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Easy checkout, lots of colors to color match my body paint
By Seance on 1/14/2024
Clear ordering. I was replacing a set of tights I had gotten in a wrong size.
By Nyte on 1/12/2024
I love this website and their stuff is always easy to find and understand. I know im buying tights thatll actually fit.
By Hannah on 1/12/2024
Lovely, super easy to navigate, and overall great experience.
By Flower on 1/11/2024
It has been surprisingly easy.
By WickedNeedle on 1/11/2024
Good, love your website
By Hose lover on 1/10/2024
Very easy to order and east to use.
By Mrtaz on 1/9/2024
I love all the color options! It’s my favorite place to get tights since there are so many options.
By Courtney on 1/9/2024
By Seamless on 1/7/2024
The website was easy to navigate, I wished for more colours that I wear. I am actually from South Africa and ordered on my Vacation. I ordered many moons ago from you before. I love the quality of your `kneehighs. A luxury in my currency. Thank you
By Elma on 1/7/2024
This was the only online store I could find what I was looking for!
By NOLATechy on 1/6/2024
Very easy and a great select of colors to choose from
By Satisfied customer on 1/6/2024
Very easy to use I had a few questions about your tights and received a quick response which made me buy your tights.
By Mrtaz on 1/5/2024
I really appreciated the clear shipping dates and low shipping cost. It was very helpful to make sure my items will arrive before the convention I’m going to
By Nico on 1/5/2024
very fast easy no extra fees
By nay on 1/5/2024
I enjoyed the experience
By Val on 1/4/2024
Really easy to find what I wanted, and a wide selection range too
By gracelessAesthetic on 1/4/2024
Easy to find what I needed. I wish the prices were a little lower but it’s high quality.
By Eni on 1/3/2024
I was desperately needing neon pink tights for my daughters. My friend recommended We Love Colors to me! So impressed with the selection of colors and styles!!
By OkKatie on 1/3/2024
They had cosplay examples so I knew what to get
By Elle on 1/3/2024
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