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It was a good experience! I only had one problem that was solved rlly fast within a day with an email to the company
By Jess on 1/28/2020
I haven’t bought or worn stockings/tights/leggings since I was in theatre in middle school so I was a little confused about what different types of stockings/tights were. My friend who has shopped on here before gave me a lot of help and feedback on her previous purchases and I’m very excited. It was also super easy to find and pick my face paints (this order was for a cosplay character) which I am very appreciative of!
By dadfriendcosplay on 1/24/2020
I love WLC and I recommend them often to other burlesque performers. The products are high quality and the customer service is exceptional. Items ship very quickly.
By Effie on 1/23/2020
Great for costimes!
By Dede on 1/21/2020
I have heard nothing but good things about you guys.
By Meg on 1/21/2020
This is my first time buying here. It was real easy to find what I was looking for. Came because of a friend, will definitely come back.
By Alejosmiles on 1/21/2020
i love the selection and tutorials
By Ryn on 1/19/2020
I am very excited to recieve this product. I chose the neon green color in hopes that it will match the green Mehron face paint I have. I followed the color match chart that companies have.
By Nic on 1/18/2020
We Love Colors always has the most high quality items in a wide variety of colors. Often times, some colors and sizes are out of stock tough. And the price tag often leaves much to be desired. But you get what you pay for, and these are high quality items.
By Kyoko on 1/17/2020
I love the variety in color and options! I plan on ordering again for another cosplay I am making
By Jordanw1003 on 1/16/2020
Perfect items for cosplay
By Gigi on 1/14/2020
It was frustrating not to have an email when that color or size becomes available. I went with my second option and I hope it matches what I need. If something is unavailable is it going to be restocked? Is it gone for good? Can I be emailed when its restocked? That lack of info is rather frustrating.
By Online Shopper on 1/13/2020
I was hoping to find arm socks and matching tights for a cosplay but know now I’ll just have to make the arm sock which is nerve wracking. I would of loved if you had some to choose from but either way I’m excited to see the quality of your tights knowing a lot of cosplayers buy from you. Price was okay but did seem alittle expensive for me but hopefully I get what I paid for and don’t ruin an expensive pair trying to make something else.
By Alex on 1/12/2020
Lots of options
By IZ on 1/11/2020
I love the products and haven't found seamless gloves that are this high quality with so many color options anywhere else. The website can be hard to navigate and some of the products lack pictures, which can make trying to figure out what color you need difficult. Overall, I like the products I've ordered from WeLoveColors and will likely keep using them.
By Xena on 1/9/2020
Great options, great experience
By Otakreations on 1/7/2020
I was recommended this by another cosplayer so I have high hopes
By Keltain on 1/7/2020
Love this product! Use it for all of my cosplays
By Emma on 1/3/2020
i love the extended options that you carry in a wide arrange of colors. it makes me so happy to see. Everything was also ready to ship and nothing was back ordered. i will be going back here every time i need something now.
By Madi on 1/2/2020
I love that you have an easy guide to match your colors with melron face paints.
By Ariel on 12/1/2019
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