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The products here make it so much easier to cosplay characters with different colored skin (pink, blue, purple, etc) without having to go through the hassle of body paint on your arms/legs. I've gotten my tights/arm socks here before for a Widowmaker from Overwatch cosplay a few years back and am returning for Persephone from Lore Olympus
By Em on 8/5/2019
I've heard a lot of good stuff about We Love Colors, so I decided to give them a shot! I was a little reluctant to buy the matte seamless arm socks instead of the regular ones because they were pretty pricey, but I really want my cosplay to be polished. The price makes me a little reluctant to buy any more than this, though, or too often. They have a million different colors, though, and it's really cool to look at the examples of their products through their ambassadors and contests and such. If this cosplay and this purchase works out well I might enter one myself sometime.
By V on 8/1/2019
By Anna on 7/6/2019
I have never had a bad experience with We Love Colors and it's the only place I can get tights that fit comfortably on my lumpy chunky body. The color selection is wild, too, so if you can't find a color that works for you, then it doesn't exist.
By Sarah on 5/22/2019
It was easy to order. Cheaper than on Amazon. Great online reviews and so many colors for plus sizes!
By Erin on 5/14/2019
I'm actually purchasing these to create a Steven Universe cosplay character. From the different tutorials I've looked into they are they most recommended. They seem like very high quality tights, so I'm excited to see what they're like.. I might end up purchasing other pairs for regular outfits.
By Samantha on 5/13/2019
I love buying from WeLoveColors because the quality and color accuracy is so phenomenal especially for the prices. The website is so easy to use and you know exactly what you’re getting and what you’re paying. I’ve only ever had one mishap because I ordered the wrong color and they got it fixed so quickly and easily. I won’t buy my tights anywhere else because I trust WeLoveColors so much for their high quality, low prices and amazingly fast customer service.
By Rhonda on 5/11/2019
Was very easy to find what I needed and check out! No extra hassle. Plus very cheap shipping & good prices.
By Ash on 5/5/2019
SO many options! Great colors, awesome styles. Easy to navigate, I loved it.
By Maggie on 5/1/2019
I love the amazing color selection
By Alex on 4/30/2019
We love colors is amazing and I love all their products 💖 the website is a little difficult to navigate on mobile but nothing that hinders my shopping experience
By Mo on 4/25/2019
We Love Colors still sells the same amazing range of tights as they did 10 years ago! I came back to finally get another pair of microfiber yellow tights and stocked up on other bright colors I can't get anywhere else. I even got a pair microfiber socks so I can wear some extra color in summer! I do wish they had photo samples of all the tights as they look in person but I made educated guesses based off of photos on their three different social media accounts.
By Alex on 4/22/2019
I hope they match!
By j on 4/22/2019
I know I can count on the quality and the color range is amazing. If I need a specific color We Love Colors is the first place I look.
By Katie on 4/17/2019
I love that they have pictures that show off their different colors, since color matching can be such a bear sometimes!
By Allie on 4/16/2019
We Love Colors has the best selection of colors and tight types. It is inclusive of all sizes and is inexpensive.
By Sammie on 4/10/2019
Yo, We Love Colors makes the best tights for armsocks, look how neat they are. Cosplayers love them, Homestucks are jealous of them, and they have like literally every color, omg.
By Amy on 4/8/2019
The variety of products is insane! I couldn't believe all the color options as well as the sizes available. The only downside I've seen so far is that when I was looking at thigh highs there was only one size available that probably wouldn't work for me. But that aside this is a great site and I'll more than likely use it again in the future.
By Nicole on 4/5/2019
Lots of beautiful colors! Can't wait to add more to my tights collection!
By Mae on 4/5/2019
I love the tights I order; when wearing my orange tights with my floral miniskirt and top I had great compliments; all asked where I bought the tights and I said ""
By Diana K on 4/4/2019
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