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WeLoveColors is very prompt. Asked for help with best tights to purchase and they got back to me on Instagram same day. Happy for the input!
By Amy on 1/14/2019
Excellent product and timely delivery!
By Angela on 1/8/2019
I would totally recommend We Love Colors! It is a place were you can find any size and any need of stocking or tights to fit any occasion.
By Keira on 1/5/2019
I love we love colors! There tights are very opaque and are wonderful colors! I will be recommending this to my friends as i have had a very positive experience.
By Liv on 12/26/2018
I was very pleased with the colors in tights you have. I will have to see after delivery if I like the merchandise and service. Thank you.
By Shi on 12/21/2018
Disappointed that sale items were limited
By RT on 12/13/2018
WeLoveColors made it easy to order many colors of the tights I love.
By Brandy on 12/11/2018
The products are wonderful and fit all the costumes which I use.
By Paul W on 12/6/2018
have bought before. Helps my legs with slight compression.
By DI on 12/3/2018
This is my favorite place to look for quality tights and leggings in a variety of sizes and opacities. I would prefer that there are pictures of every color tights/item on a model and in a few different poses. I also feel the website could use an update as it feels dated.
By Shea on 12/2/2018
I wish sizing were easier to understand, especially around how to find tights for tall people.
By adam on 12/1/2018
I just ordered two pairs of sky blue tights for my Lapis cosplay and I’ve seen quality products from this company through other cosplayers on instagram. The checkout process was quick and easy, as well as the shipping prices were not bad either. The prices on the products is reasonable as well, due to it being a quality pair of tights. However I was disappointed to find there wasn’t any promo codes or discounts out there.
By Kendra on 11/27/2018
Quick checkout, inexpensive shipping g
By Abi on 11/26/2018
I would totally recommend we love colors for tights. I would make sure that any promotional code you have, you enter before you use PayPal checkout because I didn’t and it completed the purchase without taking me back to enter a promotional code
By Ash on 11/25/2018
My old worn-out tights were from I Love Colors so I knew they had what I wanted. They have sizes for "big" girls like me, and they have tons of different colors, INCLUDING IN PLUS, which is unusual. Also their tights are very high quality - even though they're basically just heavy weight opaque pantyhose they almost never run or rip. There used to be two models of (solid color) tights in plus, and now they have a new one so there are three, costing between $12-16. I couldn't tell what was better about the more expensive ones compared to the cheaper ones, so I called their 800 number. It turns out they have a great article on their website explaining all the differences. I had tried to find this information on their website myself, but it wasn't at all clear where to look, but a very nice man in Customer Service guided me to it. That's where I learned that it's mostly the weight - the cheaper ones are 60 denier, the middle-priced ones are 70 denier, and the more expensive ones are 80. The article also said that the heavier weight fabric would show its true color better, because skin color wouldn't show through even where it was really stretched tight (let's not talk about my thighs lol). I decided it was worth the few dollars extra to get the better tights. There's a size guide on every page of the online catalog, specific to the item on the page, which is way more helpful that what most retailers do, with one generic size guide that's supposedly for everything but actually doesn't apply most of their products. This was especially helpful when I went to buy a leotard to try wearing to the gym. I have an exceptionally long torso, which means most things like that are too small for me from shoulder to crotch. But their size guides include the "girth" measurement, which almost nobody else does, so I'm pretty sure the leotard I bought will fit (and if it does I'll probably splurge and buy a few more). So bottom line, they have good product at reasonable prices, but it can be a little confusing finding all the information on their website; fortunately, they have good Customer Service.
By Jenny on 11/15/2018
I loved how easy it was to tell what size I would need. As a plus size woman, seeing a variety of sizes and colors and options is just so delightful. I would definitely recommend them to any friends in the neighborhood for new tights.
By Carm on 11/7/2018
My experience with We Love Colors was great. I was able to navigate the product I wanted with ease and receive a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend shopping here if looking for high quality and opaque tights.
By Lucy on 11/4/2018
The website is easy to navigate and there were so many color options! I haven't received the tights yet, but from what I've heard they are good quality.
By Autumn on 10/30/2018
We Love Colors has great products and fantastic customer service. I was trying to decide on a colour and a style and Ted was a great help. I am confident my purchase will function perfectly for dancewear and also be long lasting. I would recommend We Love Colors to anyone looking for wicked tights.
By Carly on 10/22/2018
I love We Love Colors. I recommend all the time. Every time people ask about my colorful tights.
By bb on 10/21/2018
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