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i love the extended options that you carry in a wide arrange of colors. it makes me so happy to see. Everything was also ready to ship and nothing was back ordered. i will be going back here every time i need something now.
By Madi on 1/2/2020
I love that you have an easy guide to match your colors with melron face paints.
By Ariel on 12/1/2019
I’ve heard great things about We love colors. I ended up buying a good few of my tights from here. I’m terrified of trying to sew arm socks, so this is a great purchase! These tights have been my favorite to use for cosplays
By Mo on 11/29/2019
Bought some long sleeve seamless gloves for a spinel cosplay and they’re wonderful! They fit well and as someone with small hands who has always had the problem of extra space in the fingers of gloves, these had no space to be found! They’re still very cozy and stay on without being too tight. The colour is just what I expected as well, and it’s very nice material. All in all 11/10!
By Lox on 11/28/2019
I learned of this company through another cosplayer who spoke highly of the products, I hope I will also love what I ordered!
By Online Shopper on 11/27/2019
Products arrive before the actual delivery date, which was wonderful. All the colors match together. Stitching is flawless and the seams are even
By Tyler on 11/27/2019
I am trying to get my outfits together for a convention soon and I was unable to properly make gloves. I had heard great things about We Love Color so I decided to buy from them instead of starting over.
By Bryn on 11/26/2019
We love colors is the perfect place to get tights and gloves for cosplay with such a large variety of colors to choose from and such high quality products, it's my first choice to order from.
By Amber on 11/25/2019
Love all my previous products from we live colors! Can’t wait for my most recent purchase!
By Meg on 11/22/2019
This was my first purchase from them but I have heard good things. Excited for my new cosplay!
By Nashbash on 11/22/2019
I was pleasantly surprised to discover the range of product options had changed since I last looked at the catalog. Instead of attempting to match colors of gloves and tights from different retailers, I was able to order the same colors from the same place, which makes me much more confident that the items will closely match.
By Ani on 11/21/2019
I’ve heard nothing but good things about this website and it’s products, this is my first time ordering from here so we’ll see if it fits my cosplay needs. So far the only issue I’ve had was the site was a little difficult to navigate, but each product description was very clear so when I found what I needed I could tell it was the correct product. Overall 8/10!
By Lox on 11/20/2019
really high quality products, very opaque materiel, good for cosplay. wish i could find where to put a coupon
By loren on 11/18/2019
I love welovecolors, but some of their color batches are off.
By Lynn on 11/15/2019
Amazing color selection, amazing fit, good color matching between products
By Tyler on 11/13/2019
They have every color and size
By Shar Starr on 11/13/2019
I needed some plus size opaque thigh highs and you guys have such great colors but didnt have it under plus size it was under regular size
By Pepper on 11/12/2019
I would recommend these products because they are highly durable and flexible clothing pieces. They are widely used and highly appreciated for their hard work, short shipping/processing time and cared for delivery and quality of the product! I do wish they hard more code/gift coupon opportunities!
By Mar on 11/9/2019
We Love Colors has the best color variety.
By Aly on 11/8/2019
honestly the quality of the products are really good and ship pretty fast, that's why i am willing to order from here again. Some of the products aren't cheap so i can't order all i would want, but i am really please with what i got to this day.
By Célia on 11/7/2019
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