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Loved the variety of colors and options! Very satisfied with my experience!
By Meg on 3/1/2019
I love We Love Colors!! Very high quality and fast shipping!!
By Will on 2/27/2019
I enjoy purchasing from this brand. The first set of tights that I purchased are very comfortable and durable. I would recommend using We Love Colors.
By Elizabeth on 2/20/2019
The all day wear of the tights was so comfortable. I appreciate the fact that my size was in stock.
By Gam on 2/17/2019
If these tights work and are comfortable, I am going to buy them for all of my family members!
By Berv on 2/15/2019
I'm using the website on my phone, but it's a surprisingly easy to navigate mobile site.
By Danny on 2/15/2019
I know this site because of the gloves that they offer in a huge selection of colors for a fairly reasonable price. I had ordered from them before a few years ago and so since I needed some more gloves I figured I would check them out again. I do have some issues with the glove selection though as you don't get to see a picture of the product in the color you want and they just leave the sizing as one size fits all. That isn't very accurate when you are trying to order for plus size arms so it would have been nice to know the max stretch. I then had to order some fabric and this is my first time doing so from this site. It was odd. There aren't really any pictures of the fabric. I ended up checking out the facebook page to see what the fabric looked like. The price isn't terrible and I knew the colors should match the gloves so I decided to go with it said it said in stock. Once I got to the check out though it kept giving me the option to pick a different color. I never figured out what it was wanting and ordered the original color anyways.
By R on 2/11/2019
We Love Colors seems to be a go-to for a ton of cosplayers I know, and i see why! A large variety of leggings, tights and gloves makes body paint a lot easier to match!
By Lee on 1/27/2019
Last time I ordered, the computer put my old address from 9 years ago into the system automatically after I typed in the new one, and I didn't catch it. There was no way to intercept the package. i called, and everyone I talked to was friendly. We ended up waiting for the package to return to sender. Which it did. Very lucky. And they changed the address in the computer so it would never do that again. Whew. Glad it's not super expensive. Nature of online sales.
By Mel on 1/26/2019
They have tights in all colors of the rainbow, high quality and in all sizes. The ship promptly and i would recommend getting tights from them rather than any department store. It is so much easier to get them from the convenience of your home.
By Cynthia on 1/25/2019
WeLoveColors is very prompt. Asked for help with best tights to purchase and they got back to me on Instagram same day. Happy for the input!
By Amy on 1/14/2019
Excellent product and timely delivery!
By Angela on 1/8/2019
I would totally recommend We Love Colors! It is a place were you can find any size and any need of stocking or tights to fit any occasion.
By Keira on 1/5/2019
I love we love colors! There tights are very opaque and are wonderful colors! I will be recommending this to my friends as i have had a very positive experience.
By Liv on 12/26/2018
I was very pleased with the colors in tights you have. I will have to see after delivery if I like the merchandise and service. Thank you.
By Shi on 12/21/2018
Disappointed that sale items were limited
By RT on 12/13/2018
WeLoveColors made it easy to order many colors of the tights I love.
By Brandy on 12/11/2018
The products are wonderful and fit all the costumes which I use.
By Paul W on 12/6/2018
have bought before. Helps my legs with slight compression.
By DI on 12/3/2018
This is my favorite place to look for quality tights and leggings in a variety of sizes and opacities. I would prefer that there are pictures of every color tights/item on a model and in a few different poses. I also feel the website could use an update as it feels dated.
By Shea on 12/2/2018
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