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The website is well laid out and the design is lovely! I appreciated the ease of navigation and the price point of my item, even after shipping. Will definitely shop here again!
By Schmanda on 8/4/2022
The website is very user-friendly! I had a really good experience.
By Kay on 7/17/2022
I’ve been wanting to order the seamless gloves from this website for a while. I’ve seen a lot of people use for them cosplay and have only heard good things.
By Chelsey on 7/7/2022
Would love more plus size options, i am not opposed to the high price point if I know it will comfortably fit
By Sarah on 4/14/2022
I like how the site is laid out and how easy it is to sort by colors needed. The tutorials are also very helpful
By Wren on 4/11/2022
It’s so hard to find seamless gloves on the market and We Love Colors fills a very underrated niche!
By Kai on 4/10/2022
This is the only place I would go to for any type of cosplay material. I only wish there was an option to mix and match items, but I completely understand why there isn't and I'll still buy from them anyway. Love them
By korosensei on 4/8/2022
The website was easy to navigate and I found what I was looking for!
By Tana on 4/8/2022
Glad to finally see the XL seamless gloves in sky blue back in stock! Bought them quick before they’re gone again!
By Courtaku on 3/30/2022
Site is well organized and photos show off product well. Will be returning for more.
By MogwaiMishaps on 3/27/2022
I really liked navigating the site, I just wish there were special deals or sales, I might buy more; especially if buying more meant free shipping.
By Izzy on 3/17/2022
I loved that there were instructions to make the item I ordered for myself if I had the desire. But there were so many affordable and accessible options, as I don't have the supplies or time for such a craft. Website is well formated and pleasing to the eye. And I love colors too.
By Maddy on 3/14/2022
Quick and Easy. Easy to navigate.
By J on 3/4/2022
It was quick and easy. They had a nice drop-down menus and the type of glove was easy to find once I was in that section. I did it on my phone and didn't have any hinky issues with the layout~
By Matt on 8/21/2021
Heard about the site from a friend. Browsing and checkout were easy, and the reviews helped me make my decision
By APS on 8/13/2021
Had lots of options and guides to help me choose the right color
By Phoenix on 8/10/2021
The purchase was fast, error free and we look forward to receiving the item!
By MarkinAZ on 7/29/2021
I love ordering for you guy, but recently on my last two orders I've been having a really hard time checking out. Everytime I select my shipping method it will take me to the check out page and then ask me to chose the shipping method again, but this time there's only one option and it's for $45 priority shipping. This itself isn't a big deal but the fact that I have to reload my page countless times, then try again on my computer to no avail, and struggle to check out for more than 20 minutes is outrageous. I know on the check out page for shipping it normally gives you a drop down of shipping methods but after 20 minutes of trying to get this option to show up I literally had to take a break and walk away because it was so frustrating. Again, I love ordering from you guys, but I really hope that this issue is gone before I try and order again because I don't want to have to waste so much time like I did today.
By Gabby on 7/27/2021
The seamless gloves are the best thing that a cosplayer can have! Matching to your tights perfectly is also awesome!
By Elle on 7/12/2021
Choosing a color to match Mehron body paint was simple with the online guide-- it was nice to see other cosplayers being featured on the site as part of the community!
By R on 6/25/2021
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