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I was looking for a pair of arm socks for a cosplay I'm improving. The gloves were relatively easy to find, and the pictures are clear, but sizing isn't super obvious, so picking the size I need was a little bit of a guessing game. Hopefully it fits when it arrives.
By Chris on 5/13/2020
I got the gloves for a DND cosplay and honestly the makeup tone matching helped so much!! Now I just have to wait for that to come in so I can test them together.
By Toni on 4/7/2020
I got these tights for a costume I’m making from a popular podcast a Critical Role! I’m super excited to get them! I think they will make the costume! It was pretty well priced and shipping was very reasonable!
By Jade on 3/30/2020
Great variety of products in an bast array of colors. They have plus size options at affordable prices
By Chrissy on 3/11/2020
I love the quality and color options for armsocks provided by we love colors
By Noel on 3/11/2020
Website makes it easy to find what you need and the massive selection of colors it great!
By Vann on 3/10/2020
We Love Colors had exactly what I was looking for and it was in my price range!
By acapellaEternity on 3/9/2020
I seriously needed a new alternative to body paint for my costuming and this site is the magic genie for it all. Seriously 10/10. Exactly what us cosplayers need.
By Sami on 3/9/2020
It was a really simple process to figure out what color I needed, and I’ve been looking at them for month. I finally decided to try it and I’m so excited to get them in the mail.
By Artie on 3/8/2020
The products are very good quality and I highly recommend
By Peter on 3/8/2020
I love the quality of the products but it can be hard to color match face paint to the products. Also the example colors on the website to help choose the color of the products are completely off.
By Jace on 2/28/2020
Whether you need it for cosplay, everyday outfits or for a performance, they have all sorts of colors and products to choose from!
By Serena on 2/22/2020
This is my first experience and I’m hoping that it will be the first of many. I failed miserably at making arm sleeves of my own for cosplay and these were right in my budget. I’m hoping the color is the same as the face paint I have. It’s seemingly super close. (So fingers crossed.) I love all of the options of different products! I would love if a morph suit type thing (I’m talking full unitard with fingers) was an option. The color choices are fantastic. And I appreciate the plus sized options. The kids sizes are cool too. Very inclusive over all!! Another thing I appreciate is the articles covering cosplayers! Super neat! OH and the shipping options was dope. Good to know I could blow my entire con budget if I needed to overnight something! Oh. And PayPal is awesome. The whole website is cool. I don’t know how much more you need but I hope the survey helps. Thank you!
By Twiggy on 1/31/2020
It was a good experience! I only had one problem that was solved rlly fast within a day with an email to the company
By Jess on 1/28/2020
Great for costimes!
By Dede on 1/21/2020
This is my first time buying here. It was real easy to find what I was looking for. Came because of a friend, will definitely come back.
By Alejosmiles on 1/21/2020
i love the selection and tutorials
By Ryn on 1/19/2020
I am very excited to recieve this product. I chose the neon green color in hopes that it will match the green Mehron face paint I have. I followed the color match chart that companies have.
By Nic on 1/18/2020
I love the variety in color and options! I plan on ordering again for another cosplay I am making
By Jordanw1003 on 1/16/2020
It was easy to use the website and they had everything I was looking for. Overall a good experience.
By Rachel on 1/10/2020
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