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I wish there were more opacity options but I love the range of colors for plus size tights
By C on 3/17/2020
I googled “colored tights” in the search engine and We Love Colors was the first to pop up. I clicked on the website and INSTANTLY fell in love. I definitely will be back to buy more items! I cannot wait to receive my tights. Thank you!
By Mu on 3/17/2020
I needed bright green tights. No one else had them in my size. You had at least three varieties. Very cool!
By csecooney on 3/16/2020
When I put the tights that I ordered on, they almost fit. The right leg felt like the weave was twisted at the thigh and I had to twist them around to get them to feel ok enough to wear. I Haven’t tried to return them because generally tights are not returnable. I figured I would try to make them work but definitely keep looking for another company for brightly colored tights.
By Kika on 3/16/2020
I found dusty green tights that will work for my Statue of Liberty costume and bought them. They didn't have PayPal integrated like most online sellers do, so I thought I would have to type in everything and almost wasn't up for it, but then they had it later. Had to enter my email; annoying. No free shipping either, but I'm glad I found something.
By Chiiillin on 3/16/2020
They have an amazing selection of colors, and they have different styles too! They have multiple designs, including stripes. Trust me if you want colorful tights, you should buy them at We Love Colors.
By Honeybee on 3/15/2020
I love the quality of there tights, this is my fourth order from them in total and I have bee very happy with all of my past purchases from them. I use them for cosplay and they have held up through 12+ hours at a convention. I do wish that they started to increase the color selection, but as of right now it is still very good.
By Courtney on 3/13/2020
I was ordering some tights for my cosplay and while I could choose plus size and the color I couldn't also add women's so there were more items on the page than I needed, but once I found what I needed it was really easy to decide my size and order. I will absolutely be ordering again for my needs. They even have really cute patterns that I'll have to check out.
I would absolutely recommend we love colors to all men seeking for high-quality tights. Great for basketball, warmth, comfort, athletics, style, etc. The comfort of the tights is outstanding. I now have multiple pairs as I try their different styles and have been impressed with every one.
By Kevin on 3/13/2020
Im happy with my purchase. i always buy tights for cosplay from her ean dits super easy.
By Jaimy on 3/11/2020
It’s hard to find made in USA tights with many different colors. The price point is affordable. However, that’s not my priority. I more care about THE QUALITY. I’m hoping someone could make a good quality color tights that doesn’t hurt the environment.
By go green on 3/11/2020
I really like the size inclusivity, the ease of finding a sizing chart and the variety of colors. These tights were recommended in a newsletter I read. I thought the shopping experience was great.
By Samantha on 3/11/2020
I was able to clearly navigate by color which was nice and there was a guide to match the color of the tights and bodysuit to face paint colors. The color face paint I am using was not on the list, but I was able to get an idea of what the real product will look like.
By Anna Margaret on 3/10/2020
More photos of the different colours, plut a better description of what is the difference between the two material choices for the tights. Perhaps a close up of both fabrics ?
By kjkkhjlk on 3/10/2020
i have ordered from we love colors before and the microfiber tights are the most comfortable hosiery i have ever owned
By me on 3/9/2020
The shopping experience is very user friendly and informative. I love that they provide a description of the material and finish for tights too. It’s so nice to see the color variety and the attention to detail the company has on their website. This really made my first time shopping with WLC a worry free experience! I’m so excited to receive my first order from them!
By Monica on 3/8/2020
Their tights are pretty cheap for how nice they are!
By Blue on 3/7/2020
I would definitely recommend We Love Colors to my friends who are in search of some colorful tights because there honestly isn’t any other place that sells them. Yes the quality of them is good although one of my pairs I recently bought ripped almost immediately, but regardless I have enjoyed having them and am buying more today. However, I wish they were slightly cheaper or had a bundle deal for multiple colors! At the end of the day I’ll probably continue to buy tights from here because I love colors!! So seems like I found the right place!
By Grace on 3/7/2020
I am excited about the shades available for these tights. There are several shades for each color. The website was mostly fine. Some of the pictures were weird. Either they wouldn’t load or every now and again there was a cartoon woman’s legs modeling the tights. Otherwise it seemed fine. I hope they fit well and don’t fall down. A little pricey but ok if they fit and wear well and last.
By Kika on 3/7/2020
I love the color for the arm socks and stockings. But the arm socks are a bit tight when they reach the upper arm. I wish they were a bit bigger but there was not another size.
By Moe on 3/7/2020
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