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Easy as expected
By Online Shopper on 10/22/2019
I was looking for some fishnet stockings in a darker green color (mostly you only find neon green) for a Halloween costume. I was getting discouraged until I found your website. I won't receive the item till Thursday or Friday to be able to comment on the quality of the product but I look forward to trying it. If I do like it, I would definitely consider buying from this company again and telling other people as well.
By Kate on 10/22/2019
This was my first time shopping with We Love Colors. It was very easy to navigate the website and fast purchase.
By Online Shopper on 10/21/2019
I only gave an 8 for product expectations because the striped tights size chart does not seem to be accurate. The other two pair of tights are AMAZING.
By Online Shopper on 10/21/2019
Lots of choices of colors, products, sizes
By boisegirl on 10/21/2019
I needed tights for my husband’s Peter Pan Costume. While comparing the plus sized tights, I can’t across the article about tights for men. This was EXTREMELY helpful. Between this and the vast array of color choices, I’ll be back.
By Online Shopper on 10/21/2019
I ordered green tights for a Halloween costume. They are beautiful, nice quality! They arrived sooner than expected. I will definitely recommend this company to others.
By J Kat on 10/21/2019
Decent online shopping experience! Appreciate the format of the main page too! Very appealing.
By Melon on 10/21/2019
I had heard good things about We Love Colors years ago for durable tights.I have some tights but know I'll need more for this Winter/Fall. I decided to take the plunge and test them out. It's a little overwhelming at first because there are just so many colors and choices. I settled on the knee highs, deciding to try out something new but in safer colors before I commit to something a little more wild and crazy. Once I settled on product, it's amazing how many colors they have. I feel like I went with the boring ones, but maybe I'll be back, if these fit well, for something fun!
By SJ on 10/21/2019
I ordered some fishnets back in March and I loved them. They had the perfect colors for the outfits I planned for EDC. The material is also nicer than some other fishnets I buy from other brands.
By Quayla on 10/21/2019
Thank you!
By Online Shopper on 10/21/2019
Loved the may have been my small screen (iPhone 5s) but the “add the cart” button was hard to find and I had to restart my order twice. Overall experience was satisfactory though and will be returning for any other tights needs.
By Pinky on 10/21/2019
I would definitely recommend we love colors to my friends it's so hard to find good quality tights to fit my thighs and I was very surprised that the large diamond fishnets fit because usually "one size" doesnt fit me
By Starmony on 10/21/2019
Customer Service was excellent. My first paired ripped and they sent me a different style at no cost. That style worked great!
By Online Shopper on 10/21/2019
I’m doing a cosplay and it was very easy to find what I needed. Thanks for having the perfect products!
By Rauchelle on 10/20/2019
hey there's this place that sells socks in every possible color, isn't that wild?
By Billiam on 10/20/2019
Usually I have a good experience, the quality of the products are amazing and love them . I just had a few issues with checking out all day. I finally got checked out but i was afraid i wouldnt get some of the items that were low on stock. Id definitely recommend people here if they need anything like this
By Ai on 10/19/2019
Always great products and so durable
By Sara on 10/19/2019
great site
By annaL on 10/19/2019
I love you guys, never had a bad experience so far, great customer support and quality products
By Miccy on 10/18/2019
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