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The shopping experience is very user friendly and informative. I love that they provide a description of the material and finish for tights too. It’s so nice to see the color variety and the attention to detail the company has on their website. This really made my first time shopping with WLC a worry free experience! I’m so excited to receive my first order from them!
By Monica on 3/8/2020
Their tights are pretty cheap for how nice they are!
By Blue on 3/7/2020
I would definitely recommend We Love Colors to my friends who are in search of some colorful tights because there honestly isn’t any other place that sells them. Yes the quality of them is good although one of my pairs I recently bought ripped almost immediately, but regardless I have enjoyed having them and am buying more today. However, I wish they were slightly cheaper or had a bundle deal for multiple colors! At the end of the day I’ll probably continue to buy tights from here because I love colors!! So seems like I found the right place!
By Grace on 3/7/2020
I purchased men’s tights for a community theater production. It was the easiest on line shopping ever!!
By Shortkutz on 3/4/2020
I would recommend due to ease of color-matching with Mehron and the helpful tutorials and guides.
By Gelly on 3/3/2020
This was first time purchased tights on line an from We Love Colors. The footless tights are great, they stay in place plus look good. Plan to purchase more tights in the future.
By Andy G on 3/3/2020
The items seemed of excellent quality. The reason for the return is that My costume changed and they are the wrong colors now,
By CS on 3/3/2020
Loved the site
By Online Shopper on 2/26/2020
I have sent my invoice to the rest of the officers of the Krewe of Carrolton so they can order. The service was great and timely.
By andecab on 2/23/2020
I love that we love colors have matte gloves now! It is so great to have that option for cosplay purposes!
By Midori on 2/23/2020
They have so many colors and styles to choose from! I only needed something pretty simple but maybe I will need some of their more exciting stuff in the future
By Becki on 2/23/2020
My ex husband helped me out in a pinch with my tight time frame before my performances of Cinderella in March. I found an easy time seeing the color selections and even used multiple devices to make sure it was the correct pair of tights I would need. The shipping options were expensive but the many different options were very helpful. I hope I get to enjoy them as much as I think I will.
By Jakenowicki815 on 2/20/2020
I love We Love Colors tights for cosplay and in general! I have a pair of tights that I wear on a regular basis and tights I have turned into arm socks.
By Online Shopper on 2/20/2020
I would recommend we love colors for any fashion needs for colored tights. I would also recommend for any cosplayer needing odd colors for skin types. I myself is using a leotard in maroon and light pink and white tights for pink diamond from steven universe!
By TwickyFox on 2/18/2020
Wide variety of color options for opaque products. Great for cosplay.
By Online Shopper on 2/17/2020
I loved all of the different options We Love Colors offered. I was able to find the right product for my needs and the check out process was simple.
By ArtyBDraws on 2/15/2020
Love you guys!
By urbana on 2/13/2020
I love the variety of colors and sizes available. Everyone is always asking about my tights and strangers are always complimenting me. Plus they are very comfortable, without that “rubber-band” waistline feeling.
By Faithy on 2/3/2020
Love the variety of colors and styles. Plus they’re super comfy! I’m tall so finding tights that fit comfortably is super hard! They’re either too short or too baggy. But welovecolors is perfect beyond belief 😍
By Online Shopper on 2/2/2020
Love we love color, great selection of products and colors for a great price too
By Tyler on 2/1/2020
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