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I got to this website because of their collaboration with Mehron makeup. I was SO worried about matching body paint and gloves/tights and I found their page that matches up both. I also used their image gallery of other cosplayers to figure out what color I wanted for two different costumes. One bad thing: I was looking in to buying a leotard and had no idea what "girth" measurements were (googled it.) Could you please add a visual aid to where/what to measure?
By Natalie W on 11/27/2022
By ANGEL on 11/27/2022
Is awesome thank you
By Peach on 10/18/2022
I am very satisfied with my interaction with the site. I found the products i needed with ease and the selection of sizes and colors was very easy and straightforward. The checkout process was orderly and convenient.
By Daylin on 10/16/2022
Great! Clean website and easy checkout process.
By Coco on 10/13/2022
Website was easy to use, and so was checkout.
By Monsterboy on 10/7/2022
More pictures for products would be nice to help get a better idea of overall fit, cut, or style, but Items can be clearly identified and the site layout is easy to navigate. Overall 9/10
By Kai on 9/29/2022
Ordered from them last Halloween and came back for more! Excellent products every time.
By ClerithCosplay on 9/27/2022
Everything is very clear. I especially like the irl photos of color and opacity, and specifications of matte vs glossy.
By Alana on 9/2/2022
I love the options that we love colors has, back in my day we had to make our arm socks ourself from Walmart tights!
By Ezra on 8/23/2022
Everything is great except I wished that the shoulder gloves I purchased had a different photo because I wasn’t completely sure how different they would be from the long gloves I’ve purchased in the past
By itjammy on 8/20/2022
The website is well laid out and the design is lovely! I appreciated the ease of navigation and the price point of my item, even after shipping. Will definitely shop here again!
By Schmanda on 8/4/2022
No issues with the website and everything is pretty easy to find. My only request would be to possibly look into XL sizes for mens gloves. This is a constant problem I face especially when costuming and having gloves that fit properly and do not rip within a few hours of wearing them. I have mentioned this in an email I sent to you just requesting information about glove sizes.
By ortaga on 7/25/2022
I've heard a lot about this company from other cosplayers, I look forward to getting my order.
By Bats N Ferrets on 7/21/2022
Love your products. Would like to see a greater variety of pinks. Also, were some items look the same but have different descriptions, the differences between them should be made clear in the description. Especially when discribing fabric or the blend.
By Verosika on 7/18/2022
The website is very user-friendly! I had a really good experience.
By Kay on 7/17/2022
I’ve been wanting to order the seamless gloves from this website for a while. I’ve seen a lot of people use for them cosplay and have only heard good things.
By Chelsey on 7/7/2022
I appreciate what WLC is bringing to the market for cosplay, and your prices are pretty good for the quality you get. I'm used to buying a lot of fast fashion accessories for cosplay, but after trying some of your products last year when I needed a specific color, I came here directly even though it might be found elsewhere, because the products are great.
By Calexandra on 6/8/2022
Things are easy to find but due to large selection it can be difficult to see what is out of stock. Items are good for the price. I did have one pair rip suddenly but I’m complimented on the opacity often and the vibrancy of the colors.
By Gigi on 6/5/2022
Easy to Navigate website and great selection of colors to suit your costuming goals
By BirbScrem on 5/22/2022
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