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There selection of colors is fantastic! You just can't find it anywhere else!
By J on 10/27/2019
First time ordering, and so far so good! I’m very impressed with the range of colors and styles available... it’s huge! Now I just need to wait for my package to arrive to make sure the colors match my costume. Very excited to try the arm socks!
By Mel on 9/17/2019
This was my first time purchasing from Welovecolors, so I am unable to judge the quality of the product ordered. However the ordering process was simple and quick, and the color comparison chart between Mehron and welovecolors made my selection a lot easier. I hope to order from here again for future cosplay needs if I am happy with the product when it gets here.
By Ash on 6/7/2019
While i think the prices are great and website is easy to use, when using a search engine, i am unable to locate using key words when trying to have an idea of where to make purchases. I was only able to find the website because a friend gave me the web address. The only thing i would think about changing is maybe somehow adding more key words and making the website easier to find for other people that are trying to find products liek these.
By Jordan on 6/3/2019
I'm concerned the new version of the opaque tights will not be as solid as the old version, but I love the large selection of colors and have had good experiences in the past. If the tights are not as thick and opaque as they used to be, I will probably not come back because they are a little bit pricey, but worth it if the quality is there.
By Marisa on 5/10/2019
I went to order plain light pink tights but they were out of stock in the size I needed but luckily they had another option (the nylon tights). I’m still a little confused on the sipping though. They had the different options and they showed the prices for each but I have no idea how long each of them would take to actually get to my house. Even though I ordered from them before, I don’t remember how long it took. I’m going to need the tights in less than a month so I sure hope it doesn’t take that long. I just went with the cheapest option for shipping but I’m just hoping it’ll get here in time. Otherwise, everything else went smoothly. The rest ordering processes was clear and easy.
By Lauren on 4/28/2019
I love these tights. They wash up nicely and I make them last for many washes. They are sturdy and don’t fall down. I have been ordering their products since 2006.
By Karen on 4/25/2019
I know they are very good.
By Page on 4/22/2019
Not a fan of only having binary gender options available. I wish diamond pattern tights were available in plus sizes
By Val on 4/18/2019
love it!
By bri on 4/12/2019
I'm so excited to try out the arm socks (long matte gloves) and hopefully now have a much easier time with painted bodies! Though I do wish there was faster restock on sizes and colors I've seen be sold out since day 1 of the gloves
By Meg on 4/8/2019
I have some of their tights, and i really like them. Their website is a little wonky-- like, you hit Tights, thinking that it will open up more tights options, but it doesn't. And they let you believe that they still have sale items in your size, but then when you click on the item, it's out of stock. For example, every medium clearance tight is out of stock. They should just say that when you click size medium.
By Monique on 4/1/2019
The website was easy to use & the color selections were in stock. It was a good experience for the pest time purchase with them.
By Brittani on 3/30/2019
This site has every color and pattern of tights you can imagine. Great if you are looking to match a cool outfit , for costumes or recitals
By Mart on 3/30/2019
there are a variety of different colors and styles. If you ever have issues finding socks, leggings in any color you should come here.
By Alys on 3/30/2019
I made a purchase last week and the tights are too large. So I’m buying the next smaller size. I went by your chart and My weight is high, but Ibguess I’m compact since I’m muscular. Anyway they gathered around my ankles and I had lots of extra tights that I kept having to pull up.
By Deb on 3/23/2019
I would recommend We Love Colors to friends. You have a great variety of colors. Can't wait for my order to arrive. Knee injury need to hide my scar. Now I can wear dresses!
By Bren on 3/23/2019
The largest size of footless tights are such a bizarre shape that the waist went up to below my boobs and the leg parts would not go further up than the lower thighs. I ordered size EE based on my weight, so they should have fit. I ordered the same tights years ago and they did not have the constricting thigh things. So disappointed and yet don’t want to return them because that requires writing my credit card # and expiration date which is really insecure.
By K on 3/22/2019
The ordering process was quick and easy and I've heard many positive things about We Love Colors in the cosplay community, so I'm eager to try it for myself!
By Callie on 3/20/2019
I would recommend welovecolors because of its versatile options, but the navigation could definitely use some improvement. The huge amount of different types of tights was a little overwhelming and didn't feel like it had much organization from a customer's perspective.
By A on 3/20/2019
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