Laces In All the Colors of the Rainbow

Take a walk on the colorful side with ultra vibrant and durable shoelaces. At We Love Colors we have designed each of our styles to help you celebrate your own unique style and personality, while providing value and function to your life. Our Style# 3001: Round Laces and Style# 3002: Flat Laces do just that.
Each pair of laces is made from durable 100% nylon and has a glossy finish. All of our laces are cut, dyed, and tipped right here in our warehouse in Miami, FL. They come with a clear tip letting the original color of the lace shine through. Laces are available in all of our 50 solid colors!

We offer standard sizes of 27, 36, 45, and 54 inches, but if you need a different length, we can cut a custom size just for you. To get information about shoe string customization please send us an email to

It may also help you to have some additional information about the size specifications. Our Style# 3001: Flat Laces are 8mm (.31in) in width and have a tip that is 3.2mm (.12in) in diameter. Our Style# 3002: Round Laces are 3mm (.11in) in width and the tip is 2.5mm (.09in) in diameter.
We have also developed a helpful size chart to help you choose the correct shoelace length for the number of eyelet pairs on your shoes. Our laces are made to fit both kids and adult size shoes.

We Love Colors shoelaces are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit, costume, or uniform. Our laces have been used by moms, sports teams, corporate events, cosplayers, stylists, and more. If you need help finding the perfect shade match, we are always here for you!

Our neon color shoelaces are great for safety. Neon Yellow, Neon Green and Neon Orange are the most common colors used for this purpose.