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I am looking forward to seeing product to possibly purchase more upon satisfaction
By Terry on 2/4/2021
Just looking for tights with color.
By Baby girl on 2/4/2021
Great colors, great quality, accurate sizing
By Char on 2/3/2021
Determining my size was difficult as my tummy is very sensitive to tightness. M/L was too long, but the waist fit. But, I suspect the band would have still rolled into a strangling ring. I am too busy to go thru the hassle of returning. I suggest a really wide lace waist band with a ring of silicone. I love your colors but I need the style of these, which are offered in only black and grey.
I found a good source of brightly colored tights made from quality products in plus size. I am already excited and the shipping price did not scare me off
By Joyfool on 2/2/2021
I have been eager to make my Navi cosplay of the movie Avatar by James Cameron for just about forever! I love the size chart but I also wish their was a few more variation in color choices. The blue I was looking for does not quite exist.
By Ry on 2/1/2021
I love that We Love Colors sells plus size. The shipping is inexpensive and fast considering that it is coming from the other side of the country. I use this tights all the time and the expansive color range makes that even easier.
By CJ on 2/1/2021
I was worried the tights would not fit me but I looked at their sizing chart and picked the size I thought would fit me and placed the order. They have a huge selection of colours and the tights are super soft.
By Mara on 2/1/2021
I won't buy tight anywhere else since finding We Love Colors ! I wear skirts or dresses all the time and love to match my tights for color flow in my outfits. I can find every color I need here. The shop is perfect!
By Ballet Dragon on 1/30/2021
I love your tights and the sizes is fabulous
By Trestella28 on 1/30/2021
It was so fun looking at the many colors offered. I was able to find what I wanted with ease. I’m so excited to get my tights in the mail and wear them for the first time!! I will definitely share my experience with my friends!!
By Nettacutt on 1/29/2021
Dude, the colours are amazing. The tights feel really lovely, and the material is great. They don't run very easily at all, and they're super vibrant. Also, they're super cheap for tights!
By Solfegge on 1/29/2021
Lovely opaque colors, in a size that actually fits bigger girls. I will definitely be telling my friends the mix blue tights that I ordered fit like a glove
By Storm on 1/29/2021
Recently bought a blue dress and discovered that I didn't have a pair of tights to match. Had to order it right away.
By Lorraine on 1/24/2021
Great color choices in tights that aren't found elsewhere. Quick shipping.
By Kathyg on 1/18/2021
Wanted yellow fishnets for my wedding. The wedding has been postponed and changed several times during the planning process because of the pandemic. I've also had trouble finding a true yellow that wasn't gold or neon, just a plain ol' yellow. Plus I'm only 4'11" so finding any adult clothing that fits right is hard enough, let alone finding something so specific. But my search today yielded this find and I was very excited! We'll see how the tights fit when they arrive, but if the fit is right then I'm sure I'll purchase again the next time I need stockings.
By edeneige on 1/18/2021
Fabulous new to me site with footless microfiber tights. Great color range. Some patterns available; hoping for more soon. Great find for a plus size gal!
By Fluegirl on 1/17/2021
These tights were recommended to me by another cosplayer, so I feel confident about them working well. I also appreciated that We Love Colors gives a tutorial for making gloves out of their tights! I do wish they had more full-arm options for their seamless gloves, however.
By Miri on 1/17/2021
I found the best site for cute plus size tights and fishnets! they have so many colors, but I wish they had more sizess.
By Glasses on 1/17/2021
I love the thickness and long lasting ability of the tights.
By Ollie on 1/15/2021
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