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I’ve used these for cosplay before and love them! Easy and comfortable to wear
By MotherofK9sCosplay on 5/17/2022
The website is user friendly and makes shopping quick.
By Chris on 5/17/2022
I have ordered online from We Love Colors numerous times because the fishnet mesh tops are cool, sexy and bring an outfit together with a crop top and pants, either exercise/workout pants or nice pants, capris, etc. I get compliments wherever I go. These tops are nice in summer/warm weather when it is hot outside and also they cover up a little mature arm skin and hold muscular arm skin tight for a good fitness type look. I am a small 4-6 size, 5'3", tiny waist and these stretch perfectly to fit. The quality is wonderful, the dyes true to color chart. Shipping is very quick and reasonable.
By Marisa on 5/17/2022
Easy Navigation
By JLNorth on 5/16/2022
Everything was great- except the lack of color selection in women’s size large high neck leotards. I’m hoping the size chart was correct because I wear size 4 pants but my hip measurement put me in a size large. I’m guessing this is a supply chain issue. I really appreciated the exact info on what was ready to ship vs what needed time to dye- because I’m ordering at the last min in case I don’t get all my sewing done for the con. The selection for kids stuff was amazing- I just had to go with a scoop neck leotard instead of high neck because of time. I suspect my 7 year old will be more comfortable in this anyway.
By Meghini on 5/16/2022
Great experience as usual! A wide variety of products ready to ship asap with a very easy to navigate website. Always my go to when looking for tights or gloves for a cosplay. :)
By Maggie on 5/15/2022
no issues. easy
By gypsy on 5/13/2022
My wife dose wish you had Sheer pantyhose for women.
By Smurfette on 5/13/2022
Overall good, but my previous order was cancelled for some reason. I had no clue until I checked, it would have been nice to get an email if that ever happens again, since this order is time sensitive. Some descriptions on the products refer to product numbers that I couldn't find anywhere so that was a bit confusing. Other than that it's ok.
By NellyM on 5/12/2022
I do love the options that are offered. I just wish there were more options for tights with a gusset
By Sean on 5/12/2022
Very easy and all information useful
By Online Shopper on 5/12/2022
On mobile the text was pretty small and some images were cut off. Nevertheless, I found what I was looking for.
By J on 5/12/2022
Was able to find what I was looking for easily
By Cosplaylady on 5/11/2022
I can't wait to use these for one of my dnd cosplays!
By Ashley00rock on 5/11/2022
I love, love, love your products. I’ve made some arm socks and used your tights for cosplays before. I’m an aspiring flight attendant and I need to cover my ankle tattoo, so my first instinct was to buy tights from your site. The only issue I had was determining what skin tone is closest to mine since the graphics aren’t super helpful. An updated skin tone chart would be really helpful for people like me!! I plan to exchange the colors that don’t match for the color that most closely matches me, but this does create extra work for you guys that I wanted to avoid. I couldn’t find skin tone comparisons with the colors anywhere. Thanks so much for your high quality, soft, opaque products! I will continue to purchase!!
By Rachael Alana on 5/11/2022
The web site is very easy to navigate but I wish you took PayPal
By L. Grim on 5/11/2022
Wonderful experience. Very easy to find what exactly what I needed.
By Fig on 5/9/2022
I like the selection of colors and the available pictures of those colors, but I wish there were more pictures of the leotards with people in normal positions. I wanted to see how the neckline looks when you're just standing up straight and looking forwards, but none of the people in the pictures were standing like a normal human being, and the ones facing forwards had a big white circle over their face and neck so I couldn't even see the neckline without the face (I purchased the turtleneck leotard). Because I'm purchasing this for a cosplay of a character with a skin tone that isn't natural in the real world, I wanted to see how tight the neckline is against the skin so that I'd know if I could make it look like a natural transition with body paint, but none of the pictures gave me a good enough view to be able to tell. Also, the sizing charts are frustrating for me because I'm right between sizes. I'm 5'4'' and a little over 150lbs., so when I was looking at the tights I couldn't tell if I should buy the s/m or the m/l because either I would be in the height range or the weight range but not both. I couldn't find any comments discussing fit with the information I needed either. I decided to get the bigger one because I'd rather have it too big than too small, but it was frustrating to try to figure it out. Once I settled on the sizes, though, the rest of the checkout process went smoothly. I won't know if I think it's worth the price until I receive it and see the quality, but I have high hopes.
By Kate on 5/9/2022
It’s easy to navigate, lots is options to filter
By Catabat on 5/9/2022
I needed gloves. I found gloves. My cosplay is gonna be awesome.
By Amanda on 5/8/2022
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