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Love the paint matching recommendations!
By Laura on 2/1/2020
Welovecolors has high quality socks, gloves, tights, and other items in a large variety of colors! They're great for cosplay or adding color to your everyday outfit. A lot of the colors and styles are really diverse and size inclusive. They have products for women, dancewear, men, and kids!
By Emily on 1/31/2020
I truly enjoy wearing tights. As someone who works out at the gym I need a sturdier tight and the performance tights do the trick. I've worn ballet tights in the past but they're always black or grey for men. Here there's plenty of choice
By Leggings Dude on 1/31/2020
This is my first experience and I’m hoping that it will be the first of many. I failed miserably at making arm sleeves of my own for cosplay and these were right in my budget. I’m hoping the color is the same as the face paint I have. It’s seemingly super close. (So fingers crossed.) I love all of the options of different products! I would love if a morph suit type thing (I’m talking full unitard with fingers) was an option. The color choices are fantastic. And I appreciate the plus sized options. The kids sizes are cool too. Very inclusive over all!! Another thing I appreciate is the articles covering cosplayers! Super neat! OH and the shipping options was dope. Good to know I could blow my entire con budget if I needed to overnight something! Oh. And PayPal is awesome. The whole website is cool. I don’t know how much more you need but I hope the survey helps. Thank you!
By Twiggy on 1/31/2020
It was very easy to find the colors i was looking for and i know the project will be 100 times better with this product.
By Cwood991 on 1/31/2020
LOVE the selection for plus size. Being a bigger person, sometimes, well, all the times, it's difficult to find exactly what you want to wear. Not with We Love Colors. The colors are beautiful and the selection extensive.
By Kat on 1/31/2020
Always wanted to try this product and I'm glad I did. Recommended them to two other friends who also ordered tights from them and are also very satisfied with their purchases.
By Katie on 1/31/2020
This is the only place I buy hose any more. The colors and sizing are wonderful.
By Online Shopper on 1/31/2020
I've bought many tights from we love colors for the comfy feel being on my feet all day and to keep warm in the winter I recommend them for sure
By Online Shopper on 1/31/2020
I have always used this service for cosplay accessories, and when I decided on this most recent on I knew this was where I was going. I was not disappointed- being able to sort by color was a great feature that made it easy to find what I needed. I do wish that there were any sheer tights but the quality of their opaque tights can't be beat. I'm highly likely to recommend this service to a friend.
By Emma on 1/31/2020
The arm socks❤️😭
By Rin on 1/30/2020
I love how you have all the colors I’ve been looking for. Had a problem with the payment on my first time but worked out in my second time. The staff emailed my to inform about it and very helpful. Can’t wait to try them on.
By Miki on 1/30/2020
We Love Colors is a good site to buy tights and leotards if you're looking for a specific color and trying to color match. I wish they had more products, like crop tops and zentai suits.
By DTandA on 1/29/2020
I love being confident in sizing. My only complaint is they are often out of the most popular colors. I’m excited to see if the fishnets are as long lasting as the tights.
By Kitty on 1/29/2020
I have used and loved your products for years. My only disappointment this time is that you no longer have the diamond, checkerboard or animal pattern tights and knee highs.
By Janet on 1/29/2020
When shopping with WLC, they always have the colors I want and more and always have the size I need. I don't have any worries anymore about finding the tights or hosiery I need. This is the best shop ever.
By Gail on 1/28/2020
It was very easy to find tights to match my face paint! This will make my con experience much better!
By Hannah on 1/28/2020
It was a good experience! I only had one problem that was solved rlly fast within a day with an email to the company
By Jess on 1/28/2020
This site has been great as a cosplay resource and the compatibility with mehron face paint makes it a great choice for getting a consistent overall look without painting my entire body.
By Sarah on 1/28/2020
I first heard about welovecolors from cosplay and had been fed up with tights/nylons from the past. I bought a pair of the nylon/spandex tights and was amazed with the quality. i was a little concerned about the sizing as it seemed very general in regard to my height, (I’m 5’1, 115lbs) but ended up getting a medium. The material was thick, but not too thick like other brands. Even after washing, the tights were in the same condition as they arrived. I was also surprised to find that the material seemed to repel most pet hair (probably spandex). I love the diversity we love colors has for their customers and community, support all genders and sizes. They even recognized that many cosplayers who created arm socks from the tights and later launched long sleeved gloves of their own, making them more accessible for them. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good pair of tights that will definitely last and especially for cosplayers or Halloween enthusiasts because of the great range in colors.
By Natalie on 1/27/2020
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