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Amazing Customer service 🙌😁🙌👌 They never fail and are always kind and friendly when helping or speaking with you. Love the items!
By Rachel Alford on 9/1/2019
I love that there are many plus size options. Having so many color options makes it so great for high fashion costumes and cosplay. Everything is always so easy and comfortable to wear and it never rips, fray or runs.
By Tito Midnight on 8/31/2019
I ordered the exact same style my husband ordered for me several years ago, and the product was not nearly as high quality as the previous order was. The tights were not as thick or opaque, and were nowhere near as comfortable. They came with small imperfections in the knit that have become more obvious after only one wear. I’m very disappointed in the product, and may return them and try shopping elsewhere. Do you have a plus size tight style that is opaque and thick.
By FireinmySpine on 8/30/2019
I like your tights very much and will continue to order them from you. However, your current web site is broken. It gave the wrong forecast for order completion and did not inform me when it shipped.
By Yoda on 8/30/2019
last time i bought from i got over 20 styles but the colors weren't all exact so I've been hesitant to shop again- I am pregnant & having a hard time finding tights that fit & I wear them EVERY day so I decided to give them another shot!
By Poni on 8/29/2019
I am a plus size woman and love that I can get amazing and fun fish net tights shipped to Australia. I have been a customer for Amy years and really love your company!
By MJA on 8/29/2019
I know the seamless gloves are pricy but they're pricy for a reason - it's that or sew your own armsocks (which will have seams) (which will rip apart). I'm looking forward to NOT having to do that. Plus, they had way more items than I expected.
By Aldi on 8/29/2019
Quality for the dollar spent is excellent, and color choices fantastic. I would warn that sizing is not consistent from product to product (and sometimes a bit confusing) so just read up on that. The one Men's product line you don't have that I would like would be short and long sleeve shirts to match the tights offered.
By David d. on 8/29/2019
This is my first purchase so I’m sure I’ll have more to say once I’ve tried the items out
By Emily on 8/29/2019
So happy to find socks that I hope will match Granddaughter's "Dorothy" dress. First website that even came close to what I was looking for!
By Marsha on 8/29/2019
I was excited to find we love colors as a new thing learned to make cosplaying simpler! I’m so excited to try out the arm sleeve process and not having to waste time painting my body anymore! We love colors has so many color options and sizing, it really was an amazing find!
By Online Shopper on 8/29/2019
They have extended sizes in lots of great colors - stuff I can't find anywhere else. Quality seems on point as well.
By Online Shopper on 8/29/2019
I like the leotard. Purchased a black one 2 years back.
By Brenda on 8/28/2019
These tights are really good for all of my cosplays :)
By Gabby on 8/28/2019
We Love Colors has all kinds of tights and gloves in just about every color imaginable.
By Powervicky on 8/28/2019
love the variety. can't wait to see the product
By tracy on 8/28/2019
I've had many people recommend We Love Colors arm socks and gloves as an alternative to body paint, so I decided to check it out and buy some for my cosplay. Finding the gloves was easy. I wasn't entirely sure how accurate the colors displayed on the item page were, so I had to look up other people who used them in the colors I was looking at to figure out exactly what color I needed. I figured it out and I feel confident in my purchase.
By Online Shopper on 8/28/2019
We Love Colors is always so fast and easy to order with. And the quality of their products is amazing!
By holocherrycos on 8/28/2019
I have ordered from this company for the past 3-4 years for my granddaughter. This company is my “go to” for this product
By BB on 8/28/2019
Large variety of colors, shapes and sizes including men's and plus sized and at a good price to boot!
By KaraiAngel on 8/28/2019
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