/2023
Product information was easy to find and clearly written. I used the mobile website on my phone and it worked beautifully. It works quickly, and pages redirect in an easy to navigate way.
By Pepper on 12/24/2023
Super easy and quick to use. I love the different color options
By Desi on 12/24/2023
I haven't shopped from We Love Colors since 2020 and I'm delighted by all of the resources provided for the cosplay community! Living in a humid environment means face and body paint is difficult, so it's great to have a single place to find good quality arm socks, tights, and other body coverings in the same color! And even better-- most of these products include plus sizes which is the reason I was drawn to We Love Colors in the first place!
By Jess on 12/22/2023
Àll Great 👍 products
By Banana on 12/22/2023
Loved the products offered
By Ap on 12/20/2023
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