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Love the quality of the tights, great for cosplay and costumes.
By Jessie on 11/14/2021
I loved how easy it was to contact WeloveColors when looking for a color recommendation; the person who assited me was super sweet and even wished me best of luck on my cosplay!
By Alex on 11/14/2021
I've never had an issue with WeLoveColors. Purchasing is fairly straight forward. My only gripe is that sometimes finding individual items can be a little roundabout instead of straight to the point. But the quality and speed of service is always on point.
By AJ on 11/14/2021
I really appreciated the huge variety of colors, and in several color families. The sizing information was really clear, as was the fabrics used. I also am really glad for all of the variety of tights, from textures and colors and lengths. Having items like matching gloves is a great bonus as well. I don’t typically need such items, but for the costume I’m putting together this was a must and made everything easier to also feel confident that the colors would match.
By Amy on 11/14/2021
Colours were great and the website was easy to navigate
By Working girl on 11/13/2021
By Qdvgun on 11/12/2021
I love the rainbow of tights available on We Love Colors. High quality soft material that is more durable than most other pairs I have experienced, I would recommend them to anyone!
By Emily B. on 11/12/2021
The ease from searching to ordering is easy and great!
By Kika on 11/12/2021
I'm excited to get my products for my cosplay! May people in the community recommended this brand for an alternative to body paint!
By DragonOfTheDarkRose on 11/12/2021
By Catherine on 11/11/2021
Can't wait to receive my products for a cosplay that I am wearing in December to C2E2. I will be using my Neon Pink items for a Persephone cosplay from Lore Olympus.
By JessB on 11/11/2021
I was so thankful for the tights being able to be delivered asap
By Deb on 11/10/2021
The color match chart with the Mehron bodypaint was hard to locate.
By Euphoria.Bjc on 11/10/2021
I really enjoy the products
By sid on 11/9/2021
I love we love colors. I have been getting tights for fall and winter for 10 years now with them
By Kbwhiskey on 11/9/2021
I had to choose a different type of product because my size wasn't available in the color I needed but also the sizes were different for different products for some reason.
By Kage on 11/8/2021
First time buyer. So far so good.
By mdildine on 11/8/2021
The entire process was so easy and convenient
By Lo on 11/7/2021
I have been wanting to order from WeLoveFine for years! Since tumblr was booming about the arm socks! Your values and sizing are so great as a brand, love it! Please restock the Black Leotard in small <3
By Boni on 11/6/2021
I found out about WeLoveColors in my pursuit of cosplaying. I was immediately interested in ordering from WLC. Their selection of products and the colors and the inclusive sizes were all pluses. They even have cosplaying guides and tutorials on their website !
By Kirin on 11/6/2021
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