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I wanted green gloves for my Robin (Batman's sidekick) costume and I got them--and they will match the green tights I got from you a few years ago.
By RobynR on 5/6/2023
Reviews and ease of navigation made the site really helpful! Checkout speed was a little clunky, but it worked out.
By Bets on 5/5/2023
Simple and straightforward. Happy an item I wanted stayed in my cart from last night. Large selection of colors. I'm familiar with the brand and the quality is usually pretty durable.
By Q on 5/4/2023
Great service
By Rose on 5/4/2023
I enjoy the range of products offered and especially appreciate the larger men’s sized long gloves. I have had trouble in the past being able to find information about if any tights and gloves are made from the exact same fabric (for matching purposes). also I wish all colors were displayed on a model for east reference. But otherwise I love the site and the product assortment.
By Andy on 5/2/2023
the only site I found with tights in the order of what I was looking for. A little confusing at first, but it worked out for me. I would have liked to have found some tights with a shine to them and possibly some stripes (but not splashes).
By Bobby on 5/2/2023
it was fine it was fast it was perfect for what I need
By Frisk on 4/29/2023
I love the colors and the product. A friend raves about this site so I decided to get my next pair here to try it. I wish the only long matte glove wasn’t so expensive, but it is needed for the costume. I can’t wait to get them and put the whole costume together.
By MsFae on 4/29/2023
This whole experience was great, especially since they sell samples of the materials to look over ahead of time before purchasing. Can't wait to get the gloves. Oh, and I got a coupon!
By Momtoast on 4/28/2023
1 try will see !
By whiskey man on 4/27/2023
Everything was very easy to find, and I'll definitely get more products in the future!
By Echocat on 4/27/2023
The website runs well and I was able to check out quickly. I have been buying from welovecolors for years, they have always been reliable!
By Viktor on 4/26/2023
all was well except for the leggings sizing options were limited to 3xl and below.
By Online Shopper on 4/25/2023
I appreciate that your site is simple. I wish you carried thigh highs in plus sizes.
By Online Shopper on 4/25/2023
Wish you had sheer pantyhose colors but overall found what I was looking for
By Shlyn on 4/25/2023
I love your leoards and tights! No other company (that I know of) as the color, selection and style designed for men. Hope to see more styles of leotards like thongs in the future. Love your stuff!
By Leotardinmotion on 4/23/2023
The site is super easy to navigate, and the sheer number of color options is amazing! If I ever do another cosplay, I will definitely come back here.
By Em on 4/23/2023
Expensive postage costs from US to Australia for such light items.
By Auds on 4/21/2023
I made a new order because my first order wasn’t exactly the color I thought. However, I can tell it’s very high quality and I do love the color selection.
By JL on 4/20/2023
I bought tights, recommended by a friend. Amazing array of color choices and info on products! When it asked for my name I put my first initial and it errored, saying my name must be at least 1 character.
By BL on 4/20/2023
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