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I really wish you guys carried more EE and 6x+ options! I love what you guys carry but wish there was more! You guys have an amazing selection overall. More so than most.
By Cocoa on 11/21/2019
I was completely wowed by color choices and the fact that was true plus size tights. That seemed to be made well, this is very important to me. My one pair of really good tights I already own, I have had them for 10+ years without any issues. I hope I these will join my old faithful pair.
By Stephy99 on 11/20/2019
I haven’t heard of WLC but it was recommended by lots of people in a FB group I like. The selection of solid colours is excellent; the patterns not so much. The prices are higher than some places, but they are supposed to last a long time. And they have a great range of sizes - up to 8X.
By Anon32 on 11/19/2019
quick, great selection. would have liked more about how the types differ.
By Jenna on 11/18/2019
I actually felt great when I saw that my initial purchase actually fit. So I told a fellow teacher upon arriving at work.
By vinsonro on 11/18/2019
They have every color and size
By Shar Starr on 11/13/2019
I was surprised by the selection of colors and sizes. And the prices. I expected to pay more for plus-size tights than I did.
By KC on 11/13/2019
we love colors has a lot of tights in a wide range of sizes and colors. idk about the quality or denier, just ordered. seems promising!
By sarah on 11/12/2019
I wanted, and thought I ordered, panel tights. What I received are NOT panel tights. I went online to complain and check the item carefully. I see only certain sizes are panel tights. NOT HAPPY! This was not clear.
By Online Shopper on 11/10/2019
Pretty much the only place I buy tights. Ordered three pairs of the same kind in various colors. Very much appreciate the detailed size charts.
By Online Shopper on 11/6/2019
I have ordered from you guys before. I instantly fell in love with my first pair. As a plus size person it’s hard to find tights that not only fit well but, are priced reasonably. That’s so rare! With the winter time coming up I went ahead and bought a few more in fun colors and I am so excited!
By Cocoa on 11/5/2019
I log on and it was super easy to find what I was looking for! They have plus size stuff and that is EXACTLY what I need, and their size chart is accurate and the materials are very good. The site is easy to navigate and is very lively. I would definitely recommend!
By Ginger on 11/4/2019
needed to get some tights for a comic con and it was so hard finding plus size tights. im super happy with their options, but it really sucks that they charge more for certain sizes. it seems really unfair. im not sure of the quality but I may end up using them again in the future.
By shay on 10/26/2019
I would love to give an in depth review once I recieve my order. I could also add a video to my youtube and instagram accounts.
By Online Shopper on 10/25/2019
Amazing quality and fit like a glove although one pair had one tiny snag but over all amazing.
By Kyle on 10/22/2019
This was my first time shopping with We Love Colors. It was very easy to navigate the website and fast purchase.
By Online Shopper on 10/21/2019
I ordered green tights for a Halloween costume. They are beautiful, nice quality! They arrived sooner than expected. I will definitely recommend this company to others.
By J Kat on 10/21/2019
Decent online shopping experience! Appreciate the format of the main page too! Very appealing.
By Melon on 10/21/2019
The variety of color options is fantastic. I was impressed by the fact that I could get something for my body type and in the color I wanted with very little effort.
By Online Shopper on 10/18/2019
I think your website works well, and the options a great!
By JH on 10/16/2019
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