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The amount of colors is insane! You’re going to find what you want.
By Colorlover on 9/27/2020
Their products last for years, rarely do I get runs. Be careful with the sizing, I ordered a pair and they were too small. Never will fit. Loved all the color varieties
By Sharkbait207 on 9/27/2020
My first order from we love colors was kind of iffy. I think it was from 2010. I can’t remember which sizes I got in what colors but one size should have fit me and didn’t at all. I decided to give them a second shot (and will probably give a third shot for a costume!) and I am hoping they will fit great and match dresses I got! I am more of an alternative style and I love things like this! There are so so many colors available for my sizes but I am mad (I am anywhere from a 6x to 8x) there aren’t more selections. I’d love fish nets or striped tights too😩😩😩
By Michelle on 9/27/2020
I really liked that you can search by exact color! I also liked that they had plus sizes available, and that they were clearly marked. I would definitely recommend for any cosplay or other costuming needs.
By Caramia on 9/26/2020
It was super easy to check out and understand what I was getting
By Meg on 9/26/2020
They have a great selection of colors, the site is easy to navigate and checkout was a breeze.
By Lover of colors on 9/26/2020
I love the color and fit of the tights. They go great with clothes.
By ICY on 9/26/2020
They have sizes that few others have, and tons of colors!
By rukiddin on 9/25/2020
I was shopping for a costume and Googled “Lore Olympus Bodysuit” and in the search page We Love Colors had a whole list of their products with their recommendations for the series! I was about to buy on Amazon but the photos on We Love Colors showed they were matte and higher quality which is important to me, so even though I spent double I am confident my purchase will be worth it. I would recommend to anyone doing a costume with artificial skin colors!
By CharityB on 9/24/2020
They had everything I needed for a costume I am working on!
By Tink on 9/24/2020
Quick shipping and vivid colors! Definitely plan on ordering more products
By B on 9/24/2020
I remember seeing this company in some ads on Facebook and loved their inclusive and brightly colored ads. I didn't remember the name of the company so I searched for "plus size tights" and recognized it in the results. I came for a specific color for a costume and bought them. The only hiccup was not knowing what gusset vs panel meant in the size chart.
By Sarah MW on 9/24/2020
I will definitely recommend this to my friends if they are in the market for this type of product, it was a very efficient check out and a very easy to navigate layout. :)
By Dami on 9/24/2020
Super simple checkout process and many shipping options
By Anonymous on 9/24/2020
I love to shop here because it reminds of a mom & shop as opposed to big box. Their welcome deserves integrity. Products are lasting instead of flimsy. Vibrant color like the company name states.
By Dewski on 9/24/2020
I love how I could find what I needed for a cosplay
By Linnie on 9/23/2020
The website was easy to navigate. There is a huge selection of colors and textures. The size inclusivity is the most important factor to me.
By BekahDrey on 9/23/2020
If you want some tights check out their site. Click on the shop tab then go to women's tights. Pick a style then color. Some are more opaque than others so check that in the description. They have so many colors so I'm sure you'll find what you want. You can use PayPal or card at checkout.
By Hannah Ducky on 9/23/2020
A large selection of colors in a wide range of sizes. The microfiber tights are my favorite, they are soft and fit well. I wear a size 18-20 (XXL) and i get the 1x-2x. Perfect for cosplay or outfit coordinations!
By Jess on 9/23/2020
I haven't received the order yet, so impossible to know whether I'd recommend.
By Online Shopper on 9/23/2020