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It was easy to find what I was looking for - there really were so many color options! The price wasn't outrageous either. I'd definitely recommend this place to my friends!
By Lisa D. on 4/7/2021
I enjoyed the overall experience and have heard good things about your products online so I'm looking forward to receiving them. The only downsides I found was that for the white stripped socks most of the colours were out of stock with no estimates on when they would be back and that it didn't clearly state if the price was in USD or had already converted until checkout. Other than that your website is great to navigate and am looking forward to receiving my socks :)
By steph on 4/7/2021
I selected the products to try a new material for socks since cotton dries my skin too much in the winter. Since I enjoy bold colors and having a pleasant experience with another a product, I decided to try their sock products. The mask was the push to make the sock purchase as I was not sure what the shipping price would be. I look forward to the new experience and hope that they work.
By timmy on 4/6/2021
Absolutely in love with the color selection and size variations. Site has a great lay out and it's super easy to find what you are looking for.
By Pantyhosed_Princess on 4/6/2021
Great choice of products. Quick response to my question
By Charlie on 4/6/2021
I do wish there wew more plus size options in colors and styles. I would of loved to get the suit but was just shy of the size requirements. I do love what I recieved though!
By Atlas on 4/5/2021
There is a huge slection of beautiful colors in reasonable prices. My only problem is that there aren't small sizes- the smallest is s/m which might be too big.
By DaisyEvra on 4/5/2021
By JROSS1691 on 4/5/2021
Honestly the best place to buy custom colour patterns for cosplay. The options and possible colourways are fantastic. The only reason I haven't purchased anything for a while has been because I took a break from cosplay (Which was my main reason for buying from here) but i wear the socks in my everyday life and they've lasted years of wear and tear. if i had one complaint it would be that their site can be a little laggy at times, but it's not anything too bad
By JadedBear on 4/3/2021
I was really surprised by the amount of colors. It was really easy to find products and the site was really pretty (and your Instagram is dreamy). I am a little bit bummed that the costs were not the same for all sizes. It’s not a terrible difference, but it still feels odd - also the sizing was confusing how is 1x starting at 5’2 and m/l starting at 5’5?
By Melinda on 4/3/2021
I was looking for options for a cosplay, and came across a tutorial to make your own arm socks. It turned out to be on the same site as the company whose tights were used in the tutorial. They have so many great colors! It was easy to find exactly the shade I needed, which I didn't expect. Very cool. Turns out they have premade gloves and such as well, but for what I want I stuck with the tights. I'm super excited to get them and get going!
By Piksi on 4/3/2021
I'm into vintage and historical styles of dress and was in need of some white tights for my spring and summer wardrobe. As a higher number plus size gal, this is no small order but We Love Colors had just what I was looking for.
By Misskhole1992 on 4/2/2021
Your Easter campaign reminded me it’s time to buy something fresh and new so here I am
By Patti on 4/2/2021
I love the quality of the gloves I bought. Brilliant colour and they feel awesome when on. They fit to perfection.
By Los on 4/2/2021
I have been returning to this company for YEARS for their selection of colors. No matter what my style mood, I KNOW I can find the perfect hue for my current fashion. Hands down the best tights and the best selection!
By Clover on 4/1/2021
I tried going from store to store and they had what I was looking for, just a simple thing like changing the colour of my shoe laces made a big difference
By Not afraid of colour on 4/1/2021
really love the color choices wish they had as many fishnet items as they did 10 years ago. wish there was an option to darken a shade to match custumes
By Danceteacher on 4/1/2021
By DeDe Rose on 4/1/2021
I've read great reviews, and finding gloves to fit my arms has been hard!
By Kristin on 4/1/2021
By Nym on 3/31/2021
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