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Took me awhile to find the right size tights in the right style. But now I have.
By Online Shopper on 12/21/2022
I have ordered from welovecolors before and the experience was easy and the items were comfortable and looked great! The process is super simple as well. I love that they have so many colors for plus size people
By Clementine on 12/21/2022
The stock was sparse for some of the tights I was looking at (in terms of colors). I also thought that it was unfortunate that there wasn’t (usually) more than one option for people taller than 6 feet. One of the tights I looked at said that the range was for people larger than 300 pounds. I was curious about the display of the colors on my phone (how accurate is it?). I felt like the intensity of the colors should have been less on the lower denier tights but the pictures did not seem to reflect this hypothesis. The light yellow looked more green than yellow which was unfortunate. I also wish that you offered boxes of imperfect tights in large/tall/XL sizes. If you eventually do, please let me know!
By Matt on 12/20/2022
It's good
By A on 12/20/2022
By Online Shopper on 12/20/2022
Love the colors and variety
By Dimples on 12/19/2022
Love that you have colorful tights that come in my size.
By Loving color in MN on 12/19/2022
Easy to use and great variety of products.
By Nice Products! on 12/17/2022
I was impressed the first time I bought tights. They were comfortable and fit. Cleaned easily.
By Dru on 12/17/2022
Love the product. I recommend it to everyone
By Lillian on 12/17/2022
WeLoveColors provides items good for cosplayers who use body paint and don't want to paint their hands, arms, and legs.
By CC on 12/16/2022
You were the only company that has the colors i needed
By Ms. Annette on 12/16/2022
Website was recommended to me from a friend and respected peer, so I have high hopes for a quality product. Site is pretty straight forward, but descriptions could be better.
By No on 12/15/2022
The broad range of colors really makes the experience. Don't ever reduce the number of colors to cut costs. One thing I wish you had is a comparison table for similar products, for example tights. I don't try to figure it out any more; I just buy the same one I bought last time.
By cassandratoday on 12/15/2022
Honestly it was fine, though it's kind of annoying that the 'colors' tab shows all the available colors and it SEEMS you can click on the color names, and logically that doing so would lead you to a search result showing all the products available in that color- but doesn't.
By Ro on 12/12/2022
Was amazed by variety of sizes, products and colors. Will come back!
By Rel on 12/11/2022
Quality product that is simple to order. Tights made to fit many women.
By Hollywood on 12/11/2022
I wish there was something on the site that allowed for a clear and easy comparison between similar products (especially between the types of tights). Overall the site is easy to navigate and aesthetically decent. The survey offer was misleading, thought the $100 offer would be for we love colors and not magazines. I won't be taking one of these surveys again.
By K. on 12/11/2022
The interaction went smoothly. Very happy with the experience.
By JBatt on 12/11/2022
I would have liked to have had more info about the differences in the products - I can't tell if what I ordered is the right thing or not as there was no product info that helped me decide between the various tights for men. Also, the sizing was a problem as the person I am buying for is 6'2" and weighs 195lb which isn't on any of your sizing charts. I hope you can fix these two issues as you are my 'go to' site for tights for costuming. It's great you have a range of products for men in so many different colours.
By Online Shopper on 12/8/2022
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