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I like the colors for the glove options but i wish there was a length option between wrist and long
By Sebi on 12/3/2019
I ordered gloves and tights previously for a costume. When I needed gloves for something else, this was my first choice. My previous order was slightly more purple than expected, so I wish that the colors on the site were a bit more accurate.
By Online Shopper on 12/3/2019
I made an order from We Love Colors about a month ago--and loved the product. So I thought I would give a few pairs to my daughters for Christmas.
By Kathy on 12/3/2019
I like how many notable cosplayers use we colors, and apparently the quality is high. However I wish the website design was a bit more mobile friendly. Also considering you're in Miami, I wish there was a way Locals could just pick up, or have it delivered to a site.
By Online Shopper on 12/2/2019
We love colors has a great color selection. I wish they had more fun options for tall, plus sized people. They are really expensive and never go on sale.
By Online Shopper on 12/2/2019
We Love Colors is my all time favorite company for tights and gloves for cosplays, specifically for characters with inhuman skin colors. I have also purchased a leotard in the past for a dance costume and it was remarkably comfortable. I've recommended We Love Colors to friends before and will continue to do so. My only gripe is the price. $35 for gloves is a bit pricey.
By Ghosty on 12/2/2019
I love shopping on this website due to the convenience and quality products. However, some of the pictures displaying the products (model photos) are at weird angles that make it difficult when deciding to purchase the item or not. Nonetheless, I would completely recommend We Love Colors to my friends and family.
By Lucy on 12/2/2019
These tights were so nice! Thick and soft, almost more like leggings than tights. Colors exactly what I was looking for. Will definitely be buying more in the future!
By Leslie E on 12/2/2019
Recently, I purchased these great tights from We Love Colors for a Hades costume because they were recommended to me by a friend who also cosplays. The main navigation is very simple to use, but things get a little more complicated when you pick your color. It can be confusing at first because there are so many options for every color (which is a good thing) but once you get the hang of it it's very easy to select your style, color and size. This is a great resource for cosplayers, dancers and anyone else who needs tights in any and every color you can think of. Would definitely recommend, and I plan to use them in the future for my other colorful cosplay adventures.
By Gels on 12/2/2019
Product delivered in a timely fashion, quality of product seems very high
By Online Shopper on 12/2/2019
I was so happy to find this website! It is so challenging to find such a broad variety of colors and fabrics of men's tights. When my friend was stuck trying to find men's colored basketball tights, I suggested this website. I will definitely order again. I just wish they had some kind of sale or deal during the holidays.
By Kevin on 12/2/2019
beautiful and wonderful. great experience. love the colors.
By Patty on 12/2/2019
Most of my experience was good, but I was unable to apply the sale code JOY19, as I did not see the place to enter the code. I had hoped to get a pair of tights free, but was not able to do it.
By Kathy on 12/1/2019
Love y'all forever.
By Jennie on 12/1/2019
I love that you have an easy guide to match your colors with melron face paints.
By Ariel on 12/1/2019
We Love Colors has the absolute largest selections of colored tights that you can find, they have them year-round, and I've always been able to get them in my size (!) which is amazing.
By Online Shopper on 12/1/2019
The socks come in all colors, and the fabric they use is exactly what I like my socks to be made from. The nylon socks are just right, not too thick and not too thin. They go nicely in all sorts of footwear from boots to loafer to slides. I just discovered the sheer anklets-they go perfectly with all kinds of new styles of shoes and I love the pop of color they bring to my outfits. And the price is nice!
By LindaLovesSocks on 12/1/2019
Great buying experience, the color drawing of Neon Yellow was off a bit, what came is a neon yellowish green. I don’t have to to return for my event.
By Stephy99 on 12/1/2019
The armsocks are great for cosplay, and there is a large variety of colors. Ironically, there wasn't the correct color I was looking for (rainbow quartz cosplay, a sort of lilac/lavendar mixed with purple) but I ordered a pink color and will blend makeup into it.
By Anne on 11/30/2019
Site came highly recommended from friends in the trans community. Thought I would explore my options.
By Evalynn Samuel on 11/30/2019
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