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It was super easy to find what I needed and to place my order. All the charges were explicitly stated to me before I placed it in case of something going wrong or not looking right.
By Hypno.Veil on 3/3/2020
The selection of colors is amazing! And they have plus sizes, kids, mens! I love it. As someone who enjoys cosplay and likes to use tights instead of body paint all over this is definitely a website I will be using more often!
By Gabby on 2/28/2020
This was a wonderful company. I love that it caters to all sizes.
By Gchan on 2/24/2020
Love all your coolers, I wish there were more spandex to hold shape while wearing
By Online Shopper on 2/18/2020
Great texture and feels great
By sugarbare on 2/15/2020
As a larger woman I look for products that fit me and have a good colour range. I will now have a good selection to match clothes that I have in preparation for winter.
By V on 2/3/2020
Like the feel and texture of product and texture.
By sugarbare on 2/2/2020
I love being confident in sizing. My only complaint is they are often out of the most popular colors. I’m excited to see if the fishnets are as long lasting as the tights.
By Kitty on 1/29/2020
I make it a point to support local creators so when I found out We Love Colors is based in my city, I was over the moon. Perfect for cosplays and so easy to check out. Definitely essential if your looking to incorporate some COLOR in your life. Highly recommend!
By Vander Universe on 1/26/2020
There’s a lot of options for colors and it’s fairly priced!
By LuciBastos on 1/24/2020
it was super easy to buy and check out
By Madi on 1/21/2020
This is the only website I got to when I need stockings or gloves for a cosplay. The material is good, and the tights are always nice and opaque. Having the options for plus sizes are also a plus! Any time anyone needs gloves, this is the first place I recommend.
By Pluvicorn on 1/20/2020
I don’t know yet haven’t tried them
By Online Shopper on 1/19/2020
Love that you’re the only retailer who had the color and size I wanted in stock!
By Arenlee on 1/19/2020
Every color I could possibly want! Basic website with a detailed size chart. Would be better if all color selections had a photo example.
By MaryMac on 1/16/2020
WeLoveColors is fantastic for armsocks, funky colored tights, and anything you could possibly need for cosplaying a character with an un-natural skin color.
By Vincent on 1/12/2020
The tights and gloves make cosplaying Star Wars alien characters much easier and comfortable, as it reduces the amount of body paint I have to use. The colors are all strong and match well with Mehron makeup, and the quality is excellent, so I can go around all day without worrying about getting a run or rip in my tights; one less thing to worry about at a con or parade.
By Gretchen on 1/7/2020
Product delivered in a timely fashion, quality of product seems very high
By Online Shopper on 12/2/2019
beautiful and wonderful. great experience. love the colors.
By Patty on 12/2/2019
Only tights that fit comfortably and are easy to put on, I love this brand of tights!
By Online Shopper on 11/28/2019
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