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I have recently lost a great deal of weight and I am finding new ways to "feel better" about myself. The selection of tights and leggings was wonderful and I am looking forward to layering this winter and being excited about the way I look. The website is very well put together.
By Edie on 11/14/2018
I ordered some We Love Colors tights from Amazon and was very happy with them and with the customer service I received when there was a problem with my order. We Love Colors offers more colors on their website than in their Amazon store, so I decided to place an order here. I'm looking forward to receiving my order!!
By Amanda on 11/9/2018
I bought my 3 most used tights colors because I've lost weight and yet the ones available at the stores are still too small/short legged/crotch to knees! I like that these stretch and really do fit the bigger girls better.
By Vic on 11/8/2018
Not sure if they're going to fit properly, but very hopeful.
By Syl on 10/30/2018
By laura on 10/30/2018
If you want colored tights this is the site to go to. They have a ton of color selections as well as fabric selections. You will pay a little bit more than you would if you went to target or walmart but the quality is good.
By Jennifer on 10/19/2018
I am tall and big. I wanted a variety of colors. You nailed everything I was looking for.
By Sue on 10/16/2018
Website was easy to use. Was able to find plus sized tights but would like plus sized thigh highs and kneesocks...
By Raine on 10/14/2018
I have loved We Love Colors for years. The website is great, easy to use. The products are wonderful and size inclusive. I do wish there were more sales, I would buy a lot more if it were a little cheaper.
By Abbigail on 10/11/2018
By Arielle on 10/7/2018
Their tights are affordable and well pigmented! Great for making arm socks and body socks as well because they do not run easy
By cat on 10/4/2018
Need a particular item in difficult size quickly for dance show next weekend. last time I ordered from here I did have one item not the correct labeled size but need to know I have the item and quickly
By bonnie on 10/4/2018
If you're looking for any color of plus size tights you could possibly think of, I recommend We Love Colors! I did purchase a size up than I normally would and I'm glad I did because they fit perfectly, so I'd recommend going a size up. Other than that, I highly recommend We Love Colors.
By Lacey on 9/29/2018
I love your tights! I stock up every year in the fall to be sure I have enough to wear through the winter. I love how they are opaque enough, and that they go up past the waist (helping them to stay up and to wear much more comfortably!)
By Karen on 9/25/2018
This site provides things that I couldn't find anywhere else. The price tag reflects it, but at least I got exactly what I was looking for.
By D on 8/28/2018
I would end of story
By Skye on 7/28/2018
This is literally the only place where i have found tights that fit fat bodies perfectly and comfortably. The color selection is fantastic, the prices are reasonable, and this inspires people with fatter bodies to know they can wear all colors they want. The plus size retail world is usually overpriced, scarce, or aesthetically atrocious. This brand combats all of those.
By Magali on 7/27/2018
We Love Colors is a great place to get tights. The color options are awesome, and there are a range of sizes. The pages are a little hard to read on a phone, but it's not bad.
By Laura on 7/23/2018
I love the color for the arm socks and stockings. But the arm socks are a bit tight when they reach the upper arm. I wish they were a bit bigger but there was not another size.
By Moe on 3/7/2020
Great quality
By LordPaleTuna on 3/3/2020
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