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The color of the tights is perfect. It matches a dress I was trying to match perfectly. I wish the tights were a bit looser in the trunk area; I avoid control top panty hose and, while these aren't as tight as control tops, they aren't very comfortable either.
By Stefie on 12/24/2019
I really liked the variety of colors mesh sizes of the tights. My daughter will love them after I embellish them!
By Benny on 12/21/2019
I love the tights I received last time, so I ordered two more pairs this time. They fit exactly as they should and have perfect stretch to them. They're great. (: Wish the shipping/prices were a bit lower as I'm in Canada, so everything is more expensive lol Still worth it though!
By Meg D on 12/18/2019
The tights are so cute, the wide range of colors helped me find the perfect green for my cosplay, I can’t wait!!!! I’ll be telling everyone about my tights.
By Kae on 12/18/2019
I love the selection for my cosplay needs, particularly for the plus-size thigh highs. As someone whose leg thicknesses don't match what Chinese sizing allows for specifically thigh highs, it's so important for me to have many options available in all kinds of colors. Definitely would recommend investing in any of these tights!
By trickssi on 12/17/2019
It was super easy. I needed tights and a leotards for a cosplay that the character is blue. Everyone else uses sky blue for this character and since we love colors has matching tights, gloves, and leotards that solves all my problems. It was simple and easy and with how much I have to do on this cosplay I appreciate this being easy.
By Jelli on 12/16/2019
My wife is very tall and plus size. Finding tights is hard for her. If these work for her I think she would definitely recommend them to friends.
By Steve on 12/16/2019
I found a great new site to purchase plus-size tights in all sorts of colors and stripes! I ordered one pair to start with to see if I like them, and if I do, I will order more in the future.
By pastryknits on 12/15/2019
My girlfriend is going to love the tights for a Christmas present! Super easy to use and awesome colors.
By Dandariel on 12/14/2019
I have been ordering from this site for my cosplay tights for several years and always had a good experience. I love that the tights now go all the way up to an 8x. Thats awesome.
By Liz on 12/13/2019
These tights hold up well after many wearings, are thick enough to not show through stage lights, but I would love to see more options of shiny/sparkly/fancy tights! I had to order the glitter tights for my fairy godmothers from another company!
By Scarlet Wildfire on 12/12/2019
I love this company. Their tights are good value for the cost. I would definitely recommend this company to everyone.
By Teri on 12/11/2019
So many colors & a lot of options for tights, gloves, etc.
By Ellie on 12/10/2019
I am cosplaying and these will be perfect for my cosplays! I have heard nothing but good reviews so I am very excited to get my tights and gloves :)
By Cozycomfynerd on 12/10/2019
The website is very helpful and has a variety of different options to choose from! Overall pretty good, could use actual photographs for some of the tights though.
By blanca on 12/10/2019
I love that WLC embraces the fact that they have many cosplayer customers and have added items like the seamless gloves and information like the color guide for makeup vs tights/glove colors. I'm sure I will be back to buy more of this kind of thing in the future.
By SGG on 12/9/2019
I had purchased tights a year ago and unfortunately the colour wasn't a good match for my skin tone. I had contacted the site to see if they could dye tights a more nude shade and they could for a minimum order. I could not commit to that but it was a great experience nonetheless. fast forward a year and i got a personal email telling me they added 2 new nude shades!! not only that i was sent a colour comparison of all the nude shades. This gesture was exceptional! I purchased 2 pairs to test out and i'm so excited to get them!
By Luc on 12/8/2019
It was super easy to get to the type of tights that I needed. There was an image for each color which is extremely important to me. Checkout was also a breeze.
By Darling Cosplays on 12/7/2019
Great tights for cosplay and lots of colors to choose from. They have every size too. Love how they match with Mehron paints too.
By Meechieze on 12/6/2019
good, it did take me a while to find the specific tights I was looking for but eventually was able to come across them
By Online Shopper on 12/5/2019
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