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Great experience. Will like more if product good.
By VIN on 9/29/2018
Love the selection and varied colors! I also love the range of sizes.
By Jen on 9/25/2018
It's really easy to get tights in the color you need, theres an entire page that shows the colors on a model, so you can see what it's going to look like, especially when trying to color match.
By Meg on 9/24/2018
I was referred by someone in a Facebook group I'm in. I have looked at your website before but it so poorly put together I did not have confidence it wasn't a scam site until someone I trusted said they had ordered from you. I strongly suggest you invest in a better website (via shopify or wix perhaps), I think it would increase your customer base dramatically. Online shopping is all about how things look, and your site does not look very professional or legitimate. Even if I am very pleased with your product, I will be hesitant in recommending it to others because of how bad the site looks and how poor the checkout experience is.
By Mia on 9/22/2018
I wanted to replace the black tights from them that I've had for years. We love colors has the best opaque tights I've ever purchased at any price point and they last forever, so I knew what I was looking for. I've bought lots of tight from them in the past and I'm never disappointed. The site is easy to navigate, though it could be updated to look more modern and better reflect the quality of their product. If anyone is looking for tights, we love colors is the first place I'd recommend.
By Sarah on 9/22/2018
Honestly great! Ease of ordering, the first order was time sensitive and here when i needed it! Grateful for this company!
By Dacia on 9/17/2018
I purchased items for work. If they are exactly what I want and need I intend to purchase more for my colleagues.
By Karo on 9/12/2018
I've been looking for cute colored lights in my size. I bought a pair of soft shorts from Torrid and I wanted a pair of tights to wear under them since it'll be cold soon. I'm hoping these fit and are as rich in color as they look like they will be. If they are, I'll be ordering several more colors.
By Jenn on 9/4/2018
An amazing variety of colors and products! Fast shipping with lots of options. I love the social media presence of WLC and their love for the cosplay community.
By Tiff on 8/29/2018
Wonderful selection and fast shipping!
By Rin on 8/7/2018
I've been searching online for forever trying to find these specific patterned tights and we love colors had both of the styles I was looking for in every color under the sun and for a reasonable price. Thank you so much!
By Bri on 8/3/2018
Good products, great color selection. I wished there were more body tights, and if they were there I couldent find what I needed on the site easy enough to order, but overall a great way to get the right color tights for costumes.
By lex on 7/30/2018
The prices are a bit high but the quality is great
By Jasmine on 7/23/2018
Well every online tutorial recommends WLC's tights for making armsocks for cosplay, so here's hoping I am able to make myself a set that'll last me :)
By Chels on 7/15/2018
I actually just love We Love Colors. The quality is good and always has been and there are SO MANY COLORS--as the name would probably suggest. On top of that, over the years now you can get gloves, full body suits, tights, leggings, ANYTHING and ALL in such a wide array of colors. It makes We Love Colors PERFECT for cosplays and honestly the prices have always been MORE than reasonable.
By Carol on 7/11/2018
Im happy with my purchase. i always buy tights for cosplay from her ean dits super easy.
By Jaimy on 3/11/2020
I really like the size inclusivity, the ease of finding a sizing chart and the variety of colors. These tights were recommended in a newsletter I read. I thought the shopping experience was great.
By Samantha on 3/11/2020
I am excited to get to wear these piece for a costume!
By Anna-Belle on 3/10/2020
More photos of the different colours, plut a better description of what is the difference between the two material choices for the tights. Perhaps a close up of both fabrics ?
By kjkkhjlk on 3/10/2020
Beautiful selection and great products. Easiest on line buying experience.
By Nanamama on 3/8/2020
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