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They had everything I need to avoid body paint for cons and even had cosplay guides to match my makeup!
By Jess on 7/30/2021
I liked the color options though I did not see a brown shadthat I wanted. Check out was easy.
By Tina on 7/29/2021
The purchase was fast, error free and we look forward to receiving the item!
By MarkinAZ on 7/29/2021
I needed a specific color of seamless glove for a Cosplay, and WeLoveColor had a wide variety of colors. They had just the color I needed, and the units of measurement for size made it easy to understand which size I needed.
By Lavorre on 7/29/2021
We Love Colors was absolutely amazing. I was trying to shop for a cosplay and I was wondering what I could do to make a Lore Olympus cosplay and BAM a full guide for possible color directions. I was worried about how I was going to figure out the match to face paint and BAM there was the Mehron color matching. This went from a long trial and error ordeal to high chance of success and 30 min (mostly since I was poking around the other things on the site.)
By Peter on 7/29/2021
Shopping was great
By Forestfiregal on 7/28/2021
I ordered some grey seamless gloves and I love them!
By Carlie on 7/28/2021
I like we love colors products and the support I received by Susan. For sure I will recommend this company for people who wants to buy tights or other accessories.
By Benoît on 7/28/2021
I love ordering for you guy, but recently on my last two orders I've been having a really hard time checking out. Everytime I select my shipping method it will take me to the check out page and then ask me to chose the shipping method again, but this time there's only one option and it's for $45 priority shipping. This itself isn't a big deal but the fact that I have to reload my page countless times, then try again on my computer to no avail, and struggle to check out for more than 20 minutes is outrageous. I know on the check out page for shipping it normally gives you a drop down of shipping methods but after 20 minutes of trying to get this option to show up I literally had to take a break and walk away because it was so frustrating. Again, I love ordering from you guys, but I really hope that this issue is gone before I try and order again because I don't want to have to waste so much time like I did today.
By Gabby on 7/27/2021
I placed my order on Friday, July 16th. I paid extra for shipping so my order would be delivered by Monday, July 19th, or Tuesday, July 20th. The order did not ship until the 19th. And after getting lost in the mail, my order arrived on Saturday, July 24th. While I understand that once the order has shipped, there is nothing that We Love Colors can do about the shipping time, I am highly disappointed that they did not ship my order until the day it was supposed to be delivered. I checked the status of my order every day, it was in the “packing” stage the whole time. While I was extremely pleased with the last purchase I made here, this one has soured my opinion of We Love Colors. I am likely to purchase again, only because this is the only company I am aware of that sells tights in colors that are great for Cosplay, but I will be sure to order with plenty of time to spare, and WILL NOT be paying extra for shipping when they do not seem to pay attention to promised delivery times.
By Starlight2235 on 7/27/2021
The product seems high quality but the price was somewhat high. I saw similar products for sale from other mechants but they were fingerless and therefore not what I was looking for, but they were much cheaper. I would assume the price of this item to be 25-30$ rather than 35$.
By Justice on 7/27/2021
you guys are my fav!
By mila on 7/26/2021
Tights don't rip easily. Color is typically true to image online.
By Amy on 7/24/2021
My coworker wears your tights as a cannabis delivery driver and rocks it ! So I came to you got some styles
By Smash on 7/24/2021
Honestly you made my experience looking for fantasy skin-colored gloves and tights a breeze. My partner and I are cosplaying Persephone and Hades from Lore Olympus to a little cosplay picnic this weekend and you literally have a whole color list dedicated to them! I can't wait to get our tights in the mail and will definitely share about our experience!
By Gela on 7/23/2021
I was ordering gloves for a cosplay, as this was a shop recommended by someone on social media I follow. They had the exact shades that I needed.
By CJ on 7/23/2021
They had an incredible selection of colors, so awesome
By Big gurl C on 7/23/2021
I would recommend We Love Colors if you are plus size and want opaque tights in more than just your standard black. I can’t say how accurate the sizing is, because I haven’t gotten my first order, but I would still recommend it based on reviews I’ve seen. The products are a bit expensive, but it seems like they are supposed to be thicker, so hopefully price is worth it. One thing that they could use is thigh high plus size socks!
By Ken on 7/23/2021
They had color matching charts which was helpful. I'm waiting to see how everything is before I make up my mind
By tasha on 7/23/2021
I love all the colors available it allows me to be super colorful even though I’m fat AND I don’t have to compromise on comfort!!!
By Dmitri on 7/23/2021
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