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Looking at the clothes in your wardrobe, you might not think much about how they came to be so vibrant and colorful. The truth is that each fiber of a garment has a story to tell and at We Love Colors we share that story through a meticulous and artful textile dyeing process.

In case you didn’t know, We Love Colors offers all of our hosiery and dance wear styles in 50 solid colors and 7 custom splash designs. While, our solid colors are created in small batch machines our splash color designs are created through a unique and dedicated hand dyed method.
To begin, long pieces of recycled paper are laid out on a dedicated workspace to absorb moisture and protect the fabric from any stray dye that might alter the design. Next, the garment is wet slightly and laid on the paper. Our textile dye specialist prepares each dye that will be used for the specific splash color design. Each dye is individually placed by hand creating the unique splash design pattern. No stencils are used to create the design. The dye specialist knows the exact location for each color to keep the design consistent. The order in which each color is placed is extremely important to ensure that when the fabric is washed the colors blend together just right to create the desired pattern and color blends. It takes between 20-30 minutes to create the custom splash design on each garment.
Our splash color dye process is part science and part art!
After all of the colors are carefully placed by hand, the garment is left to dry for a few hours. The dye specialist then wraps each garment into a ball and secures it with several rubber bands. The placement of the rubber bands will give the garment another unique touch, creating a truly custom and unique design. No two splash colors designs are every 100% identical, making each garment wearable work of art. That being said, if you have a large group order keep in mind that making your colors will take us a couple days.
The final step of the splash color process is to add a fixing agent to the garment. This ensures that the design will be permanent on the fabric forever, even through wear and washing. The garment is then washed and a gentle unscented fabric softener is used to remove any rough feel that can sometimes be a result of the pigments. Finally, the garment is dried, inspected, and carefully folded, ready for shipment with love from us to you!

See how others have used our colorful splash designs in their art, performances, and everyday style.

Colorful Hosiery Sculptures by Laura Vicente.

Hooptown Hotties Choreography Video.

Matthew Priestley Fashion Photoshoot – June 2018

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