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The seamless gloves are a must for any unnaturally coloured cosplay, they’re gorgeous and don’t rip like other long gloves and arm socks. The only question is choosing colours, because the same name sometimes turns out differently on different objects.
By Secret Tiefling on 4/4/2020
I got these tights for a costume I’m making from a popular podcast a Critical Role! I’m super excited to get them! I think they will make the costume! It was pretty well priced and shipping was very reasonable!
By Jade on 3/30/2020
i’ve never tried it before but i’ve heard the products are great! It’s a little pricey but worth the money considering the alternative. I wish they made bodysuits with snaps on the bottom instead of a zipper, and maybe with connected gloves to avoid wrist seams.
By clove on 3/30/2020
Shopping for gloves and stockings is usually really hard for me but using welovecolors was super easy, you can find what you want by the color or style, the prices are really nice and reasonable for the quality and the colors are absolutely beautiful.
By TinyGoblinz on 3/25/2020
Stop making armsocks and buy the seamless gloves, home made always split at the seams and then you gotta photoshop. They fit and the colours match and please y’all be safe during the pandemic.
By Secret Tiefling on 3/22/2020
I've bought from we love colors before and super enjoy their products. I bought some new gloves for my jester cosplay and I'm excited to get them in. They always look super nice and are the best final touch to any costume.
By Merm on 3/18/2020
Looking for a good quality long pair of opera gloves. These look promising!
By Austin on 3/17/2020
The beat Gloves I've ever purchased. Im never buying from anyone else. The price is the only bad part. I wish i could buy more.
By Fish The Clown on 3/14/2020
I was watching Ginny Di talk about her Jester costume so thought I’d give it a try.
By Magpiemags on 3/12/2020
Website makes it easy to find what you need and the massive selection of colors it great!
By Vann on 3/10/2020
I love the color for the arm socks and stockings. But the arm socks are a bit tight when they reach the upper arm. I wish they were a bit bigger but there was not another size.
By Moe on 3/7/2020
I saw a cosplayer talking about seempess gloves and I had to check it out I'm excited to see what comes up.
By Dave on 3/4/2020
I’ve heard great things from this company and I’m excited to get my first product. I’m hoping it’s everything I could want. It’ll be nice to be able to buy another pre-made product like arm socks at a reasonable price again.
By Cameron on 3/3/2020
It was super easy to find what I needed and to place my order. All the charges were explicitly stated to me before I placed it in case of something going wrong or not looking right.
By Hypno.Veil on 3/3/2020
We love colors has an amazing selection of tights and gloves for cosplay and dance! They have plus sizes and they have just about every style you could ask for! They have something for every dance wear cosplay type need.
By Annabeth2104 on 3/1/2020
I love the quality of the products but it can be hard to color match face paint to the products. Also the example colors on the website to help choose the color of the products are completely off.
By Jace on 2/28/2020
Disappointed in only one choice of material and size. Not a wide variety of children's gloves at all.
By Allie on 2/28/2020
Love the sight tons of colors/products. Everything looks a little suspect because of the white background and even lighting but I’ve seen the product in person so i know it’s legit. Hoping gloves fit my fire arms. I’m a guy and there are specific male/female tights but jot gloves. We’ll that you can buy fabric. Keeping that in mind
By Azh on 2/24/2020
I was able to get something that will cover my body so I can cosplay a being with non-human skin tone. I was able to find seamless stuff that goes up to my neck so I can hide it with a choker, and gloves that I can remove when needing to use the restroom or take a break to eat. Unfortunately, the restroom will still be difficult because I had to purchase a bodysuit & there were no sleek turtleneck shirt or bralette options.
By Jo on 2/23/2020
I love that we love colors have matte gloves now! It is so great to have that option for cosplay purposes!
By Midori on 2/23/2020
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