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I just ordered some things from them and they were a good price point and I loved all the different color.options and inclusivity. I really wanted some pale yellow sockies and that's what I ordered but also some plus size stockings!
By WankStain on 1/11/2021
Cheap tights with a large range of sizes. Multiple colour options!
By Mara on 1/10/2021
Excellent quality! Love using there products for cosplay.
By Winter on 1/10/2021
I ordered footless tights and for the price I would have expected them to be thicker and more luxurious feeling. Overall I like them though.
By Online Shopper on 1/10/2021
Really happy to find plus size footless tights in a variety of colors. Generally the can only find plus size in black. I can’t wait for order to arrive so I can wear my dresses again! Prices are very reasonable.
By AW on 1/10/2021
Great color selection and pricing. Really well-fitting and durable tights.
By Kathyg on 1/9/2021
I was disappointed that you charge shipping. This would make me turn to Amazon for your product. I probably won't buy from you again due to shipping
By dorene on 1/9/2021
on time delivery of product Like product very well
By sugarbare on 1/9/2021
So the best thing about WeLoveColors is that they're AMAZING for the stage or for Cosplayers! When working on a cosplay, I can come here, find the color I need, then also have a chart reference for what Mehron color combination I need to match to it! It's a lifesaver!
By FullElven on 1/9/2021
I really haven't received the products at this time. I'll be happy to review once my order is received. I think it's way too early for an accurate acessment as I've only just placed an order today.
By Darlene on 1/8/2021
Great selection of colors and sizes, have purchased in the past and was happy with the feel.
By Rationalconsumer on 1/7/2021
I love tights in the fall and winter, these tights are tough, don’t run and have great colors and fit good, no sagging
By Color girl on 1/7/2021
Great selection and assortment of colors
By pakun1 on 1/7/2021
Ive known about this store for a while and always come back
By Casper on 1/7/2021
I love the options for plus size girls and they show fat girls like me wearing the product! I am right at the top end of one size and the bottom end of the other - I would love to know whether they recommend to size up or down. I have high hopes for this brand. Can't wait to get them in the mail!
By Lara on 1/6/2021
Great for plus size women. Have varieties of colors to choose from.
By Online Shopper on 1/6/2021
I think the organization needs to improve communication through the process.
By Online Shopper on 1/6/2021
I would recommend We Love Colors due to its assortment of clothing.
By Kayla on 1/5/2021
I love the selection, and the ease of finding something on the site. It would be nice to get a discount or free shipping or something if you order over a certain amount.
By Eclipse on 1/5/2021
We Love Colors has the variety I need whatever time I need it.
By RJ on 1/5/2021