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Found we love colors through YouTube as one of the few retailers of brightly colored or patterned tights for plus size. Would recommend to those looking for the same. Easy to find size recommendations and guides for my body type and wide variety of items to look through. Easy to find what you’re looking for.
By Nullobite on 1/4/2021
The socks I ordered were a gift but I had fun choosing the colors and style she would love.😍
By Sockman on 1/4/2021
I really love WeLoveColors! I have multiple friends that purchase from them and I have a pair of tights I ordered a while ago and they're great quality and great in color. They have an enormous amount of colors and items to choose from, and I really enjoy the company as a whole - the inclusiveness they have is something that's important to me and makes me feel good ordering from a company that is inclusive.
By Karsyn on 1/4/2021
We Love Colors has one of the best selections of color options as well as types of tights/ cocks / gloves - the best are the seamless shoulder and wrist gloves which are perfect for making arm socks. If they don't have the color I want I go with white and dye the pieces to match. I've also found they have some good resources for suggested colors and color/ makeup matches.
By Lauren on 1/2/2021
It's great website. What I have received fits perfectly.
By Online Shopper on 1/2/2021
Very simple and easy to purchase from with a nice selection! Would recommend to everyone!
By Rey on 1/2/2021
I liked the website and the checkout and hopefully will like the tights too! Weirdly hard to find white plus sized tights, lol.
By JJ on 1/2/2021
I just purchased my first We Love Colors products and it was a wonderful experience! The site was very user-friendly and I loved seeing the diversity of their products and models.
By Freddie on 1/2/2021
Such a fun site! A terrific collection of colorful accessories and children’s clothes! Just makes you want to smile!
By Becky on 1/1/2021
Love the products. But the website is not very intuitive. It would should me an item in a color when I was clicking through, then when I would actually select that color, all the sudden there wasn’t an image of the actual sock, it was just a color block.
By Yeahyeahyeah on 1/1/2021
Good product, reasonably priced, fairly durable. Would buy again, as I am a repeat customer.
By zengen on 1/1/2021
Please restock colors in the C/D size!!
By HoneyBrown on 1/1/2021
I’d like to see more patterns but I love that they don’t pinch my feet. Beautiful colors and perfect feel.
By Nora on 1/1/2021
I have always loved colorful tights but feel they can be difficult to find and aren't always available in a wide range of sizes. I was so excited to find out about We Love Colors! I started with just two pairs of tights but suspect that I will be back for more. The pricing is reasonable, the range of unique colors is unbeatable, and I enjoyed the transparency of the About Us/FAQ section of the website. As a business student and longtime employee (AND patron) of small businesses, I like knowing that I am supporting a small/family-owned business when I purchase from We Love Colors.
By sourgirl on 12/31/2020
I enjoyed the experience (second times). I love to wear tights and you have a lot of colors. It's wow...
By Benji on 12/31/2020
Easy transaction, quality products
By Allison on 12/31/2020
I sent an email asking about cancelling my order and never got a reply. Product arrived shortly after no problem with product but in future would properly search in my own country first to save exchange rate
By Online Shopper on 12/31/2020
Lovely! So many colors to choose from super easily!
By Ophelia on 12/30/2020
Very organized website, every color I can imagine is available. I’m going to test a black one to see the quality
By Jaimie on 12/30/2020
I like it!
By Erica on 12/30/2020
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