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Forgot password! Need to upgrade it!
By Rene on 12/8/2022
It was very simple to navigate and find what I was looking for, and the prices are pretty good for the quality. I’m ordering it for an event last minute but I know it’ll be here on time.
By Z on 12/8/2022
By Izzy on 12/8/2022
getting more and more expensive. should be cheaper given online sale. appreciate the colors and variety of basic styles
By Online Shopper on 12/8/2022
The only issue I have is hoping my tights match the suit and gloves. I'm not very smart, I have a brain tumor. The site is easy to navigate and I really appreciate the mehron paint help.
By Alpaca party pit on 12/7/2022
I wanted to continue shopping but had entered checkout and couldn’t continue.
By Online Shopper on 12/7/2022
good experience over all
By udjat on 12/7/2022
Very easy to navigate
By Sj on 12/7/2022
I love the colors and the size. The fit is perfect.
By Lady Leslie on 12/7/2022
I love the product, have bought them several times. Was not all that thrilled with the website. Colour 'swatches' are too tiny, hard to pick out. For all that there are so many colours, I couldn't get what I wanted- not many pinks. In the end doesn't matter because the product is far superior to all other brands and will always come back. Maybe next time there will be more pinks!
By Tlia on 12/6/2022
I've heard so many great things about we love colors and knowing how great you are with customers and convenience I'm definitely buying again
By Cal on 12/6/2022
The "colors" link is a bit confusing as the colors listed don't link to anything. The page is very useful for seeing an overview of colors listed, though. Otherwise, the site is very navigable.
By JB on 12/5/2022
I love your company. This is my 4th order from you I think. It would be great if there were a discount for bulk orders (say 3 or 5 of the same style even if different colors)
By Online Shopper on 12/5/2022
There is nothing negative to say about this site I have been ordering from them for a few years now the prices are getting a little high but I love this product it a great quality and the variety of colors and the dimension of he fishnets are great . One of my trades marks are the fishnets I love them, :-)
By Ms. Dee on 12/4/2022
I got what I needed for a costume and I am pleased with how fast the checkout process was.
By Online Shopper on 12/4/2022
Liked being able to see all the colors
By Md on 12/4/2022
Excited to have the right color arms and legs for cosplay :) nice selection
By John on 12/3/2022
I enjoy the wide selection of products but I would love if there were multiple views of a product in the color selected! The product quality is excellent though.
By Rova on 12/3/2022
There should be a USPS bubble mailer option for shipments to Canada. $21 for the cheapest option is ridiculous. It adds 25% to the price - 4 for the price of 5. Ridiculous if you’re buying small quantities.
By richb on 12/3/2022
The quality of these fabrics is amazing and shows very well and vibrant on my dark skin.
By Tala on 12/3/2022
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