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The fit of these tights is remarkably good. The feel, the color, all are terrific! I do purchase the highest quality...simply because they feel so good, and fit without bags or wrinkles. They also wear so well... The color selections are wonderful
By LittleBun on 1/27/2020
I really love the diversity is all the product! Very nice!
By Andy on 1/27/2020
Was disappointed that the item i needed was not in stock and would not be in stock until after a very popular con. also, reaching customer service took some time and i could only reach them through instagram
By Online Shopper on 1/27/2020
I love the colors and sizes... I would definitely tell a friend. I heard it from a co worker. Most companies don’t have bigger sizes in the colors I like.
By Will on 1/27/2020
I absolutely love these tights, the colour is excellent. I love the quality. You should most definitely get your tights through these guys. Its well worth it.
By DollTinn on 1/26/2020
I've been looking for footless colored tights everywhere - now I've found a great selection.
By Adele on 1/26/2020
I really love We Love Colors because they have a good product and every color you can think of, very clearly laid out and easy to find. The only thing I don't like is that not everything is available in plus sizes, and that they call non-plus size "one size."
By Melissa on 1/26/2020
We Love colors has quality tights that fit me right and do not run after just a few wears, and I can choose any color I want. It is much easier that shopping for hosiery in a store. The only drawback is the price. They are almost twice as expensive as buying tights at Kohl's, and if they were less expensive I would buy more of them.
By Kilhara on 1/26/2020
I was looking for a pair of non-see through tights for a Peter Pan costume and I believe I found the right pair and right color (olive green). I hope they are what I am looking for.
By Ty on 1/26/2020
I make it a point to support local creators so when I found out We Love Colors is based in my city, I was over the moon. Perfect for cosplays and so easy to check out. Definitely essential if your looking to incorporate some COLOR in your life. Highly recommend!
By Vander Universe on 1/26/2020
I had a very good experience ordering from 💕We I had a very good experience ordering from We Love colors. I have ordered from them in the past and they have quality products.
By Boo on 1/26/2020
I love this company over all everything is fairly priced, well made, has vibrant color, and is extremely durable, my only issue is I personally would like to see shipping cost go down a little bit.
By Wight_spyder on 1/25/2020
Difficult to navigate website on mobile device-hard to find specific types of product
By Sara on 1/25/2020
There’s a lot of options for colors and it’s fairly priced!
By LuciBastos on 1/24/2020
Price a little high but quality is good
By Online Shopper on 1/24/2020
I haven’t bought or worn stockings/tights/leggings since I was in theatre in middle school so I was a little confused about what different types of stockings/tights were. My friend who has shopped on here before gave me a lot of help and feedback on her previous purchases and I’m very excited. It was also super easy to find and pick my face paints (this order was for a cosplay character) which I am very appreciative of!
By dadfriendcosplay on 1/24/2020
I would recommend it to anyone alot of great different varieties.
By Jess on 1/24/2020
Great, quick and easy
By Kira on 1/23/2020
I buy these socks for a sock puppet show you can watch at
By Phillipe on 1/23/2020
I placed this order because I was informed yesterday that an item I order almost two weeks ago was out of stock and not likely coming in until March. This order is a substitute for the gloves I am not receiving.
By Online Shopper on 1/23/2020
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