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I love the amazing color selection
By Alex on 4/30/2019
We love colors is amazing and I love all their products 💖 the website is a little difficult to navigate on mobile but nothing that hinders my shopping experience
By Mo on 4/25/2019
I hope they match!
By j on 4/22/2019
I know I can count on the quality and the color range is amazing. If I need a specific color We Love Colors is the first place I look.
By Katie on 4/17/2019
I love that they have pictures that show off their different colors, since color matching can be such a bear sometimes!
By Allie on 4/16/2019
We Love Colors has the best selection of colors and tight types. It is inclusive of all sizes and is inexpensive.
By Sammie on 4/10/2019
Yo, We Love Colors makes the best tights for armsocks, look how neat they are. Cosplayers love them, Homestucks are jealous of them, and they have like literally every color, omg.
By Amy on 4/8/2019
Lots of beautiful colors! Can't wait to add more to my tights collection!
By Mae on 4/5/2019
I love the tights I order; when wearing my orange tights with my floral miniskirt and top I had great compliments; all asked where I bought the tights and I said ""
By Diana K on 4/4/2019
I don’t have my product yet, but I’m glad we love colors worked with mehron to match colors!
By Mollee on 4/2/2019
I loved the color selection as well as the photos of real customers. I have yet to receive my order, so I can't say anything yet about the quality of the product which is the most important part!
By kat on 3/31/2019
I was able to easily find what I needed and the price was good.
By Ashley on 3/30/2019
Where is the tracking for my package? I have received nothing. Very disappointing
By B on 3/27/2019
They had all the colors I wanted, but lots of them were sold out. Pretty inexpensive too!
By C on 3/23/2019
I got a pair for a cosplay and they the comfiest tights I own. I’m waiting on my second pair now.
By Kenz on 3/21/2019
I've seen WLC tights used all the time in the cosplay community, and a few friends have even used their products. I'm excited to finally work with a pair myself!
By Amanda on 3/21/2019
Needed it as part of a cosplay, well reviewed and recommended (thanks GinnyD). Super easy to find what I needed and order it without having to be worried about the quality.
By Kelsey on 3/11/2019
This was my second time ordering from We Love Colors. Tje first order i placed was for a pair of tights i used for armsocks for Mina Ashido and they turned out wonderfully. The material and color were great to work with. The check out process was really seamless and easy to navigate. I'm excited to get my next order to use for Widowmaker!
By Jen on 3/11/2019
I love these tights. They get through the winter. They last a long time and love all the color choices even though I don't buy many as I am on a limited income.
By Kathy on 3/9/2019
Loved the variety of colors and options! Very satisfied with my experience!
By Meg on 3/1/2019
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