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I would recommend WLC based on tights availability, sizing and aesthetic however shipping is exorbitant to AUS
By C on 11/30/2019
Website is a bit confusing because the color swatches for yellow when looking at products is different than the color swatches that are found other places on the site. But I contacted customer service through Instagram and they were very helpful. I asked which color I wanted given what I was looking for and they were able to give me the right answer. I ordered the tights and they came and they look wonderful.
By Rev3iry on 11/30/2019
Yoooooo i love this brand! I use the tights for cosplay bc painting ur skin is too much effort and nobody has time for that. It was really easy to find the color i wanted tho tbh i was lil worried the color wouldnt match my facepaint but luckily it did!
By Lily on 11/30/2019
I've heard that We Love Colors is one of the best brands for cosplayers looking to take their cosplay to the next level. Their tights are well made and proportionately priced and I'm excited to try them for myself. The website is also very clean and easy to use. I can't really think of anything to complain about and I'll definitely use We Love Colors products in the future.
By Chiliad Cosplay on 11/29/2019
I’ve heard great things about We love colors. I ended up buying a good few of my tights from here. I’m terrified of trying to sew arm socks, so this is a great purchase! These tights have been my favorite to use for cosplays
By Mo on 11/29/2019
I found some tights in a lot of colors. Good for costumes.
By Mika on 11/28/2019
Only tights that fit comfortably and are easy to put on, I love this brand of tights!
By Online Shopper on 11/28/2019
It's my first time purchasing from WeLoveColors. One thing I like about what I see is the rainbow of different colors of tights. This will be perfect for hard to match outfits. Plus sizes are an awesome bonus. Let's face it, we're not all size two. In fact, most of us aren't!
By EVE on 11/28/2019
They have any possible color of tights that you could ever need, in all sizes. I've bought several things from them in the past and the only reason I have to return this order is because I chose a style that I'd never tried before and it just doesn't fit as well. The return process is simple enough, although I'm still waiting on my replacement, so I can't really speak to how quick or easy the turnaround is. The shipping costs seem reasonable, though. Overall, I've been incredibly pleased with both the company and the products I've ordered. The colors are vibrant and colorfast, and the tights and gloves are of the highest quality.
By Moryssa on 11/28/2019
The color selection is excellent, and I am just hoping that these will be a true red and not a pinky red. I don't need anything else at the moment, but this is the place I go for a broad selection of colored tights. the price is high, but it's easy to find what I want.
By zabe on 11/26/2019
I love that the plus sizing is actually plus sizing! The stretch is good without being tight, and it’s so rare to find plus size options in tights and dance wear!
By Swanabelle on 11/25/2019
We love colors is the perfect place to get tights and gloves for cosplay with such a large variety of colors to choose from and such high quality products, it's my first choice to order from.
By Amber on 11/25/2019
I wish the product reviews were from the actual product I was viewing; I was looking at kids' tights and all the reviews were from plus-size cosplayers. Other than that, this is the place I go for bright tights for me and my kid.
By Gospodyina on 11/25/2019
I love the colors, the fact that they are available in plus size, and I’m excited to try the leggings, which will be more durable than regular tights
By Kay on 11/24/2019
Love the texture of your tights!
By Online Shopper on 11/24/2019
I love this site and the quality of the fabrics used. The quality is so good that I have used the tights Over and over long after I popped some runs or holes in the crotch and the rest of the tights remained in tact ! Lol
By Lara on 11/24/2019
I found the exact color of tights that I was looking for.
By Online Shopper on 11/23/2019
If you need a specific color for tights or for making arm socks, I'd recommend We Love Colors, especially since they are Florida based!
By Moira on 11/23/2019
I have been looking for plus size tights for my boss since i don't trust amazon. I will give this a try to see if the tight fit enough boss. If it is then i would recommend this to friends.
By neko on 11/22/2019
The quality of the tights was great and fit perfectly. I will be ordering others soon.
By Kathy on 11/21/2019
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