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I was thrilled that We Love Colors has exactly the right color I need for She-Hulk, especially since I'm growing tired of the body paint. I wish that what I bought on clearance had a photo; I'm going by description alone. I'm very excited about the gloves, since it's so hard to keep body paint on my hands. I just wish that We Love Colors listed the length of the glove past the wrist. I couldn't decide between the S/M and the L/XL because I'm on the borderline, but I really want the tights to be tight. I hope there's a good return or exchange policy, just in case.
By AnimeMom on 9/4/2020
Great selection of colors, can’t be beat
By Greg on 9/4/2020
Excellent product. Quite durable. Would definitely recommend.
By Kaz on 9/4/2020
This is exactly what I was looking for.
By wed on 9/3/2020
I am obsessed with footless tights/leggings. It's hard to find them, especially for plus sizes. These tights are awesome, durable, and available in more colors than I could dream of. So grateful to have found this resource. I will be a client forever.
By Rhoni on 9/3/2020
I recommended a stranger at a bus stop who complimented my tights about the WE LOVE COLORS website. She wanted to know where did I get my tights and how can she find tights in the color that I had on. I told her it was from WE LOVE COLORS. My experience with we love colors are good. But, sometimes my tights are too small for me and some tights fit. I highly recommend making tights that are good for the tummy tuck and have better elastic. I recommend designing different color sheer pantyhose for bosses and employees at an office job.
By Mone on 9/2/2020
I’m really happy that they sell men’s tights and that you can fit at 6 feet tall and 500 pounds. I wish there were more bridal options like with lace up the back. But hopefully this will work!
By Vero on 8/30/2020
It was very easy to make and order! When i received my first item it was super comfortable!!
By cou98 on 8/30/2020
The masks are a bit small and fit tight on me.
By Online Shopper on 8/30/2020
I was looking everywhere for a good pair of white winter tights and I finally found some! A little disappointed that shipping was $12 USD, but I'm not too upset about it. It's going towards supporting this business anyways. I'm glad that I found a site that caters to bigger sizes! :)
By Sare on 8/29/2020
I definitely enjoy the shop for its range of colors, it has enough different shades that the gloves and tights could be used for any unnaturally colored cosplay character. Plus, it’s rather affordable!
By Sylvester on 8/29/2020
Anytime I have to use any sort of tights or armsocks for a cosplay, I love using WeLoveColors tights! They feel so nice on my skin considering I have very sensitive skin and the materials of certain tights feel uncomfortable on me sometimes.
By Isaac on 8/28/2020
I love the colors and the plus size options! I have not seen the tights in person but I have been meaning to order some colorful tights from here for 10 years or so!
By Mel on 8/21/2020
I discovered We Love Colors years ago! As a hardcore cult member of John Fluevog funky socks/tights are a mainstay with those fab shoes. As a rocker girl fishnets are also a necessity. WLC Fishnets are the BEST I have ever worn. This site is always my first stop when in need. Thanks!
By Speedster on 8/21/2020
Ordered a friend some tights as a birthday gift. Finding something pretty in their size was really difficult, until I ran across "We Love Colors." I was shocked at the selection, and found the perfect style, pattern, and size in one easy click!! My friend absolutely adores them, and they've become their new favorites!! I'm more than happy with my purchase, and I may even buy myself some in the future!
By Lush on 8/21/2020
I like the variety but wish there were more patterned tights options that came in plus sizes.
By Kat on 8/20/2020
These are my favorite tights, I love the look and feel.
By Ronnie on 8/20/2020
I've ordered here before and absolutely love it! The tights are always super sturdy and just the most gorgeous colors. The site can be a little confusing to navigate at first but once you get a hang of it. The price is totally worth it for the product too! You really are getting what you paid for. The comfort 10/10 color selection 10/10 and durability is 10/10! Would Highly recommend.
By Ken on 8/19/2020
We Love Colors has a variety of tights in all colors and sizes. They are size inclusive which is great and I will definitely be purchasing from them again!
By FancyNancy on 8/16/2020
I've heard a lot of good things about these tights so I decided to get some for myself! The prices aren't bad at all! A pair of tights plus shipping is $17! So i say its an amazing deal! not to mention the variety of colors and sizes they have!
By Bleu on 8/15/2020
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