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1st time purchasor; need to see if the product is what I am expecting.
By Lisa on 10/4/2019
The site is very easy to navigate and products are explained well so you know what you’re ordering. There’s a large variety of colors which I’d also fantastic!! Definitely will be ordering from them again!
By Liz on 8/19/2019
Welovecolors is the best place to get a wide variety of colored tights and fabrics. The products are high quality and prices are good, but the site can be a bit tricky to navigate.
By Savannah on 5/28/2019
Very satisfied. Glad your long matte gloves come in wider sizes and are plus sized friendly
By Crystal on 5/23/2019
I would like to know, why the female tights are just glorified nylons that run at the slightest pick, yet men have a choice of a dance quality and are actually /tights/. I would have preferred the male versions as this is the second pair of We Love Colours tights because of runs. If I wanted nylons, I would buy nylons. While the colour was perfect (it was for a costume), the quality or rather lack of choice of type of /actual/ tights is disappointing. I wanted more of a fabric type of tights than nylons. If someone wants a large range of colour options, I will suggest We Love Color, but I will also warn them that they may not be great for extended wear.
By AW on 5/15/2019
I love the fact that I can get all colors of Fishnet Stocking and it is so easy to just order what you want online. I have ordered before and they are great. I just love them and the price is great.
By LEE on 5/15/2019
I've heard great things about the arm sleeves that welovecolors sells and I'm excited to finally have a pair for my cosplay.
By Brit on 5/6/2019
We Love Colors has amazing customer service and their shipping is quick and efficient. The quality of their products is also extremely amazing and easy to work with. They material is also comfortable to wear.
By Alex on 4/20/2019
No product of similar quality available in Australia! Highly recommended!
By Jo on 4/12/2019
I ordered the ivory shade in nude leggings expecting a pale colour, but it is almost white! No one's skin looks like that, but I guess I will make it work
By B on 4/8/2019
I was watching Ginny Di talk about her Jester costume so thought I’d give it a try.
By Magpiemags on 3/12/2020
Website makes it easy to find what you need and the massive selection of colors it great!
By Vann on 3/10/2020
I’ve heard great things from this company and I’m excited to get my first product. I’m hoping it’s everything I could want. It’ll be nice to be able to buy another pre-made product like arm socks at a reasonable price again.
By Cameron on 3/3/2020
I love the quality of the products but it can be hard to color match face paint to the products. Also the example colors on the website to help choose the color of the products are completely off.
By Jace on 2/28/2020
Love the sight tons of colors/products. Everything looks a little suspect because of the white background and even lighting but I’ve seen the product in person so i know it’s legit. Hoping gloves fit my fire arms. I’m a guy and there are specific male/female tights but jot gloves. We’ll that you can buy fabric. Keeping that in mind
By Azh on 2/24/2020
Whether you need it for cosplay, everyday outfits or for a performance, they have all sorts of colors and products to choose from!
By Serena on 2/22/2020
I purchased a pair of the Long Matte Seamless Gloves in neon green for a costume. These gloves were pitched as an easier, mess-free alternative to using body paint on my hands and arms. I was nervous, because it was important to my costume that these gloves match my face paint. I was using Mehron Paradise Makeup AQ, and according to the shade matching chart on the We Love Colors site the two products should have been a perfect match. Instead, the gloves were significantly brighter than my face paint. The paint was a subdued light green, while the gloves looked like a green screen material. Worse still, when I wore them to the event that there costume was for, they took on a florescent glow under the stage lights and in flash photos. I was extremely dissatisfied with this purchase, it was a waste of $35. I would have been better off using the body paint and sealing it thoroughly.
By Nic on 2/3/2020
This is my first experience and I’m hoping that it will be the first of many. I failed miserably at making arm sleeves of my own for cosplay and these were right in my budget. I’m hoping the color is the same as the face paint I have. It’s seemingly super close. (So fingers crossed.) I love all of the options of different products! I would love if a morph suit type thing (I’m talking full unitard with fingers) was an option. The color choices are fantastic. And I appreciate the plus sized options. The kids sizes are cool too. Very inclusive over all!! Another thing I appreciate is the articles covering cosplayers! Super neat! OH and the shipping options was dope. Good to know I could blow my entire con budget if I needed to overnight something! Oh. And PayPal is awesome. The whole website is cool. I don’t know how much more you need but I hope the survey helps. Thank you!
By Twiggy on 1/31/2020
It was a good experience! I only had one problem that was solved rlly fast within a day with an email to the company
By Jess on 1/28/2020
This site has been great as a cosplay resource and the compatibility with mehron face paint makes it a great choice for getting a consistent overall look without painting my entire body.
By Sarah on 1/28/2020
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