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Overall the website was easy to navigate and I was easily able to find the exact product i needed in under 5 minutes
By Jax on 3/24/2024
The website was a breeze. I like the large boxes indicating the different types of products. That made my decisions quick and easy. Plus, I love the color choices!
By MandaLee on 3/24/2024 pless order and tiemp
By Jax on 3/22/2024
Honestly finding everything in the same color is really nice. I got a recommendation from a cosplay friend. But you need a dark mode please!
By Sammy on 3/22/2024
I adore We Love Colors for my cosplay. The variety of colors to pick from and get matching sets for is incredible and I use this site for all related needs whenever I need a colorful character.
By Lauracatt97 on 3/21/2024
hard to judge the actual colors of the leotards sot I had to buy 2 instead of one
By Online Shopper on 3/21/2024
It would be nice to know what day the order is expected
By Online Shopper on 3/20/2024
I love the various color options but hate that they aren't available in larger sizes for the styles that I want. Like the unitards. It would be great if they went up to at least a 4X.
By Mochadacious on 3/20/2024
Always know that I can get the garments in the colors I need for a cosplay in a pinch, very reliable!
By Snail on 3/19/2024
By Sunshine on 3/19/2024
Hope to have some shorts options in the future.
By Online Shopper on 3/19/2024
I love this online store due to it high quality tights, but last night I was trying to enter the page to place a order and the page wasn't working marking me kinda sad because I didn't know when it would go back up. Overall the shopping experience was amazing I was very easy to find the product list and the products have good info of the sizes and materials.
By Mantyhose_king on 3/18/2024
In general, I am very pleased, one issue I had was once I logged in it took me a bit of clicking around to figure out how to navigate back to the main shopping page.
By Jo S on 3/18/2024
Great experience. Wonderful selection of colours.
By Stella G. on 3/18/2024
By riley on 3/17/2024
Overall it's good website and service. My only issue is that the photos used for the products can be improved. Photoshopping the approximate color on to the same image for each color is frustrating because I'm not sure how accurate the color will be in reality. Some products don't have pictures at all, just sketches with the color added digitally. Also the posing of some products make it difficult to make out exactly what it looks like, the leotards in particular. I was trying to see the neckline of one leotard but it's absolutely obscured by how the model is posed and that's the only photo provided. Taking new photos of each product in each color would be a lot better. You could even take photos in a variety of lighting, warm, cool, neutral lights, etc. and backgrounds, in a white studio and in the sunlight outside possibly.
By Chloe on 3/17/2024
I'm glad these items are available for the cosplay community, and that they pair so well with Mehron cosmetic paints and makeup!
By J on 3/16/2024
I think the website overall is great my only wish is that some of the colors came in more sheer deniers. But as far as color options and how highly recommended this brand comes I really can't complain! I love it! I love colors!
By Nixie Nox on 3/16/2024
Never have I seen any offer SO many plus size tight options. The size range is incredible. The color selection is huge. Can’t wait to receive my order!
By Ash F on 3/14/2024
Excellent choices
By NA on 3/13/2024
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