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Easy to understand and navigate the website overall good job and great diversity of product coloring
By RMoraco on 4/19/2023
I wish there were more plus size options for more products. With a 65 inch hip and a 35 inch thigh, I am unable to wear many of the hose/tight/sock options available. This is disappointing.
By Rosetta on 4/18/2023
The website is amazing and easy to navigate!
By Jen J. on 4/18/2023
Great experience! I love shopping here.
By Andy on 4/17/2023
Smooth and easy if logging as a guest.
By Jen on 4/16/2023
A little expensive, but of beautiful quality!
By Boni on 4/14/2023
Easy to navigate, easy to color match.
By Kis on 4/13/2023
I wish it was easier to compare two different colors on the site but I just went to their instagram to double check the color
By Bozz on 4/11/2023
I wanted to buy the cool fishnet dresses you used to have, but I found other stuff to fulfill my passion for pink💕 I love WeLoveColors!
By torchstar on 4/11/2023
I appreciate the range of sizes and am excited to receive the purchase and see if they actually fit
By Rashida on 4/11/2023
My reaction with the website was good but a challenging one too because I was not sure if I wanted to spend a lot of money today or wait for some time too pass before I did.
By Googly on 4/10/2023
The site was really helpful! I love that they have things set up to find matches to certain face paints, and guides for what to use for cosplaying specific characters! This purchase is for Jester Critical Role, but I'm excited to try these for homestuck as well!!
By Bennett on 4/10/2023
Everything was fine. It was quick and easy to find the tights I wanted.
By Sunny on 4/10/2023
love the selection and colors...can't wait to see product in person. :-)
By ali on 4/9/2023
Bulk ordering instructions were not clear. Checkout process took too long.
By Poppy on 4/9/2023
Everything was simple
By Mona on 4/9/2023
Love the products every time
By Bryn on 4/8/2023
I was looking for plus sized stockings which you did not carry. I saw the recommendation and instructions on how to make the tights into stockings. I love the colors.
By Stewie on 4/7/2023
All good.
By Mana on 4/6/2023
Simple, fast, and I know the products are great!
By Wimble on 4/6/2023
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