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The color selection and the quality are amazing. I love what I am able to find and can find nothing like it anywhere else. This is the place to find color.
By Matt on 4/19/2020
The color selection and the quality are amazing. I love what I am able to find and can find nothing like it anywhere else. This is the place to find color.
By Matt on 4/19/2020
I first heard about welovecolors from cosplay and had been fed up with tights/nylons from the past. I bought a pair of the nylon/spandex tights and was amazed with the quality. i was a little concerned about the sizing as it seemed very general in regard to my height, (I’m 5’1, 115lbs) but ended up getting a medium. The material was thick, but not too thick like other brands. Even after washing, the tights were in the same condition as they arrived. I was also surprised to find that the material seemed to repel most pet hair (probably spandex). I love the diversity we love colors has for their customers and community, support all genders and sizes. They even recognized that many cosplayers who created arm socks from the tights and later launched long sleeved gloves of their own, making them more accessible for them. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good pair of tights that will definitely last and especially for cosplayers or Halloween enthusiasts because of the great range in colors.
By Natalie on 1/27/2020
I had to place the order twice because I messed up my own ordering info, but the company emailed me within two days to let me know that it didn't go through and I needed to correct it. Which is VERY good customer service because without that, my costume wouldn't be finished on time!
By Ren on 11/1/2019
I've bed getting rights from WeLove Colour for years now, at the start of the winter I order a new batch to replace ones that are older and worn out. They last me the whole winter and normally another one as well. Since I'm a Canadian and wear dresses to work, they're a lifesaver. I also love that the waist on then is so high. They never roll down!
By Karen on 11/1/2019
I’m a plus size cosplayer, I’ve been using welovecolors for my tights since about 2009. They last forever, they’re opaque, and the color range is incredible. Just ordered my first set of gloves from them, I’m super excited!
By Cas on 10/27/2019
They have tights, gloves, bodysuits, etc. in a variety of colors. I am doing an orc costume and I didn't want to paint my whole body green so this seemed like a good option. I'd recommend it for anyone who wants to be colorful. :)
By Angel on 10/17/2019
Quality materials used but the items do not come in enough sizes, and the color was wrong. Ended up not being able to use or put on. The top of the arm was cutting off circulation even though I ordered the biggest size they had.
By Becca on 9/4/2019
The multiple colors and variety of styles make this site perfect for anyone looking to color their outfits.
By Aly on 8/5/2019
I have never had a bad experience with We Love Colors and it's the only place I can get tights that fit comfortably on my lumpy chunky body. The color selection is wild, too, so if you can't find a color that works for you, then it doesn't exist.
By Sarah on 5/22/2019
I love your selection but I am unsure of how long it will take to receive my order, and I am working on a time constraint. It says "ships by the 20th" But how long do I wait? I was going to get faster shipping, but there was no information on how much faster that would be. Am I paying 4 dollars more for about the same time? How many days does it cut down? Only the 2-day and overnight options give you a clue of how long it will take based on what you pay.
By Rachel on 5/18/2019
Wonderful tights in any color you can think of; that are also really durable. Also fantastic for cosplay/making armsocks! Ships super fast as well.
By Kelly on 5/16/2019
I am an entertainer and need various colors and sizes for my crew. Thank you!
By Sher on 5/14/2019
I love the variety of colors and products. I’m super excited to see if the medium blue mates my new lekku! Now to find out if custom colors can be done.
By Jaisan on 4/30/2019
I really don't like haw few pictures y'all have and that they are all of notably slender legs, I actually went over to sockdreams who added on their own product pictures which include ones of the tights on fat legs, which gives me a better idea of what I'm in for on my own body. But I love how many colors there are and how many sizes! Holy shit, as a plus size woman who's usually around a size 22 I'm usually the top end of tight sizes, but there's several above me here and that's awesome and I will definitely be telling my larger than me friends about that.
By Carissa on 4/21/2019
So easy to process order. Love the colours. Look forward to expanding my range of colours. Oh and the size range is fantastic. No drama at all being larger size.
By Kerry on 4/10/2019
Love to try these
By Mel on 2/22/2019
After searching forever for Plus Sized tights with no luck, WE LOVE COLORS appeared and saved the day!!! I am so excited about having a pair of tights in every color of the rainbow!!!
By Sarah on 2/21/2019
I love these tights. I’m so glad I found your website. You have every color imaginable. They fit so nicely and they are so soft and feel amazing on my skin
By MC on 1/24/2019
Lovely collection but It is difficult to select colors, it would be good if the selected color shows up in a bigger box or on a model for reference. Many printed patterns did not show a sample when selected. It is difficult to determine the design in 1cm x 1cm sample.
By Kriti on 1/18/2019
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