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i love the color options and the size options
By poptart13 on 8/5/2021
i emailed to see about color options and they helped me in choosing the best for my costume very helpfull
By on 8/5/2021
Had corresponded with some workers here and it sbeen nothing but lovely, and very easy to understand
By cal on 8/4/2021
By Lil on 8/3/2021
We Love Colors not only has all of the colors you could ever need but they are extremely size inclusive which is amazing! Products are also reasonably priced and of great quality!
By Binky on 8/3/2021
I get compliments on my fishnet socks and tights. they are not easily available in NZ so I do tell people of your website.
By Elisa on 8/2/2021
If I remember correctly, it took a week before my package shipped out. I contacted customer service because I wanted to make sure I would have it in time for an event, and Susan responded promptly and was super nice and helpful. The items arrived in excellent condition and both looked and fit as expected. I would recommend We Love Colors because it is a very reputable company, especially among the cosplay community, with great, reasonably priced products.
By Kailee on 8/2/2021
I always order from you guys and I enjoy doing so but sometimes checking out can be really frustrating whenever I have to pick a shipping option. It doesn't always give you all the options and you have to reload the page until it does.
By Gabby on 8/2/2021
I would recommend We Love Colors.
By RORO on 8/2/2021
Love how clear everything is and the chart with mehorn makeup to the colors was extremely helpful for cosplayers like me, thank you
By Salty on 8/2/2021
I was turned on to We Love Colors by the phenomenal Bess and Marley. Tremendously talented troubadours. They really helped me find we love colors and helped complete my renaissance outfit.
By Borotan on 8/2/2021
Very satisfied with my purchase
By Online Shopper on 8/2/2021
Wonderful website and had just what I needed, will shop here again.
By ShanMarie on 8/1/2021
Listen, plain and simple. They are COMFORTABLE and last longer than any other tights I’ve purchased.
By L Y L E on 7/31/2021
My only complain I guess is that some of the light colors are a bit hard to see well on the white background, but finding more pictures of the ones I was looking at on the Instagram page was super easy! The size chart was very helpful and I found the colors I needed for my cosplays easily:)
By Zee-p on 7/31/2021
I just moved to San Francisco and I love to wear dresses, I knew that tights were going to be a life saver for me to continue to wear my dresses and stay warm! Being plus size, We Love Colors was the place to get cute colorful tights!
By AJ on 7/31/2021
I enjoy the product, its my go to for plus size items. It's not the cheapest, but you pay for quailty and availability in your size. I wish they offer arm socks premade for plus size people.
By 2_face_cosplay on 7/30/2021
I’ve bought from We Love Colors several times over the last 4 years. I am always pleased with the quality and selection.
By Little One on 7/30/2021
I've heard amazing things about WLC! Just made my first order and super excited to receive my tights! Thanks!
By Britt on 7/30/2021
As a chunky lady it's hard as hell to find tights that have colors or even designs beyond WE'RE GOING TO CHURCH or GRANNY WOULD APPROVE. So when I found this store I was very happy, and when I saw all the variety I was EXTREMELY happy, and when I finally made my first purchase I did a happy dance. 10/10 would recommend.
By Folly on 7/30/2021
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