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They had every style option I needed however there were not enough brown tones in the legging and gloves. I was even able to snag an on sale leotard!
By Nerrnerr on 5/6/2019
fishnets and tights go good with leotards
By Online Shopper on 2/27/2019
Buying online is always tough. When I selected the neon yellow, I was not expecting the color to actually be neon. I just wanted “bright” yellow, and all the online retailers I’ve looked at call their ‘bright’ neon. I was amazed that We colors was actually able to make a neon color. Totally blew me away! It’s not what I was expecting, but that’s my fault for doubting their neon ability. I’m so excited to try on their fabric that I want the correct color of leotard to get to me quickly. Fortunately, there was a paper to help guide your return, right in the bag!! I’m so happy with this purchase, even though it’s not going to work for what I need this time around.
By Kinzkitty on 2/19/2019
I will know better once I receive my products. All of the reviews I have read seem to indicate I will be thrilled. The website is fairly easy to navigate. I was considering purchasing a tie-dyed leotard but it was hard to tell what colors were in them. I will reconsider after I recieve and try on my tights.
By valzee33 on 2/18/2019
Ordered a long sleeve leotard for a cosplay. It's the perfect size but always rides up, giving me mojor wedgies despite having a really short torso. Otherwise it's really perfect. I love all the products I've bought and the color variety is just amazing. I only wish you guys had more products; good soft leggings, more glove options, socks, some of the things you guys aren't making anymore I would love to keep buying.
By Shinju on 2/7/2019
There are tons of great color options on the site! My only problem was that picking colors was a little difficult. I tried using the color guide and Instagram but a lot of pictures on social media weren’t labeled. I would also like more 360 pictures of leotards and other products
By Online Shopper on 1/25/2019
I have visited the site several times before, but haven't bought anything because I didn't need to at the time. The site itself is not very pretty looking, but it is easy to find what you need. I was hoping there would be a review section, since I have a pear shape, and buying leotards is SUPER hard when your chest and waist are smaller, but your hips and butt are pretty ample. That would be the one thing I would love to see. Hence me buying sale items because I'm not sure how a full-priced item will fit...
By Mercury on 1/14/2019
I was in the market for a new leotard and I saw someone on instagram recommend this company. The price for a tank leotard was really cheap and the based on the sizing I knew it would fit me. I know that this will be of good quality based on what I see on social media and I am excited to try it out! I plan on ordering from here again the next time i need too!
By ryuuchika on 1/7/2019
Love the color selection on the shiny men's performance tights and have now sent in my 3rd order for more. Wish the matching leotards were made of the same material, the leotards are non-shiny and disappointing, and I've wanted to get a color match with other vendors but this has been hard to find.
By Tony on 1/1/2019
While checkout and navigation are easy when you know what you want, color pictures are awful and I wish you could actually see what each of the colors looked like before getting your order. (I'd also really love an option between scoop neck and turtleneck for the leotards i.e. crew neck?)
By Online Shopper on 12/29/2018
I actually have already recommended We Love Colors, and was recommended the website by a friend. I was looking for a leotard type top with a baby blue color for a costume I’m making and the selection of colors here and the variety of styles made the website the obvious and perfect choice. Before I even bought the top I shared the website with a friend because I knew this would be a valuable resource, especially for those of us who make costumes for theatre and dance. I will definitely be shopping here again! The checkout experience was quick and easy and the website itself was very clear.
By Henry on 12/9/2018
Easy to go through the menus to get the product I was looking for -- longsleeve scoopneck leotards. I bought one a few weeks ago to make sure of the fit, and it fits, so I wanted more colors (maybe that will inspire me to get to the gym!). Ordering process was easy, though it was a little weird logging in once I had my cart full. It works better if you login as soon as you get to the website -- saves some confusion. Once I got logged in, it filled in all the forms for me (address etc). Easy to select shipping option. "Normal" shipping is the only relatively inexpensive one. Payment by PayPal was easy.
By Jenny on 12/9/2018
I heard about your product because a girl in my daughters creative movement class was wearing an awesome power clashing leotard and tights set. I asked her mom where it was from and immediately went to your site. The site is a bit clunky on mobile (I didn’t use the desktop version bec I do list of my “chores” at night on my phone. I would have liked to see the full picture of each item w the color o choose but I recognize I am spoiled by sites like amazon app, etc. You have cool, unique stuff at a good price point ) assuming the quality is there so that is a good trade off!
By EllenZ on 11/29/2018
I am looking for tights to match a character with unnatural skin color. Unfortunately We Love Colors does not offer color samples and the whole color ring was too expensive for me. But luckily the socks are very affordable and a good way to look at the colors in person and also have something useable!
By Dani on 11/16/2018
My old worn-out tights were from I Love Colors so I knew they had what I wanted. They have sizes for "big" girls like me, and they have tons of different colors, INCLUDING IN PLUS, which is unusual. Also their tights are very high quality - even though they're basically just heavy weight opaque pantyhose they almost never run or rip. There used to be two models of (solid color) tights in plus, and now they have a new one so there are three, costing between $12-16. I couldn't tell what was better about the more expensive ones compared to the cheaper ones, so I called their 800 number. It turns out they have a great article on their website explaining all the differences. I had tried to find this information on their website myself, but it wasn't at all clear where to look, but a very nice man in Customer Service guided me to it. That's where I learned that it's mostly the weight - the cheaper ones are 60 denier, the middle-priced ones are 70 denier, and the more expensive ones are 80. The article also said that the heavier weight fabric would show its true color better, because skin color wouldn't show through even where it was really stretched tight (let's not talk about my thighs lol). I decided it was worth the few dollars extra to get the better tights. There's a size guide on every page of the online catalog, specific to the item on the page, which is way more helpful that what most retailers do, with one generic size guide that's supposedly for everything but actually doesn't apply most of their products. This was especially helpful when I went to buy a leotard to try wearing to the gym. I have an exceptionally long torso, which means most things like that are too small for me from shoulder to crotch. But their size guides include the "girth" measurement, which almost nobody else does, so I'm pretty sure the leotard I bought will fit (and if it does I'll probably splurge and buy a few more). So bottom line, they have good product at reasonable prices, but it can be a little confusing finding all the information on their website; fortunately, they have good Customer Service.
By Jenny on 11/15/2018
They have tons of colors and lots of plus size options. I just wish they had plus size thigh high options, as their one size thigh highs are tight on my thigh and tend to roll. But I like to go to them for cosplay for colored tights and gloves. I am also very tempted by their dancewear leotards/unitard
By Hillarie on 11/12/2018
We love colors has great color selection in basics, like tights and leotards and stuff. It's good sturdy quality too. I have a pair of tights that I ordered from them like 8 years ago that only have one small run in them and are super serviceable still after 8 years.
By Online Shopper on 10/23/2018
I would recommend we love colors. It is used in the cosplay community for bodysuits and I’ve heard the quality is good. The shipping is also cheap which is something I like.
By Tori on 10/1/2018
I ordered a leotard and needed extra fabric to complete the Halloween costume I am making for my grandchild.
By LVE on 10/1/2018
I really liked the selection of styles and colors that were offered. I tried to get one of the sale items, but they were out of the color I needed so I went with the upgraded version. I’m hoping it works well for the cosplay I have in mind
By Whit on 9/19/2018
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