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Love all the different colors available and that they came in larger sizes not just one size. And love all the style options and the stripes.
By N on 12/3/2020
The best tights and socks ever, durable, colors are amazing.
By Best Ever! on 12/1/2020
Lots of colors and patterns to choose from, very reasonable pricing
By kathyg51 on 11/30/2020
Looked all over for colored plus sized tights and WLC had the best selection available. I love the multiple options for sizes and colors, I specifically wanted mustard or gold colored tights. This is my first purchase from WLC.
By Rani on 11/30/2020
I had a great customer experience. Staff was prompt in getting back to me. I used this website to order gift for family and found exactly what I wanted. Recommended website to daughter-in-law.
By Liz on 11/30/2020
I bought a pair about less than two months ago and they started having runs right away. I was disappointed because these nylon tights are way to expensive for them to be tearing up. I only like this site cause I can find the different colors that I need.
By Vanilla Bean on 11/28/2020
I do love We Love Colors as I think they work best for cosplayers and anyone looking for specific costume colors when it comes to tights, gloves, and leotards. However, I wish there were specific customer reviews listed for each item and also customer provided pictures of items after purchase. It makes me feel better about purchasing when I know there have been good experiences with the specific product I'm considering.
By Anna K on 11/27/2020
Love my new tights! Great stuff!
By Mr. Guy on 11/26/2020
We Love Colors is great. My business partner and I needed accessories for a shoot and I had remembered someone on a prior shoot pulling out a bag FULL of colored tights and being like, "where did you find all those colors?!" I had been waiting for the day I had a reason to buy from here for myself!
By Olive on 11/25/2020
I've been searching for plus size colored tights for months! Anytime I check Amazon they only go up to a size that fits people who weigh about 190 pounds. It can be really discouraging as a person who weights over 200 pounds. But a friend recommended We Love Colors to me! They had the color tights I was looking for in sizes that fit my body! I am so excited to get them and would definitely recommend to other plus size friends.
By Eden on 11/24/2020
Everything arrived on time and I was very happy with the products I received. I love the new seamless gloves.
By Magpie on 11/24/2020
I just bought several pairs of tights in fun colors and they had my size!! I'm so excited to get them and start wearing all my skirts in this cool weather.
By Jessica on 11/23/2020
I’ve been purchasing from WeLoveColors since I was a teen looking for tights for Dance Class. Always easy, always good prices, always GORGEOUS colors.
By Allie on 11/21/2020
I always see them used in cosplay so I am very excited to get my own pairs for me and my girlfriend
By Renee on 11/21/2020
There was a great selection of colors for the tights I wanted to order! No problem in getting the size I want. So nice to know that there is a fashionable site for plus size women!!
By Liz on 11/19/2020
My daughter recommended this site to me. I love the colors available. I also love that your models look real and not all skinny girls. Kudos to you for celebrating all kinds of folks.
By Jcb on 11/19/2020
I love that I can find items that will fit me as a plus sized woman in colors that are not typically carried anywhere else. I am active in performance arts and the colorful tights that I am able to get help make my characters memorable.
By LittleBee on 11/19/2020
You should see all the amazing colors they have! I can’t wait to get the tights. They will work with pretty much anything I have in my closet.
By TMG-Las Vegas on 11/18/2020
I love these tights and this company. It's hard to find quality tights in fun colors, especially for men! My wife and I both just got some and can't wait to get them!
By Mr. Guy on 11/18/2020
I would reccomend them for the options they have in clothing articles, wish they had more flexibility in colors though! Or custom coloring.
By Alyssa on 11/17/2020
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