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It was hard to figure out which tights would be durable enough but not go overboard in pricing. They were pretty high priced.Great selection of colors and sizes.
By Rachel on 11/20/2018
I love the color range and the size range. However, I would like to see an example, even if its digital, of how the tights look in each color that can be selected, instead of just a sample box of color. I would also like an option to compare certain colors, especially of the same color variety, side by side. I would recommend it for size and color options, though.
By Cai on 11/14/2018
They have tons of colors and lots of plus size options. I just wish they had plus size thigh high options, as their one size thigh highs are tight on my thigh and tend to roll. But I like to go to them for cosplay for colored tights and gloves. I am also very tempted by their dancewear leotards/unitard
By Hillarie on 11/12/2018
This company has any color tights you could possibly want and in all sizes even very large sizes. I love this company for this.
By Marilyn on 11/6/2018
Since I haven't received my order yet, I don't know if I'd suggest We Love Colors. I've heard a lot of great things, though, and the sheer variety is really impressive, so I'm looking forward to trying out the tights!
By Michelle on 10/22/2018
I appreciate the sizes We Love Colors carries and the prices are much cheaper than most size inclusive places!
By Tish on 10/18/2018
I found exactly what I needed and the price is very affordable. I’m hoping this works well for my cosplay
By Whit on 10/14/2018
I'm super happy to have found you (my aerials teacher told me about you) and it's great that you offer all these options. However, I found the product selection process, especially all the different plus sized tights options, very confusing. There seemed to be several different splash options, for example, and different weights of things, different sizes... plus trying to choose splash colors was a bit frustrating because I kept having to go back and look at a different page. I think the descriptions and options could be simplified on the main page.
By Jackie on 10/13/2018
Looking forward to trying your plus size tights!
By Kirbie on 10/10/2018
I love welovecolors and use them for all my figure skating and cosplay needs! I recommend you guys every chance I get!
By Emily on 10/6/2018
Great products from a great company
By Sarah on 10/3/2018
I would have liked a better web experience, like seeing the actual product in the color selected.
By Michelle on 9/30/2018
The color options are fantastic, and I really appreciate that they offer plus sizes.
By Laura on 9/29/2018
I was checking everywhere for plus size tights for my Halloween costume and future cosplay, and Amazon had an okay selection but it was a little pricey and the color wasn't a very close match even though it was the right size. So I saw the name of the brand "welove colors" and googled it and found MORE colors and size options at a cheaper price. I'm totally over the moon about it and I am so excited to buy more from them.
By Dani on 9/26/2018
I have purchased from We Love Colors before. I am very happy with the quality of the product, i was so frustrated trying to find tights in a plus size. Ordering from this company is quick, easy and affordable.
By Pamela on 9/22/2018
It was difficult to navigate from the cart to the site again and continue shopping as I didn’t want to click back
By Chel on 9/21/2018
The website and checkout is not optimized for mobile, so it would be easier to purchase through a computer. I liked the product selection but not all the colors it was available in were visually listed, but they were listed in the drop down menu, so double check that if you don’t see a color you want. The color guide is not the best, some colors look vastly different in person and the products they use in the color guide pictures are sheer and show the skin tone mixed with the color which is further confusing. Overall the website offers a good selection of products but the website could be perfected and tweaked.
By Sarah on 9/18/2018
Always fit! Always the correct color! Always unusual! Always COLOR!
By Molly on 7/29/2018
Love the plus sizes and the colors
By Plus and sexy on 3/2/2020
I wish there were more shades of pink. Neon pink is too bright, but light pink is too pale.
By solive on 2/28/2020
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