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The material of the Lycra tights I ordered was even better than I could’ve imagined and the color matched perfectly to the body paint I’m using for my cosplay. I loved this product and I cannot wait to order more colors in the future!!
By universmess on 4/22/2020
I bought some tights from we love colors years ago! They quality is so good, very strong material that doesn’t rip. I had these items for years and decided to order more So I could have more color variations. It is a very good store with many options
By Lia on 4/21/2020
Recommended this site by several cosplayers... pretty easy site to navigate. Love all the different color options. Hopefully the tights and gloves I got will be high quality.
By Gin on 4/20/2020
If you are looking for tights for everyone, they have it. They make a quality product that is affordable.
By KB on 4/19/2020
The color selection and the quality are amazing. I love what I am able to find and can find nothing like it anywhere else. This is the place to find color.
By Matt on 4/19/2020
We Love Colors has an amazing array of high quality products with incredible shade ranges. Whether you’re looking for gloves, tights, or bodysuits you can find any color or size you want with ease!
By Christie on 4/19/2020
The experience I had with We Love Colors was great. I don't know about the quality of the products yet, but I'm very excited to receive them soon. They look like they'll fit my needs perfectly. I just wish they had more options of tights that are 100% nylon or at least nylon and lycra. The online shopping experience was great and so was the purchasing experience as well. Everything was very up front and straightforward with no surprises.
By OmbreColors on 4/19/2020
I’m just happy I finally found a place to get fun colors for tights, and not just gray, black and navy!
By Curlygurl on 4/18/2020
I am really in awe of all the color choices that they have available. I would like to try this first order and see how good the quality of merchandise is. I would love to have a drawer of tights in an array of colors.
By Dallasgearman on 4/18/2020
I used to paint my whole body for cosplay. But I had a friend who needed to cosplay Maleficent for a convention, but didn’t want to deal with body paint other than his face. So I started getting arm socks aka: long gloves, here. They’re great! They let a bit of skin colour poke through which makes them look really natural, and they airbrush well for highlights and tattoos!!!
By Nic on 4/17/2020
The tights I ordered came in a timely manner, seem to be very good quality as well! My only complaint would be that the item I received is more saturated that the picture on the site so it’s not an exact match to what I need but I can still make it work. I will still come to this site when I need items like these again
By Honey Bunny on 4/16/2020
Cute colors, can’t wait till they get here!! This is the filth website I’ve been on trying to find the right color.
By Doodles on 4/15/2020
I was looking for armsocks for my first ever cosplay and found this website that had the perfect color I needed as well as a video tutorial on how to use tights to create armsocks, it was great, and they werent unreasonably priced even with shipping. Pretty great!
By Nessassin on 4/15/2020
I struggle with finding tights and leggings that fit my size, I'm more curvy than most and it is truly difficult to find the perfect medium for comfort and style but I was recommended by a friend to check this site out and it's my first time so fingers crossed this relationship continues and I can continue to get more tights to my liking
By Stevie on 4/13/2020
I really like the tights I've gotten from WLC before, and I was so glad that I remembered to check here rather than just other online sites. It was a little frustrating that some of the colors were out of stock, but being able to mix and match between the socks and tights was a good balance.
By AJ on 4/11/2020
I like the looks of the tights And I would recommend them.
By Mark on 4/10/2020
The quality and feel of the tights are amazing. Very durable and super soft. I love how they feel on me. My other “complaint” is the 2 seams up the back. But that’s easily forgotten about once they’re on. It was just a different feeling at first.
By Jess on 4/10/2020
I was searching for some tights to fit with my upcoming costume and We Love Colors had a wide selection of vibrant colors. I found the exact shade of blue I was looking for, and they also have some very cute options for striped leggings. I saw they had professional level leggings for those who need them for preformances which is wonderful if I ever need to come back.
By Em on 4/9/2020
I had been looking for tights in different colors for a while and We Love Colors has tons of colors and prints to choose from! They also had a large range of sizes! And they're affordable!! :)
By Daniela on 4/7/2020
What I love We Love Colors I love tights too.
By Happy on 4/7/2020
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