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Lovely collection but It is difficult to select colors, it would be good if the selected color shows up in a bigger box or on a model for reference. Many printed patterns did not show a sample when selected. It is difficult to determine the design in 1cm x 1cm sample.
By Kriti on 1/18/2019
Excellent product and timely delivery!
By Angela on 1/8/2019
They have way more colors than I've seen anywhere else for the size I wanted.
By tressa on 12/6/2018
Love it.
By Casey on 12/5/2018
Best color selection and quality of tights you can buy. I wear them til they die and that means years.
By Christine on 12/5/2018
I have always wanted to get tights from you and finally have extra money- I'll be back for more!
By kali on 12/1/2018
Needed tights in a hurry to match a new dress. So many colors and found just the right One!
By Laura on 12/1/2018
I really love the options for plus size women and I love color. The tights are durable and last a long time. I am disappointed that you don't have many of the textured tights in my size, or thigh highs in my size.
By Chris on 11/19/2018
I have recently lost a great deal of weight and I am finding new ways to "feel better" about myself. The selection of tights and leggings was wonderful and I am looking forward to layering this winter and being excited about the way I look. The website is very well put together.
By Edie on 11/14/2018
I ordered some We Love Colors tights from Amazon and was very happy with them and with the customer service I received when there was a problem with my order. We Love Colors offers more colors on their website than in their Amazon store, so I decided to place an order here. I'm looking forward to receiving my order!!
By Amanda on 11/9/2018
I bought my 3 most used tights colors because I've lost weight and yet the ones available at the stores are still too small/short legged/crotch to knees! I like that these stretch and really do fit the bigger girls better.
By Vic on 11/8/2018
Not sure if they're going to fit properly, but very hopeful.
By Syl on 10/30/2018
By laura on 10/30/2018
If you want colored tights this is the site to go to. They have a ton of color selections as well as fabric selections. You will pay a little bit more than you would if you went to target or walmart but the quality is good.
By Jennifer on 10/19/2018
I am tall and big. I wanted a variety of colors. You nailed everything I was looking for.
By Sue on 10/16/2018
Website was easy to use. Was able to find plus sized tights but would like plus sized thigh highs and kneesocks...
By Raine on 10/14/2018
I have loved We Love Colors for years. The website is great, easy to use. The products are wonderful and size inclusive. I do wish there were more sales, I would buy a lot more if it were a little cheaper.
By Abbigail on 10/11/2018
By Arielle on 10/7/2018
Their tights are affordable and well pigmented! Great for making arm socks and body socks as well because they do not run easy
By cat on 10/4/2018
Need a particular item in difficult size quickly for dance show next weekend. last time I ordered from here I did have one item not the correct labeled size but need to know I have the item and quickly
By bonnie on 10/4/2018
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