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Satisfied and happy with product
By Dance tights on 5/31/2022
I've purchased gloves from you before, just needed other colors.
By LB on 5/30/2022
I love the color supply of We Love Colors and the inclusivity they promote. Their products are always amazing quality and I come back every time I need tights or similar items for cosplay!
By Psypris on 5/30/2022
Very straightforward and good experience overall.
By Bigbase on 5/30/2022
Love the variety of colors; love the quality
By Dr M on 5/28/2022
Love the tights, great sizing and colors.
By Bee on 5/27/2022
Perhaps I missed it, but I wish there was a way to view the details of an item from your cart instead of returning to the catalogue to view it, but the product descriptions where very informative and useful.
By Mattan on 5/27/2022
Being an ongoing customer, I have always loved the products offered by WeLoveColors. Always good quality and I have not been disappointed by the items that I have ordered over the years. I will state only this. If you are not living in the United States, it would probably be best to order using First Class International shipping. I have tried express before and it may be great within the United States, but not outside. But I believe sometimes items can get caught up at the border (customs), so First Class has proven to be more appropriate and less costly. Otherwise their tights are outstanding and the colours are outstanding. SO MUCH VARIETY! Highly recommended.
By Captain Canuck The 2nd on 5/27/2022
easy to use website
By MusicalMist on 5/26/2022
Your website is very easy to navigate as is the check our process. No notes!
By Morgan on 5/26/2022
Very easy to find what I was looking for. Easy to find sizes and what colors were available in that size.
By Beans on 5/25/2022
The website was easy to navigate and it was easy to make my purchase. It was an overall good experience. These tights are my go to for cosplay and I’ll definitely be purchasing some more in the future.
By OutThereGhoul on 5/24/2022
Easy to navigate and find products.
By Ceci on 5/24/2022
Very smooth checkout experience for the best tights available!
By Fairy on 5/24/2022
Easy to Navigate website and great selection of colors to suit your costuming goals
By BirbScrem on 5/22/2022
Easy to navigate and wonderful quality product, quick, reliable shipping
By Radhika on 5/20/2022
The website was easy to navigate and I found what I needed quickly. Checkout was a smooth process and I'm happy with shipping times.
By Luka on 5/19/2022
The number of color options is phenomenal. I'm very much looking forward to this for cosplay. You've got every possible tiefling color! I love that the color options are consistent throughout the site for easy shopping.
By Jane Q on 5/19/2022
First off, I really love the colors! Great selection. However, I was really surprised to find how much prices have increased since I ordered in October 2020. Thigh highs were $8 when I ordered last. Now they’re $13. That’s quite the jump, over 50% higher. Tights I ordered previously have gone from $13 to $16-17. In less than 2 years. Ouch. Also thought I would get free shipping, especially after spending over $100. Hope I love the product or I may have to shop around. :(
By Lilac on 5/18/2022
Great and easy service! The products are very good quality!
By Konra on 5/18/2022
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