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Such amazing tights for plus size ladies
By Laura on 11/5/2020
I love the fact that you have footless tights! Everywhere else has gone to leggings. And the colours are amazing!
By rd5 on 11/4/2020
Instead if searching for tights from a dept store, I went to We Love Colors and ordered several pair. The size and color selection is great. The price is higher, but you know you have them rather than fruitlessly searching. I wear tights about daily in cooler weather and am looking forward to wearing all these this winter!
By Kate on 11/3/2020
I ordered fuchsia tights to go with a dress that I'm wearing to a tea party that will be featured in TeaTime magazine. There is a styled shoot. It is hard to find fashionable bright colors for plus size women. I am excited to wear them with my black and fuchsia dress from eshakti!
By rneckowi on 11/2/2020
Excited to try my new tights! Had trouble finding Navy with spandex
By Debba on 11/2/2020
The quality of the product is amazing, and these tights will last for years. They are well worth the money. The range of colours is also great. I buy from here at least once a year.
By Steph on 11/2/2020
I’ve been looking for a relatively thick pair of tights in my skin color and have not been able to find anything. Everything is either super thin or fleece lined. I wanted something in between and these tights seem perfect. I do wish that they had more skin color options. I chose peach because it seemed closest to my skin color but we’ll see.
By Jess on 11/1/2020
I love the enthusiasm of this whole site! I am obsessed with tights that match my outfits. The variety of colors and range of sizes is AMAZING. I can't wait to wear the 7 pairs I ordered, it makes me joyous.
By Ballet-dragon on 11/1/2020
I love the options of all the different colors and options of the footless tights
By Willywonka on 10/31/2020
This is my second order. I love the range of colors and the tights seem to be of excellent quality.
By Cheryl on 10/31/2020
I have been looking for a place to find colorful tights, gloves, and things for cosplay for a long while. I found this while looking at Mehron's article and am so satisfied I sent it to other cosplayer friends.
By Rina on 10/30/2020
I've been looking for colorful tights for fall and winter and happened upon this company on Amazon. They had so many incredible colors for an awesome steal! Within 30 minutes of shopping I had purchased 3 tights and I cant wait for them to come. Checkout was so simple and delivery will hopefully be fast.
By RJ on 10/28/2020
I love that We Love Colors has plus size tights and will definitely recommend them if I like the tights. It is my first time purchasing so so far I can only speak to the website experience. But the site is clean and easy to navigate even on mobile. I love the range of colors available, eventhough I was only looking for neutral options today.
By Carly on 10/27/2020
They have an amazing selection of colors, the tights fit great and are super comfortable. They also are thick enough to hold up to a lot of wear, and that's coming from someone who rips most tights on the first use. I have a few pairs that I've owned for years and they are still wearable. The prices are great too, they are definitely my go-to for tights.
By Kelly on 10/24/2020
The tights look really cute, come in all sorts of fun colors, and actually come in my size! The prices don't break the bank either
By Sara on 10/23/2020
I bought this for a friend, since it is darn near impossible to find any tights for any occasion, in colors... ESPECIALLY larger sizes! It was so exciting to have options other than simply black and white. AND to have the option of getting some of the softest, most comfortable tights, in large sizes! Can't wait to need colorful legs for another costume!!
By CaryB on 10/21/2020
I love my tights. I'm 5'6 and 315 lbs so I ordered EE. they fit perfect! I recommend them to anyone my size or smaller. But on anyone bigger than me, they would not fit, and I know a lot of women who are bigger than me. Please consider America's obesity epidemic and the fact that obese is the new norm, and consider adding more, larger, inclusive sizes
By Jill on 10/21/2020
I needed tights for a Halloween costume and my aunt who is a costumer for a theater company recommended We Love Colors. I was totally shocked that they had tights designed to fit men as large as me (56 pants size, 340 pounds). Totally reasonable prices. I'll have to remember them when my daughter gets back into Ballet.
By Sean on 10/20/2020
There was a huge selection but the filter option on the site was a little glitchy and took me a long time to find what I was looking for cause it wouldn't keep more then one filter. But they had plus size tights which are hard to find, specially in so many colors and types.
By Jazzamatazzy on 10/19/2020
Amazing! The colors match the Mehron face paints very well! Amazing fabric texture and the tights don’t snag easily!
By Jun on 10/18/2020
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