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I was looking for white tights for a costume I'm wearing. I'm plus size and it's hard enough to find white tights. Even with places that have my size none of then have white! So to see so many sizes and color options was amazing.
By Luna on 10/24/2019
I hope the colors are correct the little swatch color looked very different from the photo of legs wearing the tights for the yellow and orange. I went by the swatch color.
By Just me on 10/24/2019
I am a cosplayer, and WeLoveColors’ tights are surely going to work for me! I have heard they are great quality and the colors are apparently very accurate and vibrant from what I have seen. I cannot wait to receive my product!
By John on 10/24/2019
Great product and excellent customer service!
By pisces on 10/24/2019
I love the color selection. We'll see if the colours match the photo color.
By Colorful on 10/24/2019
This is the first time ive ordered, ill find out how it works out come Halloween.
By Fluffy on 10/24/2019
I have seen the products before. The website's color search option made everything so easy.
By Zeke on 10/24/2019
I loved the seemless grey gloves. Now I dont have to make my own! I am little saddened by how the gray thigh high color didn't quite match the gloves gray. But it all works!
By Jenn on 10/24/2019
I actually just recommended this website to one of my clients. We were discussing Halloween costumes and she said she wanted something to wear underneath her costume. I told her I had been using We love colors for years And that they have every shade you could want in tights and leotards and other dancewear.
By Cyd Starr on 10/24/2019
Buying from WeLoveColors is simple and fun! The site is so colorful and easy to traverse through! You can easily find the colors you need in the right sizes. The colors of the tights are so vibrant as well. They are perfect tights for cosplay and dance! I usually get them for cosplay purposes to make them into "arm socks." The prices are reasonable and the shipping is usually fast. Love these tights and this online store!
By Garnet on 10/24/2019
What I needed and hopefully will arrive before the deadline.
By Journey on 10/23/2019
Love the options and the great pricing!!!
By kmtrimble85 on 10/23/2019
I previously bought tights in order to make my own arm socks for a cosplay and they turned out great! Now I'm excited to also try out their gloves because I'm hoping they will fit my wrist better.
By Jessie on 10/23/2019
Good variety of sizes and colors
By Online Shopper on 10/23/2019
Anytime I need tights, or just something fun in a certain color I ALWAYS look to We Love Colors to fill that need. I come right to your site instead of ordering through another vendor because I know your shipping is fast, reliable and yall are just awesome!
By Magdalin on 10/23/2019
Better explanation of the different fabric choices for tights in one place, rather than having to click back and forth between styles. Actual photos of products in the "splash colors. Only saw one photo of gloves.
By Online Shopper on 10/23/2019
I was desperate to find a pair of tights for a costume that I could fit into - I am plus size and almost six food, so it's almost impossible. I was SO relieved to find this company!
By Nia on 10/22/2019
Amazing quality and fit like a glove although one pair had one tiny snag but over all amazing.
By Kyle on 10/22/2019
I’ve heard several great things about welovecolors. I bought a pair of their tights from amazon back when I first started cosplaying, so when I saw that they had a product I needed i wasn’t hesitant to buy it once I had the money needed!
By Joei on 10/22/2019
We Love Colors is amazing! The quality of their clothing is excellent, and they offer a wide range of available colors and sizes. They've got an awesome social media presence as well which showcases how customers use their clothing.
By purplesquirrel on 10/22/2019
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