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It's difficult to find tights that fit me comfortably and actually look pretty, it's always one or the other. The tights I got from We Love Colors manage to both and I friggin adore them. Next pair I get is coming from them as well.
By Folly on 8/10/2021
Really enjoyed the quality of the performance tights the bad thing is they no longer sale the old stock and changed material but I still love the tights and the great selection of colors they offer I will shop with them every time I want a good pair of tights.
By Trinket on 8/10/2021
I really love how WeLoveColor has teamed up w it h Mehron to make matching paints and tights super easy and accurate. It takes away a lot of the guess work of trying to order and match colors.
By Lizz on 8/10/2021
It’s a really good site for plus size options
By PLS on 8/8/2021
Great selection and just what I was looking for!
By Chris on 8/8/2021
I love how soft and comfortable the tights and bodysuits are. I'm excited to try the armsocks!
By Ellie on 8/8/2021
Color and selection is unmatched. Highly recommend.
By Pinkie on 8/8/2021
I’ve purchased many times and am always happy with my experience. This was first time I paid for express delivery and it didn’t arrive when I was told it would. Arrived as if I just did standard delivery. Was not able to use for a performance it was for.
By Little One on 8/8/2021
They weren’t as thick as I thought, but that’s likely on me. Overall I think they’ll work well and I’m excited to use them in my cosplays. I wish for the long gloves they added palm size and not just arm circumference because they may be slightly too small, but the large may have been to big for my hands. But they’re going to work way better than the cheap Halloween store gloves I dyed.
By Zee-p on 8/8/2021
Just ordered, we shall see.
By StrawberryNeisha on 8/8/2021
If you want brightly colored tights or specific colors of tights, no matter your size, this is the place.
By EC on 8/7/2021
I love the quality and variety of colors provided for the products!
By Moe on 8/7/2021
We Love Colors has amazing tights. As a person living in a plus size body I know their tights will provide great coverage and feel comfortable and non-restricting. Their website is easy to use, and I was able to find the products I wanted with ease.
By Eden on 8/6/2021
I liked the variety of colors and the broke down systems of organization. Things were mostly easy to find if you knew what you wanted.
By GrxngeBxnny on 8/6/2021
great service and great products.
By skipswims on 8/6/2021
The colors look amazing!
By Rachpunk on 8/6/2021
Found We Love Colors when shopping for tights and hosiery online, they have a wonderful selection of colors to choose from, and plenty of sizes available to meet most needs. I placed an order for several pairs of tights, and received everything quickly without any issues. So far, the tights seem to be of high quality, they look and wear great, and I am very happy with my purchase. I'm definitely going to shop there again <3
By jessana on 8/6/2021
The navigation and choices of the site made it super easy to find what I was looking for. I love the huge array of colors, and it's nice to purchase from an American vendor. The prices also seem fair without breaking the bank!
By Alirien on 8/5/2021
Love the color selection of nylon/spandex dancewear, especially the men's performance tights. Fast shipping and lots of accessories like gloves and knee-high booties and spandex socks. Just wish they had nylon/spandex leotards and briefs!
By SuperJay on 8/5/2021
I wanted a diamond fishnet shirt for an outfit, but the fishnet shirt available did not have big enough holes for what I wanted. I ended up just getting the diamond net leggings and cut them into a crop top, and it looks great and works perfectly for what I wanted.
By Kimmy on 8/5/2021
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