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Lore Olympus is a dramatic, modern retelling of the story of Greek Gods Hades and Persephone. When Hades and Persephone meet after a party, they begin to question their feelings for each other and the drama ensues!

Most of the characters that make an appearance on the web comic have bright, colorful, unnatural skin tones. You can use a variety of our products to achieve this look without using body paint on your entire body, you would just need to paint your face, you can use our color guide to match our colors with Mehron Paradise Make Up.

Any of the following products in anyone of our 50+ colors can be combined with each other to complete your Greek God cosplay!

Long Matte Seamless Gloves:


Short Matte Seamless Gloves:


Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Leotard:


Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Leotard:


Microfiber Tights:


Here are a few of the characters that make an appearance on the Webtoon Comic, and which We Love Colors color you can use to cosplay them

Persephone: Goddess of Spring, our main protagonist. Though her color can change between comics, we recommend Light pink

Hades: King of the Underworld, Persephone’s main love interest

Medium Blue or Sky Blue. In some panels, Hades skin tone appears darker. If you prefer this look, you can try Turquoise or Royal.

Artemis: Hunting Goddess, Persephone’s best friend.

Artemis’s color seems to varies between casual clothing vs her huntress look. Try Lavender or Violet.

Minthe: A nymphe of the Underworld. Hades Secretary.

Either Red or Scarlet Red would work for Minthe. Scarlet Red would be best if you are looking to achieve a brighter red tone.

Hera: Queen of the Gods, Zeus’s wife, Persephone’s role model.

Yellow or Maize would be ideal for Hera.

Eros: Son of Aphrodite. Eros originally pranked Persephone, but they later became friends. Eros is a brighter pink than Persephone. We recommend Neon Pink, Fuchsia or Magenta.

Aphrodite: The Goddess of Love, originally involved in pranking Persephone.

Lilac would be a perfect color for Aphrodite.

Apollo: God of the Sun, Artemis’s Twin.

Just like Artemis, Lavender or Violet would be the ideal colors for Apollo.

Zeus: King of Gods, God of Thunder.

Violet or Lavender would work best for Zeus.

Poseidon: God of the sea, the party guy.

Mint Green for a soft color, Kelly Green if you’d like to be brighter.

Hecate: Goddess of mischief, Hades’s colleague.

Neon Blue would probably be the best match. If you are looking for a more subtle shade, try Medium Blue.

Lore Olympus is written and drawn by Rachel Smythe, a featured comic on the mobile app, Webtoons.

If you have any questions about color matching, feel free to email us at cosplay@welovecolors.com

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