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I ordered teal thigh high tights for my Halloween costume and they were so awesome. I couldn't find teal socks anywhere else as other shops either had high prices, striped socks, or were out of stock. The best part of this website would definitely be the color options and availability.
By Nadia on 12/10/2020
The only thing i wish We Love Colors offered was Mens Xtra Plus as I am 5.5 tall and 225 lbs aprox and need the Size A/B as well can be available in all sizes is Two Color Tights- One purple leg and one green leg for Mardi Gras, and One Red leg and one green leg for Christmas otherwise known as Holiday Jester tights as also seen other colors but they are not made of good quality and many times the sizes are too small where size A/B fits perfect. Love these tights as wearing a dark grey and fits perfect and plan to order more in the future so more color choices if able would be great.
By Online Shopper on 12/10/2020
I had been looking for gold/mustard colored tights for quite sometime. I ordered the gold and they are great. Very happy withy purchase!
By Rani on 12/10/2020
As I have told my friends and co-worker ls, We Love Colors has the best tights! They last for so long and are incredibly vibrant!
By amirak on 12/9/2020
I found this brand at a local sock shop when I was shopping for specific vibrant colored tights and they had an awesome purple pair. I also bought a real pair. I ended up wearing them well after Halloween and always get tons of compliments. My daughter wanted striped tights so I wanted to buy this brand again, know that they were durable, comfortable and a good value.
By Nora on 12/9/2020
I always order my tights from this website. I have had trouble with some colors running over the years, so I wash them separately. Otherwise, they fit and wear well, I'm short, but they don't sag! And given all the colors you have, it's probably silly to say, but I wish you had a few morej├ž
By Online Shopper on 12/7/2020
We Love Colors is the best place I've found to order tights. The wide variety of colors available and the quality make them a sure bet every time!
By Lily on 12/7/2020
I have wanted to purchase fun color tights for a long time and many retailers do not carry my size. I am eager to test the fit and durability of 2 options from We Love Colors.
By LauraL on 12/5/2020
I love the range of colors and the quality. The tights are very comfortable and appear to be well-made.
By Cheryl on 12/5/2020
I loved the selection of us size tights!
By M. Justis on 12/5/2020
They have a lot of colors and the material used seems nice however, I had the same problem with these tights as cheaper brands in that they slid down when I walked and gathered around my ankles.
By Ayoung on 12/5/2020
Love all the different colors available and that they came in larger sizes not just one size. And love all the style options and the stripes.
By N on 12/3/2020
The best tights and socks ever, durable, colors are amazing.
By Best Ever! on 12/1/2020
Looked all over for colored plus sized tights and WLC had the best selection available. I love the multiple options for sizes and colors, I specifically wanted mustard or gold colored tights. This is my first purchase from WLC.
By Rani on 11/30/2020
I bought a pair about less than two months ago and they started having runs right away. I was disappointed because these nylon tights are way to expensive for them to be tearing up. I only like this site cause I can find the different colors that I need.
By Vanilla Bean on 11/28/2020
I do love We Love Colors as I think they work best for cosplayers and anyone looking for specific costume colors when it comes to tights, gloves, and leotards. However, I wish there were specific customer reviews listed for each item and also customer provided pictures of items after purchase. It makes me feel better about purchasing when I know there have been good experiences with the specific product I'm considering.
By Anna K on 11/27/2020
Love my new tights! Great stuff!
By Mr. Guy on 11/26/2020
We Love Colors is great. My business partner and I needed accessories for a shoot and I had remembered someone on a prior shoot pulling out a bag FULL of colored tights and being like, "where did you find all those colors?!" I had been waiting for the day I had a reason to buy from here for myself!
By Olive on 11/25/2020
I've been searching for plus size colored tights for months! Anytime I check Amazon they only go up to a size that fits people who weigh about 190 pounds. It can be really discouraging as a person who weights over 200 pounds. But a friend recommended We Love Colors to me! They had the color tights I was looking for in sizes that fit my body! I am so excited to get them and would definitely recommend to other plus size friends.
By Eden on 11/24/2020
I just bought several pairs of tights in fun colors and they had my size!! I'm so excited to get them and start wearing all my skirts in this cool weather.
By Jessica on 11/23/2020
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