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I don’t know yet haven’t tried them
By Online Shopper on 1/19/2020
We Love Colors always has the most high quality items in a wide variety of colors. Often times, some colors and sizes are out of stock tough. And the price tag often leaves much to be desired. But you get what you pay for, and these are high quality items.
By Kyoko on 1/17/2020
I was looking for a pair of tights in olive green, not so easily found. I am glad that We Love Colors has products with a range of colors.
By Lea on 1/9/2020
They have most every color you would need.
By Elizajane on 1/9/2020
It was a decent experience. I was looking for a specific hard to find color leotard for my daughter. I wish the picture of the item showed more details and angles. It only showed one pose and it wasn’t full frontal body.
By Online Shopper on 1/7/2020
Talking to a good friend about tights and leotards to figure out what works best for cosplays, and We Love Colors seems to be top of the list for most people.
By Prince Vegeta on 1/5/2020
I’m excited to get these tights. IM excited to see how opaque they will be on my plus size body. I was really surprised to see all the offerings like leotards and gloves. That is really cool. :-)
By JG on 1/2/2020
It was super easy. I needed tights and a leotards for a cosplay that the character is blue. Everyone else uses sky blue for this character and since we love colors has matching tights, gloves, and leotards that solves all my problems. It was simple and easy and with how much I have to do on this cosplay I appreciate this being easy.
By Jelli on 12/16/2019
So I like WLC because of the color options and options for plus sizes. However, my item missed the mark. I was pleasantly surprised to see that when holding up my tights, they went past my feet. But upon trying them on, they weren’t too long in the legs but rather too long in the torso. I also expected a little compression up too, especially for plus sizes but no. I couldn’t decipher the description of tights to tell if any had control top or not. Also, the kids leotard is so itchy my daughter probably won’t wear it. Even after washing it.
By Online Shopper on 12/5/2019
We Love Colors is my all time favorite company for tights and gloves for cosplays, specifically for characters with inhuman skin colors. I have also purchased a leotard in the past for a dance costume and it was remarkably comfortable. I've recommended We Love Colors to friends before and will continue to do so. My only gripe is the price. $35 for gloves is a bit pricey.
By Ghosty on 12/2/2019
I love that you have an easy guide to match your colors with melron face paints.
By Ariel on 12/1/2019
Products arrive before the actual delivery date, which was wonderful. All the colors match together. Stitching is flawless and the seams are even
By Tyler on 11/27/2019
Love all my previous products from we live colors! Can’t wait for my most recent purchase!
By Meg on 11/22/2019
Size chart is very accurate, colors are accurate to the pictures as well!
By Spookypatootie on 11/19/2019
Amazing color selection, amazing fit, good color matching between products
By Tyler on 11/13/2019
Great selection of tights and leotards with many color options. Prices could be slightly less compared to other competitors.
By DT on 11/9/2019
We Love Colors has the best color variety.
By Aly on 11/8/2019
I was trying to find fabric that I could use for a full body “bodypaint” and through a mehron/welovecolors website I was able to pair up exactly what I needed!
By Moonzy on 11/7/2019
Leotard barely fit my extremely thin 9 yo daughter. 58 inches tall. Stretched inappropriately in crotch area, sleeves fit like 3/4 sleeves. If she had been a normal weight 12-14 yo there is no way this leotard would have fit appropriately. I would have returned but needed for her Halloween costume. Tights were great quality as always but ran small. Overall, I believe your sizing charts need to be updated. Love your products but would live to trust the sizing recommendations.
By Katydid on 11/4/2019
I received my order sooner than expected. My order was accurate and complete. The products are amazing - the leotard is incredibly comfortable, moreso than any I have ever worn, and the tights fit well and stayed up all night. The colors are vivid and gorgeous.
By purplesquirrel on 10/29/2019
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