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1st time purchasor; need to see if the product is what I am expecting.
By Lisa on 10/4/2019
The site is very easy to navigate and products are explained well so you know what you’re ordering. There’s a large variety of colors which I’d also fantastic!! Definitely will be ordering from them again!
By Liz on 8/19/2019
Welovecolors is the best place to get a wide variety of colored tights and fabrics. The products are high quality and prices are good, but the site can be a bit tricky to navigate.
By Savannah on 5/28/2019
Very satisfied. Glad your long matte gloves come in wider sizes and are plus sized friendly
By Crystal on 5/23/2019
I would like to know, why the female tights are just glorified nylons that run at the slightest pick, yet men have a choice of a dance quality and are actually /tights/. I would have preferred the male versions as this is the second pair of We Love Colours tights because of runs. If I wanted nylons, I would buy nylons. While the colour was perfect (it was for a costume), the quality or rather lack of choice of type of /actual/ tights is disappointing. I wanted more of a fabric type of tights than nylons. If someone wants a large range of colour options, I will suggest We Love Color, but I will also warn them that they may not be great for extended wear.
By AW on 5/15/2019
I love the fact that I can get all colors of Fishnet Stocking and it is so easy to just order what you want online. I have ordered before and they are great. I just love them and the price is great.
By LEE on 5/15/2019
I've heard great things about the arm sleeves that welovecolors sells and I'm excited to finally have a pair for my cosplay.
By Brit on 5/6/2019
We Love Colors has amazing customer service and their shipping is quick and efficient. The quality of their products is also extremely amazing and easy to work with. They material is also comfortable to wear.
By Alex on 4/20/2019
No product of similar quality available in Australia! Highly recommended!
By Jo on 4/12/2019
I ordered the ivory shade in nude leggings expecting a pale colour, but it is almost white! No one's skin looks like that, but I guess I will make it work
By B on 4/8/2019
I’ve heard great things about We love colors. I ended up buying a good few of my tights from here. I’m terrified of trying to sew arm socks, so this is a great purchase! These tights have been my favorite to use for cosplays
By Mo on 11/29/2019
Bought some long sleeve seamless gloves for a spinel cosplay and they’re wonderful! They fit well and as someone with small hands who has always had the problem of extra space in the fingers of gloves, these had no space to be found! They’re still very cozy and stay on without being too tight. The colour is just what I expected as well, and it’s very nice material. All in all 11/10!
By Lox on 11/28/2019
I am trying to get my outfits together for a convention soon and I was unable to properly make gloves. I had heard great things about We Love Color so I decided to buy from them instead of starting over.
By Bryn on 11/26/2019
I’ve heard nothing but good things about this website and it’s products, this is my first time ordering from here so we’ll see if it fits my cosplay needs. So far the only issue I’ve had was the site was a little difficult to navigate, but each product description was very clear so when I found what I needed I could tell it was the correct product. Overall 8/10!
By Lox on 11/20/2019
really high quality products, very opaque materiel, good for cosplay. wish i could find where to put a coupon
By loren on 11/18/2019
I really love this service. I am an avid cosplayer and I absolutely needed the specific color of gloves to match my body paint. Not only does it match, but it will arrive quickly and affordably. The gloves seem to be excellent quality as well. The website has limitless options for anything cosplay I could ever want, and if anything ever went wrong this site provides excellent service as well.
By Rian on 11/4/2019
I’ve heard several great things about welovecolors. I bought a pair of their tights from amazon back when I first started cosplaying, so when I saw that they had a product I needed i wasn’t hesitant to buy it once I had the money needed!
By Joei on 10/22/2019
Looking forward to getting g the product. Loved the match with Mehron colors. Wish the prices were a bit lower.
By Sarah on 10/17/2019
I’m stoked WeLoveColors is manufacturing arm socks. Since fans started using their tights to make them around ten years ago (as far as I know), it seemed like a natural next step for the company. I’be heard good things and I’m ready for my first pair!
By Jade on 10/17/2019
I ordered gloves and tights previously for a costume. When I needed gloves for something else, this was my first choice. My previous order was slightly more purple than expected, so I wish that the colors on the site were a bit more accurate.
By Online Shopper on 12/3/2019
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