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The site is easy to navigate. Seeing a picture for each product helps visualize how it may look on me.
By Gabby on 1/7/2023
I just love all the colors, styles, and the types of materials, especially nylon. The plus sizes really gives me a good selection to choose from.
By Franne on 1/6/2023
I love the feeling of the clothes here. I am confident in their sizing and that the items I bought will fit
By Keith on 1/6/2023
some of the color selections show a drawing instead of a model so it's more difficut to tell the true color
By Excellent selection on 1/6/2023
Overall the website is intuitive and easy to use
By Abby on 1/4/2023
Did not have colors in the size and style I wanted to purchase. Prices have increased. Trying a new style that I hope works.
By Nicky423 on 1/4/2023
Very easy website to use; found color i needed instantly, but ordered 2 color just in case the color match to costume is off
By Online Shopper on 1/3/2023
It is easy to use and the products are great
By Online Shopper on 1/3/2023
Very pretty and easy to use!
By Beau on 1/2/2023
I was pleased that the mock turtleneck leotard is available in all colors. Not so much the short-sleeved leotard that shows a very limited selection of colors. I’ve visited the site many times, looking for this product, but nothing in the color I’m after!
By the grennie on 1/1/2023
I would recommend maybe sharing customer review photos of your products. The lighting you show in your photos is not always common. I had to go and google 'welovecolors peach' to get photos of customers wearing the color.
By Katie on 12/29/2022
it was a quick and easy process
By dh on 12/28/2022
Website was easy to navigate, and sizing charts were clear to understand. Also love the fun colors!
By Online Shopper on 12/28/2022
Nice website
By Olivia on 12/27/2022
Very user friendly.
By Online Shopper on 12/27/2022
Every interaction is flawless and simple to do
By Kellie ann on 12/26/2022
The website offers lots of wonderful options. But the website looks a little unprofessional (odd logo choices, and unusual messages) that made me slightly worried about the security of the site and how my data and payment info are stored.
By CS on 12/24/2022
I have ordered from this site before. The prices went up since that last time. But I can be assured of exact color I need.
By Meran on 12/23/2022
The site was easy to navigate and to use in general. All of product information was clearly provided and easy to access. The overall look of the site is nice, but the function is what stands out, and I particularly enoy the user photos.
By Elspeth on 12/22/2022
As the General Manager for an online company I find this vendor to be fair priced for a quality product, the website is easy to navigate and they have a large selection even if you're a man who loves the feeling of tights/nylons.
By Leroy on 12/21/2022
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