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Easy to order. Can't wait to see the product.
By Jess on 3/14/2019
As a plus size woman, finding tights that fit is very difficult. When my tights came in 2 days, were a gorgeous shade, and fit(!) I was thrilled with the whole experience
By Kate on 3/13/2019
I wanted armsocks and the cheapest pre-made set was $80! With tights here being only $10, I can make 8 sets by those standards! Much better pricing and I hope they arrive here quickly.
By Jess on 3/9/2019
I'm purchasing a bunch of tights for a costume, and I'm so relieved and excited that I can get them all in the same (correct) color! I waited to the last minute, and they're still going to arrive on time, and I'm honestly over the moon.
By Dana on 3/7/2019
I have never had a problem using we love colors I love them!! Anything I need I go straigh to them for and the price are amazing!!
By Kei on 3/4/2019
When I bought the tights, I was highly impressed by the price compared to what I see in stores. It came in and had the exact color I needed- perfect for my cosplay. It lasts so long and I will definitely be buying from here again. It was a perfect fit for a plus size lady.
By Sarah on 2/17/2019
I love the quality of We Love Colors, but the website isn't very well put together. It's kind of a mess and the only way I can find what I need is my using the search and then skimming. For instance, I wanted elbow length gloves, found them for men and not women, the men option isn't being carried anymore, so I couldn't even order the color I wanted in that, so I had to order the shoulder length, which isn't what I really wanted.
By Laura on 2/17/2019
We love color tights are perfect for cosplayers (which many of my friends are) the website looks a little out of date and a bit unorganized, but the checkout is simple and the prices are perfect
By Lina on 2/12/2019
We Love Colors is my go to for cosplay. I've never had trouble finding the color I was looking for and the prices are always affordable.
By jaime on 2/8/2019
I had We Love Colors reccomended to me by the Two Bossy Dames newsletter and I'm super excited to have beautiful, colorful, tights that don't suck.
By Mere on 2/4/2019
We Love Colors has a wonderful variety of colors perfect for cosplay
By Lauren on 1/23/2019
Lovely collection but It is difficult to select colors, it would be good if the selected color shows up in a bigger box or on a model for reference. Many printed patterns did not show a sample when selected. It is difficult to determine the design in 1cm x 1cm sample.
By Kriti on 1/18/2019
My coworker shops through We Love Color and loves the products. I was looking for new tights/leggings etc since my favorite brand discontinued. I’m looking forward to receiving my order and seeing if these will be my new go to tights!
By Jenny on 1/11/2019
My experience with this company has been great! I am able to find colorful plus-sized tights at a reasonable price.
By Kathi on 1/7/2019
I love this site and the products and the whole vibe, but the actual experience of putting something in the cart and checking out is pretty janky. It would be great if out of stock options would be greyed out, for example.
By EV on 12/26/2018
The products are amazing and there are tons of great options available and for really affordable prices. I've never had a bad experience purchasing from them and I enjoy purchasing from them when there is something that I need or want.
By Savannah on 12/8/2018
I was looking for heavier tights in plus sizes, because of how cold it is I need something warm but lightweight to wear under my pants and leggings. I was bummed that they didn't have super warm materials but from my experience in the past these tights are amazing and really strong so I still bought a pair. If I wasn't saving up money I would've bought two pair. Plus crazy great sizes!!
By Marga on 12/5/2018
Best color selection and quality of tights you can buy. I wear them til they die and that means years.
By Christine on 12/5/2018
I love the size and color availability for women's plus size tights. I would love some pattern availability like hearts or faint dots in plus size.
By Nicole on 12/4/2018
I've bought We Love Colors tights before and they are SO sturdy! By far my favorite tights of any I've ever owned.
By Kristina on 11/21/2018
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