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Pretty easy to find what your looking for, prices are reasonable.
By Allee on 2/21/2021
They have good products in many colours, good for cosplay.
By Cymbie on 2/12/2021
I love all of the color options and the variety of types of tights and dancewear offered
By Sky on 2/9/2021
They have an amazing selection of colors and styles, as well as many different fits so you can mix and match items but still maintain the same color! Perfect for cosplayers looking for a full-body color look at an affordable price.
By Rae on 2/5/2021
WeLoveColors always has what I need, and as a cosplayer that is high praise! Their colors are very true to the photos, which makes matching costume to reference a breeze
By Dala on 2/1/2021
I’ve bought from here before for a cosplay and had a wonderful experience. I needed to buy again for another cosplay and knew I didn’t need to go anywhere else for what I needed. The only thing I wish, is that the leotards came in bigger sizes. I fit in the biggest available but it’s tight. Other than that, it’s perfect if you are trying to play a character with a rainbow colored skin tone.
By Amanda P. on 12/29/2020
I do love We Love Colors as I think they work best for cosplayers and anyone looking for specific costume colors when it comes to tights, gloves, and leotards. However, I wish there were specific customer reviews listed for each item and also customer provided pictures of items after purchase. It makes me feel better about purchasing when I know there have been good experiences with the specific product I'm considering.
By Anna K on 11/27/2020
Overall great products. I don't like the panel in some of the tights and there could be thong leotards.
By ddon on 11/15/2020
Your leggings go up to 8x. Which I had actually thought would be too large but I would rather have extra room and also to make sure they didnt get stretched to see-through. However, the thighs of your 8x are not very large and were very difficult to get my legs into. I think your 8x measurement is based off the stomach part. :/ I wont be wearing the leggings unless I need to wear a shorter dress for my costume. I also recommend larger sizes for the leotards. The 3x barely fits my 3x body. The colors are spot on though and matches my makeup perfectly.
By Kay on 10/19/2020
I bought a leotard, tights, and gloves for a costume I’m working on, and the colour is absolutely perfect. Everything arrived on time and fits perfectly.
By Tink on 10/16/2020
WeLoveColors provides an excellent range of color, and I know from past purchases that their products are high quality and very comfortable. I am super excited to get to work on my next costume. It is worth spending a little more on a leotard from WLC than to get one from other online retailers because I know it is gonna be exactly what I need, and will probably last me several years.
By Zoe on 10/15/2020
Love the color choices. Love the large sizes. Love the material used in tights. Very clear and direst.
By Kay on 9/28/2020
Glad to see tie-dye face masks for sale- haven't seen that design anywhere else!
By Xander on 9/20/2020
It’s easy to find items by color
By Connor on 9/18/2020
Oh the colors! I love color and was pleasantly pleased with the wide variety offered across the product line. I came looking for colored tights and found socks and these lovely patterned leotards. I can’t wait to pair with my denim jackets, sweaters & solid blazers. This buy was hit!
By WMarie on 9/5/2020
I was thrilled that We Love Colors has exactly the right color I need for She-Hulk, especially since I'm growing tired of the body paint. I wish that what I bought on clearance had a photo; I'm going by description alone. I'm very excited about the gloves, since it's so hard to keep body paint on my hands. I just wish that We Love Colors listed the length of the glove past the wrist. I couldn't decide between the S/M and the L/XL because I'm on the borderline, but I really want the tights to be tight. I hope there's a good return or exchange policy, just in case.
By AnimeMom on 9/4/2020
I recommended a stranger at a bus stop who complimented my tights about the WE LOVE COLORS website. She wanted to know where did I get my tights and how can she find tights in the color that I had on. I told her it was from WE LOVE COLORS. My experience with we love colors are good. But, sometimes my tights are too small for me and some tights fit. I highly recommend making tights that are good for the tummy tuck and have better elastic. I recommend designing different color sheer pantyhose for bosses and employees at an office job.
By Mone on 9/2/2020
I would recommend, because I love the groupings by color and huge selection of shades. I am purchasing as a recommendation of an online cosplayer for a sally (nightmare before Christmas) costume.
By Liz on 9/2/2020
I had absolutely no issue finding or ordering the items I needed! I'm planning a Persephone cosplay in the near future and was ecstatic to find an online retailer who had everything I needed all in one place and for SUCH a reasonable price! I couldn't be happier for my purchase and will be counting the days until I receive my package!
By Kai on 8/30/2020
The shopping process was super easy, and I’ve heard great things about their products from several cosplayers! I’m excited to try them out
By Monica on 8/29/2020
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