DIY Thigh Highs from Tights

We are often asked for Plus Size Thigh Highs, unfortunately we haven’t been able to get a pair meets our quality standards, but we are working on it. For now this is an idea that few of our current customers have executed successfully and we thought we should share with you all.

Sew in an elastic band. We recommend using our Style# 1053, Microfiber Tights as you can cut them easily without getting any runs and the stretch on these is six times its relaxed size. Yep! They are pretty awesome, not to mention some customer have had theirs for 5 and up to 8 years without runs.

Put them on and measure how high you want them to be, make a mark on them and take them off. Make a straight line horizontally across one leg and fold to cut both legs at the same time. Once you have the two legs cut, mark where you want your elastic to be. You can either fold the top making a tube to slip the elastic in or you can directly sew on top of the elastic and fold inwards or outwards (as we did on the video). To measure the elastic wrap it around your thigh and stretch it as tight as you want them to be, mark and cut.

If you decide to go by the tube don’t need to sew both ends of the elastic together until after you put it inside the tights. If you sew the elastic directly on the tights since the very beginning (as shown on the video) you do need to sew both ends using a flat with a zig zag stitch. Pin it around and sew.

Use a garter belt. For those less crafty or with less patience, just cut them up and wear them with a garter belt, you can get one from our friends at Sock Dreams here.

If you end up trying any of these options please tag us on Instagram. You can find us as @welovecolors