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I'm taking a chance I've bought tights from WLC before and they were great, but I've wanted a leotard for some time but I'm too tall usually to buy from dance sites, and have too large of a bust. The leotard looked great on the model, I hope it works out!

By Angie on 8/6/2018
I absolutely love we love colors. It’s an amazing site where I can find all my cosplay needs. I love also that they have a plus size hosiery section.
By Z on 7/13/2018

been a customer for about 15 years. your leotards hold up amazingly well. very hard to find nylon leotards in my size and you have them. love the colors. your tights are the best too. will be ordering again,,, and again. keep up the great work!

By Online Shopper on 6/27/2018

A few of the cosplayers I follow use this company for their tights and arm stockings. So I know this is a good company if you need solid colored tights. Since I'm doing Raven and she has a grayish undertone I ordered light gray tights and the black long sleeve turtleneck leotard since I need that too. I am super excited for my order and they are priced well for their quality so I am probably going buy from here again.

By Leigh on 6/23/2018

Would like to see at least one leotard selection for larger plus sizes even if only in a few colors.

By Online Shopper on 6/16/2018

I love the variety of colors for each item! I made a Mileena cosplay from the original Mortal Kombat on Super Nintendo several years ago. To complete the costume, I needed stockings, a turtleneck leotard, and long gloves. I had managed to get all of those items from your shop and all the same color! I am updating my Mileena to fit my current body type and luckily you still have the same leotard that I can modify!

By Carly on 5/23/2018

The only thing I would add is the material composition of the leotards and unitards. Ie. In a cotton/nylon leotard from say eurotard I wear a 3x but if made from a more stretchy material I can wear an xl. I am incontinent and use these to keep things in place when running and working out etc.

By dfeifer on 5/18/2018

Each my church (First Baptist ) purchase leotard from you company and they are very nice quality.

By Maria B. on 4/25/2018

a "how to measure" size chart would be wonderful, as well as a listing of what each item is made out of specifically on the item (i was trying to match the fabrics of my tights and leotard and found it difficult)

By Ghosty on 4/8/2018

I love the range of colors because I am matching leotards to dance show dresses. I order from other dance wear stores, and, the main four I use do not charge shipping fees for orders $100 or more. I’d like to see we love colors do that!

By DanceR on 3/27/2018
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