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I received my 1st 3 pairs as a 50th Birthday gift in 2019 and love, love, love them! They looked exactly like they did online. This year I requested them for Christmas!
I love this website because they have so many hosiery options and sizes. I would like to see different patterns available at some point. I don’t know the difference in materials, so I just stick with nylon lycra. I think that’s fine.
By lynn on 12/19/2020
it was super convenient being able to find what i needed right away - i had very specific colours i needed hosiery for and navigation was pretty easy.
By af on 12/19/2020
So I recently bought some tights, knee highs and gloves from we love colors. I can only ever find black at the stores and wanted different bright colors. So I finally checked them out! The prices are reasonable if anything exceptional plus I didn't even know they sold gloves! Sweet surprise! I am soo stoked to get my items and rock them!! Yay colors, yay tights, yay We Love Colors!
By Tittysprinkles on 12/18/2020
They’re a little pricy, but if you need something to match mehron body paints for cosplay there isn’t really another option. Their site is easy to use though and they have a ton of options.
By Skye on 12/18/2020
I Was living in a homeless shelter & Met a girl the same age as me with 2 sons . Although I’ve been blessed with a job and saved up enough to move out she was less fortunate so this year I’ve given her and her children Christmas this year & can’t wait to see the looks on their faces !!!!
By DeeDee on 12/17/2020
I love the vibrant color and the soft feel of the Material! I was comfortable all day in them! I'm definitely purchasing more!
By Melody on 12/17/2020
Thank you Amy. Fantastic Support! :)
By Workablob on 12/17/2020
I was looking for really good tights that would actually fit. Im 5’4” and weigh over 200lbs and every other tights were going to be $15+ anyway so I figured I would give them a try
By Lauren on 12/17/2020
I’ve known about this company for years and am just now buying from them. Although it was a bit pricey for my liking, I think it is 100% worth it! I am excited for my package to come so I can use it for my cosplay! This has been a dream of my for years!
By Leaf on 12/16/2020
Great site. Lots of options. Good product.
By zen on 12/16/2020
I wanted mint, you have actual mint colol!
By Sexygingerbear on 12/15/2020
Great experience! You will definitely love the colors! Place order today! Don’t wait 😄
By #SewMe on 12/15/2020
By Michael Jackson on 12/14/2020
A little disappointed on the discontinuation of the sheer knee highs. Wish you had the same color assortment in sheer thigh highs. Wife does not prefer opaques.
By The riot on 12/13/2020
They had exactly what I was looking for.
By Trish on 12/12/2020
Quality tights, great choice of colors.
By AB on 12/12/2020
Was recommended by other cosplayers and very excited to receive my purchase
By Mina on 12/12/2020
I finally found a place that sells cute tights in a variety of colors and patterns for us thick girls, at a reasonable price. They're soft and durable too.
By Cassie M. on 12/11/2020
I have heard about this brand from a lot of cosplayers in my online groups and they like the color selection for their cosplays. I am worried about things fitting, expecially the gloves, but there are not a lot of plus size options so I am crossing my fingers things fit ok. It's a little pricey compared to what I am usually willing to spend on cosplay stuff, but I try to DIY as much as I can, and this is something that I can't easily DIY so I finally bit the bullet and am giving it a go. I think I would be much more confident and excited if there were more plus size options
By CC on 12/11/2020