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I've always loved buying from y'all! You're helpful if things get lost/don't receive them, your products *always* last long and they're just so comfortable to wear! Not to mention, beautiful assortment of colors! Thank you for everything! <3
By Ashe on 3/30/2021
After washing the leggings initially the color seemed to run a bit making them look splotchy. The leotards did not have this issue so its specific to whatever process is used on the leggings.
By Trevor on 3/30/2021
It was an easy process but there is no section for coupon codes.
By Sam on 3/30/2021
Sometimes the photos in the listings don’t show up and I have to refresh the page. Listing names have way too many words in it and makes it difficult to compare what is what on the phone. Also a bunch of the leotard photos are action shots - I just want to see the leotard I could care less what cool pose the model is doing or that they don’t want their face seen so they have to be artistically hidden. You should have a drop down to select color in addition to the color picker. All the 5’s I gave were to indicate “average” and not sub par.
By Anonymous on 3/29/2021
I had seen many costumers using We Love Colors and with my new sewing projects coming up, I decided to try out a few sets of tights, tops and gloves. I was impressed with the comfort, fit and importantly, the durability. I am curvy and bottom heavy so was pleased with the fit of everything! my hips are 106cm and the 1XL tights were perfect. I also ordered a Large to be cut up for accessories and decided to try them. a little snug but definitely fit too. I had ordered a few different items in lavender and was email to say some of the items in stock were dyed in different batches so didn't completely match so they were going to dye the items required in a new batch so their was a delay. I wasn't in a rush and happy to wait. I am very pleased with the customer service and attention to detail before sending the products. shipping is pricey to my country so i did place a large order. everything was well packed and no issue with tracking or delivery.
By Anny on 3/29/2021
They have tons of colors and was the only website I could find. Hopefully they will be comfortable.
By Ginny on 3/28/2021
Really great experience using this website. Very straight forward and easy to use. Love that you can select a color and every option is shown in the color.
By Myatt on 3/28/2021
I love all the different colors and sizes for big girls like my self. It is very hard to find stocking in a large sizes at the local store
By Big girls dream on 3/28/2021
your website is nice but and it was easy to purchase from.
By 7 on 3/28/2021
I would recommend We Love Colors. They have an amazing selection of colors and variety of styles that are next to impossible to find elsewhere. I have heard consistently good things about them. Even though the shipping is not free, I fully believe it is worth the price considering how affordable the products themselves are.
By TT on 3/28/2021
I used we love colors seamless gloves for my first ever body paint cosplay. It matched my body paint color perfectly and saved me a lot of work having to paint my hands. It was very easy to take them off and put them back on. I definitely plan on ordering more for future cosplay.
By Seamless gloves on 3/27/2021
Shopping for material for movie props, I hope the colors are accurate to the image on the website.
By Kris on 3/26/2021
Easy and quick
By Ryno on 3/26/2021
I was recently on a call with a friend and telling them how much I loved the website. It was easy to use, and I loved the option to pick by colors. I can't wait to receive my order!
By Dany on 3/26/2021
I love buying from WeLoveColors
By JROSS1691 on 3/26/2021
I initially went on to try and find some nice solid colored thigh highs. The selection of colors is amazing. As I was browsing through the website I noticed they have a lot of other cool products like their seamless gloves. I bet they could be really handy for certain cosplays and I may try them out in the future.
By Momo on 3/25/2021
Have always got a great poduct and lasts longer than most other leggies I got in the past.
By LAMP on 3/25/2021
I am excited to have all my tights and gloves match, this will make my next cosplay very consistent.
By Cosplaimee on 3/25/2021
I recently bought gloves and a leotard for a cosplay of my Firbolg from DND. The color matches his skin tone perfectly! I'm really excited to be able to have comfortable and quality items for my cosplay.
By Luke B on 3/25/2021
Purchase and shipping made easy. Very convenient along with a great array of colors and options!
By Asia on 3/25/2021
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