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The purchase was fast, error free and we look forward to receiving the item!
By MarkinAZ on 7/29/2021
I love ordering for you guy, but recently on my last two orders I've been having a really hard time checking out. Everytime I select my shipping method it will take me to the check out page and then ask me to chose the shipping method again, but this time there's only one option and it's for $45 priority shipping. This itself isn't a big deal but the fact that I have to reload my page countless times, then try again on my computer to no avail, and struggle to check out for more than 20 minutes is outrageous. I know on the check out page for shipping it normally gives you a drop down of shipping methods but after 20 minutes of trying to get this option to show up I literally had to take a break and walk away because it was so frustrating. Again, I love ordering from you guys, but I really hope that this issue is gone before I try and order again because I don't want to have to waste so much time like I did today.
By Gabby on 7/27/2021
The seamless gloves are the best thing that a cosplayer can have! Matching to your tights perfectly is also awesome!
By Elle on 7/12/2021
Choosing a color to match Mehron body paint was simple with the online guide-- it was nice to see other cosplayers being featured on the site as part of the community!
By R on 6/25/2021
I would recommend We Love Colors, because its a great resource for cosplayers looking to cosplay unique characters! I and a lot of my friends enjoy games such as dungeons and dragons and many of us place characters that have interesting and bright skin tones and this site sells great merchandise that makes it so we do not have to paint our entire body!
By Izzy on 6/12/2021
I came to We Love Colors so I could get some arm socks for my Mollymauk Tealeaf cosplay! I'm very hopeful it will turn out well!
By Alex on 4/7/2021
I've read great reviews, and finding gloves to fit my arms has been hard!
By Kristin on 4/1/2021
It was an easy process but there is no section for coupon codes.
By Sam on 3/30/2021
I am excited to have all my tights and gloves match, this will make my next cosplay very consistent.
By Cosplaimee on 3/25/2021
I recently bought gloves and a leotard for a cosplay of my Firbolg from DND. The color matches his skin tone perfectly! I'm really excited to be able to have comfortable and quality items for my cosplay.
By Luke B on 3/25/2021
WeLoveColors always has what I need, and as a cosplayer that is high praise! Their colors are very true to the photos, which makes matching costume to reference a breeze
By Dala on 2/1/2021
I don't know anyone who's interested in these products. If someone were to sew something and asked me, though, I would recommend it.
By Rin on 1/15/2021
Was recommended by other cosplayers and very excited to receive my purchase
By Mina on 12/12/2020
I have heard about this brand from a lot of cosplayers in my online groups and they like the color selection for their cosplays. I am worried about things fitting, expecially the gloves, but there are not a lot of plus size options so I am crossing my fingers things fit ok. It's a little pricey compared to what I am usually willing to spend on cosplay stuff, but I try to DIY as much as I can, and this is something that I can't easily DIY so I finally bit the bullet and am giving it a go. I think I would be much more confident and excited if there were more plus size options
By CC on 12/11/2020
I have been looking for a place to find colorful tights, gloves, and things for cosplay for a long while. I found this while looking at Mehron's article and am so satisfied I sent it to other cosplayer friends.
By Rina on 10/30/2020
The website is very navigational, you can find exactly what your looking for and not have any misunderstanding of a product as the descriptions and pictures are super clear, my only problem was that I couldn't find a seamless glove in an elbow length but the shoulder length should work wonderfully. All of the colors are plainly listed, done didn't have pictures to match though.
By Kat on 10/23/2020
I’ve been looking for a way to find tights as gloves without having to make them for cosplay. I’ve really struggled to do that, I have another pair but the fact that I can’t use my phone through then makes filming with them super hard. While they’re not cheap, I suspect they’ll be worth it, both for my home use and for eventually taking my costume to conventions.
By Rachel on 9/28/2020
They had everything I needed for a costume I am working on!
By Tink on 9/24/2020
They had the colors I needed and had a good guide for matching to body paint
By Cafecosplayer on 9/12/2020
I definitely enjoy the shop for its range of colors, it has enough different shades that the gloves and tights could be used for any unnaturally colored cosplay character. Plus, it’s rather affordable!
By Sylvester on 8/29/2020
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